Fish Tales

We hear an awful lot of fish stories here at Poland Spring Campground.  In the office, at the lake, over a cup of morning coffee and around the crackling campfire, fisherman 6 to 96 love to tell tales of the one that got away!

Tami likes to tease, telling them that seeing is believing.  And guess what?  They brought her proof!

Those are some nice looking fish boys!  Great job!

Dale and his wife Mary camped with us for a month this year.  Whenever Dale goes missing, we know exactly where he is . . . out in the middle of the lake somewhere!

This year, he reported averaging three fish a day, catching 21 in the first two days alone!

His wife stopped counting half way through the month.  She couldn’t keep up.

Don’t worry though, he assured me there’s plenty left for the rest of us!

Just ask his daughter,

And his grandson with his first fish!

A chip off the old block!  Look at that smile . . .

Dale told Tami he mostly caught 12 – 14 inch bass.

That’s a beauty!

And last but not least, here’s one of the Emery boys with his supper

I hear tell they taste pretty good over the campfire, but I think I’ll stick with lily pads.

Wildlife pictures courtesy of The Richards

Jeff and Debbie Richards gave Tami some awesome wildlife photos this week . . .

Here’s an adult eagle with its baby

Right now, the baby eagle is all over the lake, so he’s hard to find.  Especially since he blends into the trees so well.

Here’s a great shot of a turtle sunning himself

Can you see the dragonfly sunning himself on the turtle’s back?

And here are the fox pictures I promised.  This little guy came trotting through the sites in the middle of the quiet week, right by Jeff and Debbie’s camper

He made his way to the edge of the volleyball court and laid in the sun.

Kind of cute, huh?

Loons and eagles and foxes . . .

Hey campers!!  Maxwell here!

Look at these cool pictures Tami took of the Mom loon feeding the baby loon  yesterday!

Mama reached up high to stretch her wings.  Feeding babies is hard work!

After the loons moved out of sight, Tami was about to leave when I hollered, “Look up there! Is it a plane?  Superman?”

The eagle!  Tami kept her camera trained on him, hoping he’d dive for a fish or two.  But he must not have seen anything good to eat, because just like the loon family, he moved out of sight too.

One of our campers reported seeing the fox sun himself on the volleyball court this morning.  Jeff (the camper) and Myndi (Tami’s sister) both got some pictures of him.  Tami’s going to try and get copies so she can post them.

Things sure have been pretty quiet this week.  I can’t wait for our Fall Special people to come back tomorrow for weekend #2!

Fall Camping

It’s awfully quiet during the weekdays! The trees are just starting to turn, and the nights are cool.  I can hear the loons calling back and forth at night, the chipmunks are gathering nuts and seeds all day long and Tami’s seen a fox in the driveway.

All the Fall Special campers checked in last weekend and we’re looking forward to having them the next five weeks.  Paula volunteered to run a dart tournament Saturday and we showed the movie RV for the kids.  I love that movie!  Especially the part where Robin Williams has his motor home stuck on the peak of the mountain road, and he has both hands on the windshield wipers while he’s jumping up and down, up and down, trying to force it over the edge  . . .

It was so humid last Saturday, Tami and Ben took Cookie down to the lake for a swim after lunch.  There, they were lucky enough to see Mama loon teaching her baby how to catch fish!  They were only about a hundred yards off shore!   It was really cool.

Mama would dive, coming back up with a fish.  She swished it around in the water until the baby (on the left) came over.  Tami said she was kind of far away, but it looked like the mother loon would let the fish go just before the baby got there, and the baby would snatch it back out of the water. Ever since then, Tami keeps going down to the lake with her bigger camera, hoping to get some better pictures to post here.

This year, the loon parents lost their first set of eggs.  Luckily, they were able to re-nest and the little one you see above was born right around the Fourth of July Weekend.  We’ve all been watching him pretty closely hoping he’d survive.  Baby loons have to be careful of snapping turtles and hungry eagles!

Now the rush is on for Mama and Papa loon to teach him everything he knows before ice begins to form on the lake!  Tami and I will try to keep tabs on him and keep you posted.