Camping Show Notes and Eagle Update

Hey!  Maxwell here!


Sorry it’s taken so long to post, but things have been crazy here since the camping show!

Tami says she saw lots and lots of campers she knew.  She talked up the campground with lots of new campers too. Everyone seemed really upbeat and positive and ready for summer to begin.  She had a lot of fun chatting all day .  . . which is something she doesn’t get to do too often in the dead of winter.

Tami said the kids really liked my photo!  A couple of times, they stood in the aisle pointing at it and chanting, “Mom, Mom, Mom!  It’s Maxwell!  Look! Maxwell! ”

Awwww, thanks!

Things have been hopping here; the phone’s been ringing and people are booking their favorite campsites.   With Alex back at school, Tami put me to work making copies and stuffing envelopes.  Now I have sticky hooves and stamps on my antlers.

I’m just hoping Tami doesn’t scoop me up with all the outgoing letters, and put me in the mailbox too!

We hiked to the lake twice last week, but no sign of the eagles.  There were ice fisherman, and plenty of tracks.  We even found this hole with signs of someone’s dinner to the left of it.


One of Tami’s non-fiction writing friends said that it looked like a red squirrel hole.   That’s how they travel in the winter from place to place, under the snow.  It keeps them safe from owls and hawks and such.

And here’s Big Joe’s camper


The snow’s gone down a little since Tami took this photo . . . but it’s nowhere near ready to move in yet!

It’s been pretty quiet around here, except for this visitor:


He reminds me of the picture book A Snowman Named Just Bob by Mark Moulton and Karen Good.  I told Tami she had to get it for story time this summer.

Portland Camping Show

Hey all!

Tami and Dave spent today packing for the Portland Camping Show.  They were trying to predict who’d they’d see there,  ’cause being close to home, they usually get to chat with a lot of campers they know.  But they’re always excited to meet new campers too; to tell them all about our campground and the surrounding area.

And of course me!  She said she aaaaaal-ways tells them about me.

Tami spent Tuesday printing out her favorite pictures from 2008, and adding them to the booth’s photo album.    Seeing all the fun photos of our recreation program had me missing all my little camping buddies, like this group from Labor Day weekend


And this group from Chinese New Year Weekend


We always have the best-est times!  Story time, water balloon games, visits from the science guy, horseshoes, arts and crafts, hayrides, relay games, boat races . . .

Aww .  . Is it Spring yet?????  I can’t wait anymore!

If you’re having Spring-itis like us, come to the show this weekend!  Look for Tami and David in this booth


stop in and say hi!!

Portland Camping Show

Mighty Moose here!


I’m feeling pretty proud of myself!  I’m on Facebook!  It took me quite awhile to figure it out;  David had to get me my own e-mail address (, then there was all that profile stuff you have to fill out . . . and then there’s the adding photos thing.  But I finally figured it all out!

Tami’s been on Facebook since last spring, and she plays all these cool word games with her writer friends, while keeping in touch with her family and camping friends.   So I thought I’d try it too.

If you’re on there, friend me please!  You can find me by searching by my full name, Maxwell Moose.

I also want to remind everyone that Tami and David will be at the Portland Camping Show this coming weekend, February 6 – 8, at the Portland Sports Complex, next to Jokers, exit 48 off the turnpike.  There will be approximately 50 campgrounds, as well as some camping equipment.  It’s a great way to get psyched about the 2009 camping season.

If you go, be sure to stop by the booth and say hi!