Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend





We had a Pots and Pans parade on Saturday.   Bryant and I led the way through the campground


while Debbie and my friends followed behind, bang-bang-banging their pots


and tooting the super duper whistles Debbie handed out.


I could tell the parents re-ally looooooved those whistles.  They kept thanking Tami and telling her they wished they could repay her in some way.

Our friends the Walkers ran Volleyball for us, while Paula organized a dart tournament for adults.  Thank you!!

Debbie and Bryant were wicked busy with relay races, arts and crafts, ping pong, family bingo, story time, bubble play, hayrides, movies, waterballoon target practice –

and Trash Bag Theater!


I heard lots of awesome things about the plays these guys wrote and acted in! Tami said she could hear the audience laughing all the way up at the office.  Great job everyone!

Huh?  What’s that?  You want to know my favorite part of the weekend?

Why, it was hanging with all my camping buddies, of course!



memorial-day-09021blog memorial-day-09022blog

I even got to play a little fuseball!


I missed you guys all winter long.  I’m glad you’re back!!

Who are these masked campers?

Maxx here!


Bryant set up the bouncy house this past weekend.  I begged and I begged and I begged Alex to take me to the playing field.  She finally gave in.

“Fifteen minutes,” she said, tapping her watch.  “No more.”

Sigh. She’s such a slave driver.

When we got there, I wanted to jump in the bouncy house too.

Alex said, “No, Maxx.  You’re way too big.”

“Pleeeeeease?”  I gave her my best pout.

Alex shook her head.  “Your antlers will knock out the kids!”

Whoa.  I hadn’t thought of that! I wouldn’t want to hurt my little buddies! So I just hung out with them instead.  We had a great time!

Earlier on Saturday, Bryant and the kids made these silly glasses.   Which ones do you like best?


may-16th-09001-blog may-16th-09004blog


There was a big ping pong tournament too!  Many entered.  They played with skill and cunning.  When the scores were tallied, three came out victorious!


Congratulations guys!!

Everyone here is running around like crazy people, trying to get everything ready for this coming weekend!  Would you believe it if I told you Alex and Bryant were vaccuming and scooping leaves from the pool today?  None of YOU are ready to go swimming yet . . . right?

Check out these eagle photos from 2008

One of our campers, Mike Morin sent some pic’s of last year’s baby eagle.  They’re so amazing, I just had to show them to you!

eagle1-by-mike-morin-blogcopyright 2008 Mike Morin

eagle2-mike-morin-blogcopyright 2008 Mike Morin

Now why can’t Tami take photos as crisp and clear as that?  Huh??

Eagle Baby Twins!


Maxx here!

huff, puff, huff, puff

I just ran all the way up the hill from the lake

huff, puff, huff, puff

to let you know the eagles have two babies for sure!!  Look!  Look at the photos Tami got just a couple hours ago!


Can you see two there?  One under her wide open mouth and the other behind her?

No?  How about in this photo?  See two now?


Aren’t they cute?

I wish the photos were clearer, but Tami had the really BIG lens . . . but forgot the tripod.  Sheesh.


Mom was obviously ripping something up and feeding it to the babies.  For the first twenty minutes, it looked as if there was only one in the nest.  When Mom turned sideways and stopped feeding.  THEN we saw two little beaks begging for food!

Now we know for sure there’s two!

Happy Mother’s Day

We had a great Mother’s Day weekend!  Bryant was back, doing what he does best:


The kids tried a new arts and crafts project, hand prints.

First, you were supposed to make a 2 inch impression of your hand in some sand.   Then they decorated them with rocks, shells or glass stones.  The last step was to pour plaster of paris all over the top of it.



Unfortunately, the plaster didn’t set as quickly as the directions for the Hand Mosaics said they would.  We probably should have had them sit overnight.  Still, I think the kids had a pretty good time playing with it.

Bryant also played kids games in the field.  Later in the day Saturday, Paula and her husband organized a parent/child horseshoe tournament as well as an adult dart tournament.  Thank you guys!

I was talking a little walk through the campground Sunday morning, trying to find some flowers for Tami, when I suddenly smelled bacon cooking!  I followed my nose, and found several dads and kids slaving away in the Rec Hall for the Mother’s Pancake Breakfast!  It was free for the whole family as long as one family member helped cook, serve,


or clean!


I peeked through the windows and saw every single table full of smiling campers!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Clean Up Weekend

What an amazing weekend!   It was so much fun to see everyone again, and to meet new friends.  Tami checked in over seventy campers on Friday, and that doesn’t  count the seasonal campers who were coming out of hibernation!

Early Saturday dawn bright and sunny. We started with coffee and conversation


and donuts of course.


Then everyone got to work raking the playground, roads, walkways and sites



Then we took a break for more donuts


Tami caught this little guy sweeping the porch  . . .


and these two offered to window wash in the campground office


So she handed out more donuts!


All in all, thirty pine trees were planted through out the campground


And 132 campsites were raked!   Tami saw the blisters to prove it


Lots of campers told me that the eagles were both flying around the lake.  One of them was sitting on the edge of the nest, and dipping her beak down into it.  I think those eggs have hatched!  Tami’s going to try to get to the lake and take some photos this week.

Stay tuned!