All is well

Maxwell Here!
Maxwell Here!

Tami and I went for a walk today with Cookie.   We wanted to see if there were any downed trees or branches.  The ice storm was pretty fierce here, and we lost power for about seven loooooooong hours last Friday.  We’re hearing that many of you are still without it though, so we’re feeling kind of lucky.

We’re happy to report all is well within the campground.  Just some very small branches came down, and none that we could see on campers.

Walking, on the other hand, was quite an adventure!

Cookie on the main street
Cookie on Main St.

All the roads were covered with a thin sheet of ice.  Several times, Tami flapped her arms and squealed when her feet started to go out from under her.   She grabbed onto my fur to stop her fall.  And I have the bruises to prove it!

We saw lots of signs of wildlife,

The pile of pine cones went all the way around the left side of the tree! There were crumbs on the right side leading all the way through the doorway.  Whoever lives here is eating very well at the moment.

This is what Tami calls a “dinner table”.  Some squirrel or chipmunk loves to sit up here and munch away while keeping a careful watch for danger.  On the ground around the rock were more piles of pine cones.

We also saw turkeys!

turkeys in the 20's
turkeys in the 20's
turkey closeup

They’ve been scavenging all through the 20’s from the looks of things.

We decided to go down by the lake.  It was freeeeeee-zing down there, on account of the wind whipping across the water.  And the ice is forming already.  So between those two, Tami didn’t want to stay too long.  Not with what happened to Cookie this past spring, anyway.  Cookie loves the water so much, that if there’s any open spot, even if it’s in the middle of the lake, she heads right to it.  Doesn’t matter how cold it is outside.  Doesn’t matter how thin the ice might be. It’s enough to scare a moose to death!

december ice
december ice

We’re thinking of you all, especially our New Hampshire neighbors who were so hard hit.  (Tami’s sister Myndi and her family are still in the dark as of today)  We hope everyone’s power is restored very, very soon.

Merry Christmas Campers!

Merry Chris-moose!  Um . . . I mean . . .

Merry Christmas!

Maxwell here!  Sorry it’s been so long between posts. Things have been kind of crazy around here.  First, there was lots of Thanksgiving traveling. Then the Wight’s had to put up their Christmas Tree

finish their shopping, go to church play practice, and sign all their Christmas cards.  Tami has finally  stopped running around like a crazy mad-woman, and gave me permission to play with use her computer.

Is everyone out there ready for Santa?

I am, I am!  I can’t wait! I asked Santa for snowshoes.  You know, so I can tag along with Tami and Ben on their winter walks to look at the eagles.  (to see some of last year’s pictures, click on the eagle tag on the right).

Then I asked for all our old friends, and lots of new ones, to come visit us in ’09.

Tami says she’s almost done booking her 2009 entertainment.  She’s still working out all the little details and I’m not supposed to tell . . . but . . . shhhhhh! Christmas in July is the weekend of July 11th.   I love having two Christmas’ every year!  I’m the luckiest moose ever!

present time!
stocking treat bags
balloon walk
balloon walk

Tami says she’ll have whole 2009 recreation schedule posted on the website (under Calendar of Events) by the second week of January.  I peeked, all our favorite themes are still on it!

She’ll be set up to take reservations starting Monday, January 5th, so give her a call then!

Merry Christmas everyone, from our house to yours!

The Wight Family - taken by Maxwell
The Wight Family - taken by Maxwell