Change to the 2009 Calendar of Events


Max here with some news!

Ricco Suave, who’s been giving donkey rides on Fiesta Weekend for the last five years, told me this week that his No Baloney Pony owners are retiring!  That’s good news for them . . . but sad news for us.

Unfortunately, this means that all the No Baloney Pony events listed on our 2009 Calendar of Events are “put on hold” while Tami and David try to find somebody new.   Replacing our Tuesday night pony rides is our first priority


Then we’ll work on getting the horse drawn hayrides replaced



No Baloney Pony will be sadly missed.

Tami and I will keep you all updated!!

Snowshoeing and some Fall Photos

camp-misc-05Maxwell Here!

Another snow storm came through Poland Spring Campground Sunday morning.  Just a little one, really.  About  4 inches total of the powdery kind and just enough for  Tami and Ben to grab their snowshoes.  Cookie and I tagged along for their first snowshoe trek of the season!


We traveled the edge of the lake from the playing field side down toward the swimming area and were a little surprised by how quiet the lake itself seemed for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.



No snowmobilers, no ice fisherman, no cross country skiers.

We decided to walk back home by using the main road to the office, and saw some pretty sights.


Cookie danced around Tami as she took these photos while Ben and I kept jumping up to grab branches and dump snow on each other


And just for my frequent poster, I asked Tami to take a picture of your campsite Terry!


See? Everything safe and sound.  Aaaaaaand covered in snow.

But if all these snowy pictures


are getting my readers down,  let me show you some gorgeous photos sent in by one of our newest seasonal campers, Kathy Edwards.

These were taken early morning in October of last year




Thanks Kathy!  They’re beautiful!

So chin up!  Before you know it, we’ll be putting the snow shoes away and getting this old grader out again


to smooth the road for your return!

If anyone has photos they’d like to send us, we’d love to post them here!  Just contact us through the website!

2009 Recreation


Maxwell here!

Guess what??

The 2009 Calendar of Events is on the website!!

Guess what else?  C’mon, guess!!





and Tami


(um . . . Tami’s on the left)

have goofed around . . . spent long, crazy hours cooking up a new . . . theme . . . weekend!

Adventurer Weekend!!


Think Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and 007!   Details are still being researched, but they plan to have a clued treasure search, boat races, a knot tying contest and a bug hunt/race.

Christmas and Halloween Weekends stayed on their usual dates, but take note that Super Hero Weekend was moved to July 31st – August 2nd and Medieval Weekend to August 21st – 23rd.

If you want to see what we do for a particular theme, just click the appropriate tag on the right and it will take you right to the post for that weekend.

Tami and Alex are hard at work getting all the reservations made in 2008, onto the 2009 computer program.  They’ll be sending out the deposit request notices early next week.

We started taking reservations January 5th, and the phone began ringing right at 9am!  That’s a very good sign we’re in for a very busy summer.  So don’t fall asleep on the job


book your favorite weekend early!  Or you might end up like this guy