Fiesta Weekend

Tami here with the Fiesta Weekend report:

What a blast! Debbie and Bryant played South of the Border Games, had story time with a chocolate mousse snack, tossed horsehoes, played bean games, had a penny hunt, then made sombreros and maracas at Arts and Crafts

Of course the highlight of the weekend is our big Fiesta Party in the playing field Saturday night. We had carnival games . . . like throwing darts at balloons

Pin the tail on the donkey

Getting a tattoo

and the jumping bean game.

There were rides by Ricco Suave the donkey

and the bouncy house was a huge hit as always.

Once Maxwell heard all the fun, he begged his handler to bring him to the party too!

Debbie made fried dough for the very hungry party goers

While Bryant helped the kids crack open the hand made pinatas

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a party like this one . . . so I’d like to take a minute to really thank everyone who helped! We couldn’t do it without you. And even though I know we worked some of you so hard, you dropped where you stood . . .

I’m sure the kids enjoyed every minute of our Fiesta celebration! Don’t you think so Maxwell?

Especially this little guy, who just had to show me all his prizes from the games, and the candy he broke out of the pinata

We still have spaces for week stays in August, and even a couple of sites to book by the month. But you should call fast, because the phone has been ringing like crazy. The upcoming theme weekends are Medieval Weekend, with the magic of the Steelgraves on Saturday night; two weekends of Halloween, Super Hero Tryout Weekend and Labor Day.

September and October is a little lower key, but beautiful. Warm days, and cool nights. The call of the loon and great fishing . . . to find out more about our off season rates, give us a call.


Shiver me timbers!  Me maties and I had a jolly good time this past weekend!

The theme (as if you couldn’t guess!) was Pirate Weekend.

We started celebrating on Friday with a doubloon hunt, walk-the-plank contest

and sink-the-ship game

Then we had a very exciting Ping Pong Tournament! Here are our first and second place winners, Tom and Erin

Tom won by the skin-of-his-teeth, didn’t you? Erin is quite the player!  A wicked good game!

On Saturday, I trained our new employee, who for some reason, only wanted to hang out on the porch.

We greeted all the little “sprogs” (recruits) who be wantn’ to join our crew!

We played landlubber games, had a canon shooting contest, made pirate hats, tossed horseshoes and organized a Yo-Ho-Ho scavenger hunt.

Our resident pirates

Capn’ and Bones, trained the sprogs and then swore them in as official pirates!

Saturday night, Mad Science came to perform some magical science for us!

She balanced a ball on a leaf blower –

Introduced us to her very good friend Eggbert . . . then popped him into her mouth

for safekeeping!  Then she lit a fire under him (in the beaker) to get him to “go home” (by having the oxygen outside the beaker push him inside).

Eggbert went a little way in, then he got stuck.  Elizabeth said she’d take care of him later.

She went on to give the kids a dry ice bath,

and the adults a dry ice shower (which had the kids giggling)

It was great to see so many kids take part in our Pirate theme!  I had a great time, I hope they did too!

Christmas In July!

Snow-waterballoon fights, Holiday Hayrides, popcorn stringing contests, reindeer relay games, Christmas storytime and

Santa suit creations,

Stocking making (to hold the prizes they were sure to win at the Christmas party)

Christmas weekend was full of holiday cheer! Elves roamed everywhere!

Young and the . . . . young at heart . . . joined in on the preparations

Until finally, it was time for the main event.   Saturday night, everyone gathered at the campground office to await Santa’s arrival

And what an arrival it was!

While Santa was greeting each and every child , the rest of us played games like Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

. . . cookie decorating, snowball tosses and a balloon walk

Finally it was time for Santa to hand out gifts. Everyone gathered around and patiently waited for their names to be called

One little boy exclaimed, (after receiving his present) “I must have been really, really good this year!”

I think Santa and Mrs. Claus would agree . . .

we had lots of very good little boys and girls this weekend!

Thank you all for visiting!

Happy Fourth of July!

Red, white and blue are everywhere!

The kids spent the morning making noisemakers and decorating their bikes for the Noisy Independence Parade

Later on they had a Bocci tournament, made bubbles and played waterballon games.  Tonight they’ll gather either at Family Bingo or the Ping Pong Tournment.

I wish I had more pictures for you, but it’s been busy, busy, busy!!

Busy for everyone except this young lady

She found a quiet moment with The Three Grumpies right in front of the registration desk.  I asked her if she liked to read and she said, “It’s one of my beloved things to do.”

Chinese New Year Weekend

I’m a little behind in my posting, time has flown these last couple of weeks!

Here’s some photos from Chinese New Year Weekend . . . notice the cool dragon hats!

This little guy can’t be bothered to look at the camera . . . he wants to get on the hayride!