More on Labor Day . . .

On the schedule today was story time, water balloon volleyball, ceramics, adult volleyball, capture the flag, darts tournament and ice games!  My favorite thing was making noisemakers for the

Labor Day Parade!

There were pin wheels . . .  Red, white and blue streamers . . .  Patriotic hats . . .

Debbi handed out some wicked loud whistles that had all the parents cringing

And then they were off to circle the campground!

I’m not sure how the little one below slept through it all.  You could hear this parading crew from the lake!

It was a great, end-of-the summer weekend!  There were times when Tami and I thought we were seeing double . . .

And there were lots of cute moments too –

(I always wondered how the campground stayed so clean!)

But now our recreation program is done for the summer.   Sigh.

While Tami, Debbi and Bryant are busy planning the theme weekends for 2009, you can still enjoy some quiet fall camping, you know!  Cool, crisp nights, the call of the loon, friends toasting marshmallows with friends . . .

Fall camping can be a lot of fun!

Labor Day Weekend already?

Maxwell Moose here with all my friends . . .

We had a great time today!

There were egg and water games in the playing field . . . we made lobsters and lobster bouys at arts and crafts. Then we headed down to the playing field where Debbi (far right) and Bryant were shooting off water ballons with help from our friend Linda.

They shot them low, for the little ones

and higher for the bigger kids!

Look how wet you get~

If you catch one without it hitting the ground or breaking, you get a free ice cream! If you don’t believe me, ask these guys!

Great job you two!

Heeeeeey! Bryant! What are you up to??

As if they weren’t wet enough already!!

At 7:30 tonight everyone gathered at the office for a light parade around the campground!

What a whole lotta flashing and blinking and bright colors! Wicked cool.

The good news is, the fun isn’t over yet! Most of my little buddies are staying until Monday, so we have another whole day of fun stuff planned for Sunday too!

Super Hero Weekend!

Mighty Moose here!

What a super fantastic weekend! Debbie and Bryant made Get Away Hydro Boats, hero vehicles with coffee clay, capes, masks and helmets too! We found the missing store treasure, and tested hero water skills at the lake.

Heros were found in every corner of the campground! Here’s Bumble Bee from the Transformers

Super B!

and Super Princess

Hero’s were tested to see if they could tie up their villians super tight

They were asked to run faster than a speeding bullet

jump higher than the tallest building

and perform daring feats

Some showed off moves that had even Cat Woman jealous!

When Flash’s arch enemies, The Rogues, appeared

our super heros attacked back with water balloons and won! Poland Spring Campground was safe for all campers once again.

We celebrated with a victory hayride!

Here’s the Poland Spring Campground Justice League

On Saturday night Paul from Mad Science performed his Spin, Pop, Boom show!

As our camper families checked out today, they all told us what a great time they had this weekend!

A big shout out to Heart Girl, Super Brody, Super Sleuths, and all the Super Hero’s who showed off their moves to me, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman!

We all had an amazing time!

Come back and see us real soon . . .

Halloween Too!

Whoa!  Halloween the second time around was just as good as the first!

This time, Debbie and Bryant planned some Halloween games in the field, a pool tournament, horseshoe tournament, water balloon slingshot, a nature walk through the freaky forest, making monster jugs and a

Witch’s Stew Eating contest!

We had many eager participants, young

and “slightly older” too!

Everyone had a pretty good time, but I think they all needed a good shower afterward!

6:30PM Saturday was the Witching Hour!   Family by family, they arrived at the office

There were Batman’s and brides, chickens and goblins, fishermen and farmers!

Finally it was time for Alex to give the Trick or Treating rules

Then they were off while Tami, Debbie, Alex and Bryant set up for the Halloween party!  We had two different ring tosses, water target practice, darts

tattoos, a bean bag toss and Witch Kabobs!  Yum!

There was plenty of laughter to go around and lots of precious moments



Halloween Week is over.

There’s no time to pout though . . . we’ve got to plan for Super Hero Tryout Weekend!!!

Maxwell Posts More on Halloween Weekend

You should have seeeeeen all the kids who showed up for trick or treating!

There were Barbie’s, cowboys, ghouls, witches, fairies, super heros, goblins, ghosts, dancers, and more:

After trick or treating the kids and I went back to the store for a Halloween Party! We played all kinds of games like Pin The Nose on the Jack-o-lantern, Fishing for Spiders and a sponge toss

The line to put your face in the clown was just as long as the line to toss the sponges!

Here’s Bryant showing off his favorite prizes

And look who I found wandering around the party . . .

The Burger King Man! Tami thought he was kind of creepy looking . . .but I said, “Gee Tami, have you looked in the mirror lately?

Then I ran away before she could yell at me!

Tami told these three they were a couple weekends too early:

I wonder if they’d let me borrow their costumes for Super Hero Weekend? I want to be

da-da-daaaaaah –



(Psssst? Do Superman and Spiderman reeeeeeeally have orange vampire teeth? I’ve got to get me some of those!)

After the party Dave and his gathering of ghouls scared campers silly in the haunted house for just over an hour!! Tami and I could hear the screams from the office. We didn’t exactly get pictures of that – we were kind of, sort of, hiding in the back room of the store. Maybe we’ll be brave enough next Saturday ’cause we’re doing Halloween all over again!

On Sunday afternoon, Bryant and Alex’s Shakespeare in the Park troupe performed MacBeth. It was awesome!

The final fight scene was so intense, Tami forgot to take pictures!!

We were really lucky to have them perform right in our own playing field. We hope they “break a leg” at their remaining performances in the Poland area . . .

I think I might try out for next year’s troupe ’cause they look like they’re having a lot of fun. Do you think they’ll need a moose for Mid Summer Night’s Dream?

Halloween Weekend!

Maxwell here!

It’s been raining A Lot lot this week, so Debbie and Bryant did a bunch of indoor things, and also some indoor/outdoor activities like rain painting, puddle jumping, water balloon games and boat building

Aren’t they creative? They tested pretty well in that puddle too!

Today we had things like Halloween games, watermelon innard eating contest, horseshoes, arts and crafts and a toilet paper mummy making game:

Aren’t they cute!???

Trick or treating starts in one hour! One! O – N -E !!!!

I can’t wait! I can’t wait! Where are all the kids???

Come back later for some party pictures!

P.S. The pictures of Marcus and Angeliques performance last week are coming soon too! I promise. And today, one of the campers gave Tami some great fishing photos. We’ll get those up here too . . .

Medieval Weekend

Maxwell here!

reporting on Medieval Weekend. There were lots of crazy rainstorms, but we were able to go on with our Medieval games as promised!

Jousting . . .

Defending . . .

Saving princesses in distress

and much more!!

Later that afternoon, after the horseshoe tournament, hat and shield forging

and the porridge eating contest, The White and Black Knights battled for the honor of being king!

It was a long and terrible battle, with one crowd cheering for the noble white knight and the other crowd cheering for the courageous black knight! After much clashing and clanging and tumbling, they settled their challenge by playing rock-paper-scissors. The white knight won and was crowned king. The crowd went wild!! Then the kingdom was at peace once more

Later that night Marcus and Angelique performed some wizardry! It was so amazing, Tami forgot to take pictures!!! Alex did though, and she promised to give them to me if I was really good to the kids at face painting tomorrow. So come back on Wednesday to see some magical photos!

Last but not least, a big shout out to the Poland Players who performed Shakespeare’s Taming of a Shrew Sunday afternoon!

It’s being directed by Alex and they’re showing it in several places locally between now and
the end of August.  They were awesome!

Good luck to you all!  Break a leg!

The Magic of the Steelgraves

Almodarr and Angelique

will entertain and astound us on Saturday night!  I’m really looking forward it . . . they were a huge hit last year.

In addition, they’ll be paying a tribute to a dear friend and magician who passed away this past winter, Bob Nixon.

Come back Monday to see some pictures from our Medieval Weekend!  We have jousting, viking ship races, a porridge eating contest and much, much more!