I have nothing to do!

How often do you hear the kids say this during summer vacation?

In July and the first three weeks of August, we have recreation everyday, all day! Each week, my recreation directors and I go over the schedule, tweaking it here, and adding stuff there, until it’s just right for the themed weekend to come. So I never know in advance exactly what we’ll be doing, but here’s a sample based on this weekend’s theme, Chinese New Year Weekend:

Friday 6/27

9:00am Story Time in the Office Circle – come read stories with Maxwell Moose!
10:00am Bocci – a fun game for all ages – On the bocci court next to the playground
11:00am Bubble Play at the Rec Hall
1:00pm Arts and Crafts at the Lake – we’ll make Chinese “Junque” boats and float them
2:00pm Penny Hunt at the lake
7:00pm Adult Bingo in the Rec Hall – a dime a card – prizes!
7:00pm Pool Tournament in the Game Room – 12 and up

Saturday 6/28

9:00am Cartoons in the Poland Spring Room
9:30am Kids Games in the playing field – all ages
11:00am Water Balloon Slingshot in the playing field
12:30pm Arts & Crafts – in the Rec Hall – come make lanterns and dragon hats
1:00pm Horseshoe Tournament – ages 16 and up – we draw for teams
1:30pm Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt – meet at the Rec Hall – teams of two
1:30pm Jewelry making for teens – ages 13 and up
2:30pm Chinese New Year games – at the Rec Hall – fun for all ages!
3:30pm Hayrides through the campground – bring your dragon hats – Maxwell Moose comes out to play!
7:00pm Trash Bag Theater at the rec hall! For all ages!
Each person brings one prop to put in the pile. These are randomly distributed . . .
8:00pm Come watch the dramatic Theatre performances!

Sunday 6/29

9:00am Storytime and a snack with Maxwell Moose
9:30am Ceramics by Paulette’s Ceramic Studio. Pieces start at approximately $10
10:00am Stickball in the playing field – ages 8 and up
10:00am Volleyball on the court – ages 12 and up – must be able to serve over the net
11:30am Bubble Play outside the Rec Hall
1:00pm Arts & Crafts in the Rec Hall –
2:00pm Ice Melting Race – meet at the Rec Hall

Ice cream party

Hmmmmm . . .

No one in the pool . . .

playground’s empty too!

Where was everyone?

At the ice cream party!!

making sundaes . . .

and having fun!

Even this little guy got a taste . . .

Happy Father’s Day!

Bryant was all geared up for recreation this weekend! A Father/Son Horseshoe tournament, waterballoon slingshot, Tag and relay races, arts and crafts, scavenger hunt, a movie (The Golden Compass)


a Chicken B-B-Q!

We cooked 80 – half chickens on racks over the b-b-q pits. The guys dabbed sauce on the halves every once in awhile

and then flipped the racks

When Dave declared those chickens done, the racks were taken off and opened up.

By this time, I swear everyone in the campground could smell them!

Dave passed out the chicken while Joanne, Elaine, Sharon and Lee handed out the potatoes, salad, sauce, dressing and butter

It was scrumptious!

And the best part?? All the Dads ate for FREE!

Next weekend we have an ice cream party and pony rides to kick off our full recreation schedule. There’ll be all day, every day activities through August 24th!

Eagles and Turtles

Here are some awesome images captured by one of my Spring Special campers, Patti Rethi.

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

copyright 2008 Patti Rethi

aren’t they gorgeous? She let me look at all the amazing photos she’d taken this spring and it was awfully hard to choose which ones to post here.

Tis the season for turtles! Every year about this time, adult turtles trek 200 to 500 yards up hill from the lake looking for sand to lay their eggs. The playing field, campsites, the edges of the road – you never know where you’ll find them.

And it never fails . . . once a spring, kids will come tell me how they found a lost turtle, and took it back to the lake. Imagine their surprise when I tell them the turtle will just have to make the trip all over again.

Then, once the eggs hatch, baby turtles can be seen trekking downhill, instinctively knowing where the water is.

And at least once a spring, kids will bring one to show me

These two have camped with us so long, they knew exactly what they had to do. They enjoyed studying this baby turtle for a bit before bringing him to the lake to let him go. I know from experience how hard it can be to set this tiny little creature free in a 290 acre lake! Thank you, guys!

Not only were they brave, but these two marked the spot where more eggs were laid took keep them from being stomped or crushed.

I love the turtle season! And I truly appreciate how my youngest campers are so protective of the turtles who share this plot of land with us.

Ice Cream Party

One of our favorite Poland Spring Campground activities is our Ice Cream parties.

Each family is “charged” one topping, and they’re all laid out smörgåsbord style.

Chocolate sauce, butterscotch, bananas, crumbled oreos and chocolate chip cookies, M & M’s, strawberries, whipped creme, spice drops, chocolate covered pretzels  . . . I’m always amazed by how creative each family can be!

Then Dave begins scooping for a line with no end . . .

he’s a little worried there won’t be any toppings left for him!

But he didn’t have to be, as these campers will tell you

This coming weekend . . . a spaghetti supper, horse drawn hayrides, basketball, arts and crafts, horseshoes and Kids Games!