Maxwell Gets a Scare!

Hi everybody!   Are you all getting ready for Halloween??   I’m trying to decide between my pirate and Mighty Moose costumes.  Which would you choose?

Yesterday, I saw both adult eagles down on the point.  And fishing right under them was the baby loon!  They seemed to be watching that baby loon pretty closely, and I got a little worried. So I ran up the hill to find Tami or David.  The lights were on in the store, so I flung open the door  .  . .

And screamed!


I turned to run away.  A hand reached out to grab my antler.  Then I heard a deep, raspy voice from under that mask.

“Maxwell!  It’s me!”

Yeah.  I knew it was Tami all along.

“Oh!  I know!” I said.  “You’re gonna be Darth Vader for Halloween!”

She narrowed her eyes, punched me in the arm, and shook her head.  Lifting a corner of the gas mask, she said,  “No, Max. Dave and I are sprucing up the store.  Wanna see?  Be careful where you step . . . ”

Tami told me she, David and Jeff spent part of Columbus Day and all of Tuesday moving everything out of the store and into the Poland Spring Room.  It went from this

to this . . .

to this!

Then she and David washed the floor, sanded it, acid washed it and let it dry over the weekend.  On Monday they brought out the epoxy paint.  They’re using the kind where you throw the little colored specks on top the wet paint.

It took about three hours for Tami and Dave to roll the whole store

And boy do they smell!  Um, I mean, the paint stinks.  Not Tami and David.  (cough)

I blocked my nose the whole time I was talking to Tami.  No wonder she’s wearing the gas mask.

I still think it makes a great Halloween costume though.  She’s scarier than usual!

When they were done the room looked like this

Isn’t it great!  Now Tami won’t feel so bad when the kids do this on her floor

Today, Tami put a clear coat over the whole floor to protect the paint and the flecks.  She has to do another tomorrow.  Next week she’ll start filling the store again.  I saw a sparkle in her eye as she turned in a circle, inspecting all that empty space . . .

You don’t think she’ll do some rearranging, do you?

Columbus Day Weekend

Tami here!

We saw an awful lot of this today

and I said goodbye more times than I wanted to. You’d think, that after 18 summers it would be easier to do.

It isn’t.

Year after year, I watch as friendships are formed – and bonds grow strong between adults . . . families and kids like these

I can’t begin to count the number of scrap pieces of paper I hand out so e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be exchanged . . . everyone wanting to stay in touch through the long winter months.

Our last activity of the year was a massive bonfire in the playing field.

This was a first for us!  And it turned out to be a lot of fun.  Fifty people showed up . . .

Some even brought snacks to nibble on while the flames reached skyward.

I polled the kids, asking how they felt about having to close up their campers and go home . . . not able to return until May 1st.  This expression says it all –

Poor little guy!  Winter will pass fast .  . . before you know it, you’ll be back, hanging with Maxwell Moose again.

Dave and I stayed as the crowd and fire grew smaller

and smaller . . .

and finally went out (with a little help from the hose).

A big shout out to everyone who joined us this weekend. It was a gorgeous one!  And we hope to see you all next spring!

Fall is popping out all over!

Tami, Cookie and I took a late afternoon walk down to the lake the other day.  I told Tami my favorite season is summer-time, when all the kids are here and we get to play games and do arts and crafts and have story time.

Tami said she had a hard time choosing between summer and fall.  She liked summer for all the same reasons as me.  But in the fall, things are quieter and she has more time to talk with her campers or go to the campfire.  She really likes the warm days, cool nights and all the beautiful fall colors too.

Here’s some pictures from the trail, winding around the edge of the lake

While we were walking, we scared the baby eagle out of a tree!!  Crying out, he soared to the other side of the lake somewhere over by the golf course.

Tami was really hoping to see the baby loon too.  She’s kind of anxious to find out if he’s still doing okay.  (Remember, he was born later in the season than normal.)  Sadly, we didn’t see him, but we did hear a beaver slap a tail on the water in warning.  That was kind of cool!  Neither of us had heard it before.

We snuck up on a Downy Woodpecker working away at something  . . .

and a turtle sunning himself down by the beaver hut.

It’s hard to believe this is the last weekend the campground’s open.  We’re glad the weatherman’s predicting gorgeous weather, ’cause we really want to have a couple more campfires.  Mmmmmm – s’mores!

Besides, there’s nothing worse than trying to close up your camper in the rain!

The camp office closes for the season this Monday, but if you want to make a reservation of a week or more, or you have some questions, Tami will be answering the phones 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday.  She has a part time winter job, so if you get the answering machine, please leave a message.  She’ll get back to you ASAP.

Don’t forget, you can always reach her through the campground website too!  She lives on the internet checks her e-mail pretty regularly.

And of course we’ll keep blogging!  Tami wants to post some info on the local attractions, especially the places her family loves to visit.  I’m going to post some of my favorite recreation activities and keep you up to date on what Debbi and Bryant have up their sleeves for next summer.  If any of you have some favorite summertime photos from camping with us, we’d love to post them here too.  Just snail mail or e-mail them to me through the campground website.

So if the winter starts to feel like it’ll never end . . .

come back and visit our blog!  We’ll have you dreaming about the 2009 camping season in no time!