Chinese New Year Weekend

Maxx here!


The rain held off this weekend and my little camping buddies and I got to play in the sun.  There were bean games, pool tournaments, adult bingo, bubble play, relay races and horseshoes.  We made Dragon Hats


went on hayrides


we even played with chinese finger traps!


Some campers found time to pick water lilies!


Tami heard four different reports about how good the fishing was!  They all promised to send in photos as proof, too.  Tami’s gonna post them as soon as she can.

Saturday night, Tami told me I could stay up late and go to Trash Bag Theater.  It was so much fun to see what my camping friends created for plays!   One team chose to do a chase scene from Monsters Inc and the other play was narrated by Tinkerbell.  They were both so much fun to watch!


I even got to do a little skit from the Little Mermaid!


It was so much fun!  I want to do Trash Bag theater every time.  Tami says, if I’m good, she’ll let me stay up late for the next one. So, I’ve got to behave!

Alex is already decorating for Fourth of July Weekend!  We’ve almost got a full house . . . and we have lots of fun stuff planned ALL  WEEK   LONG!

I can’t wait!

Father’s Day Weekend


We had a grrrrr-eat time, Father’s Day Weekend!  I made lots of new camping friends and hung out with a few old ones too.  I got lots of hugs and some high fives

fathers-day011blog fathers-day010blog

But my very favorite hello was when I got patted on the nooooooose



Bryant kept us hopping this weekend!  Parachute play, candy bar bingo, water balloons, scavenger hunt, and a movie.

I think the Dad’s had lots of fun too . . .  my camping buddies made them crowns at Arts and Crafts

fathers-day022blog1 fathers-day023blog

There was a Father/Son horseshoe tournament too!   Here are our first place winners


and our second place father/son team


I heard there were some really great games played . . . well done!

Some of the Dad’s played ping pong too


On Saturday night we had an awesome chicken barbeque . . . and the Dad’s got to eat for free!  I could smell that chicken cooking all afternoon.  My tummy started rumbling


Lots of campers showed up for their half chicken, potato and salad . . .

about 70 I think


But I wasn’t one of them.

Tami said Moose don’t eat chicken. They eat twigs and leaves and water lilies.

Water lilies?  Water LILIES?

“Can I have just a bite of your half?” I begged.  “A liiiiii-ttle, teeny tiny one?”

Tami shook her head no.

“The wing?  Just the wing, please?”

“No chicken for you.”  Tami said.  She pointed to a maple tree, gently pushed me toward it and told me to try some twigs. “They’re good for you.”

Twigs?  Really?  Would you settle for brussell sprouts when everybody else was eating ice cream?

Well, don’t tell her, but Bryant slipped me a drum stick when she wasn’t looking.

It was DE-licious!

Ice Cream Party #2

I scream . . .


the campers tumble and SCREAM . . .

tumbling-emily-1blog tumbling-evan-1blog

tumbling-emily-2blog tumbling-evan-2blog





What a great turn out!  The campers brought lots of fun toppings to share


and we found two  hard working  ice cream scoopers


so everyone could make their own sundaes


Tami told me that lots of kids showed off the tattoos they’d gotten while hanging with me Saturday afternoon


Can you see the dragon on his arm??   It’s a little worn off, but Bryant did a grrrrrrr-eat job!  Then again, he should. ‘Cause he does face painting eeee-very Monday afternoon, rain or shine.  I get to hang out with all my little campers then too!

OOooo!  I just peeked at this weekend’s schedule!

Guess what?

C’mon, guess!

We’re having candy bar bingo tomorrow night!!!

And a chicken BBQ Saturday night .. .

Dad eats free . . .

I almost made it . . .

The weather this weekend was perfect for playing in the campground.  And we did a lot of it!!

Kids were swimming in the pool and boats were being rented left and right.

Bryant taught the campers how to make soda bottle bird feeders in Arts and Crafts.  My little feathered friends are singing a happy song as a thank you.

There was a ping pong tournament, capture the flag, and yolf games.   Kids tried to catch sling shotted water balloons to win free ice creams.  Paula ran a dart tournament and the Walker’s a volleyball game.

When the bouncy house went up, I made Alex take me to the playing field.

I snuck up on Bryant


and said, “Let me in! Let me in!”


Bryant said, “No moose allowed, Maxwell!”

“Aw! Nobody lets me do anything around here.” I said, scuffing my toe in the dirt.  “Please?”

All my little buddies told Bryant to let me try.  He rolled his eyes.  But he didn’t say nooooo.

So I tried to get in the front


But that didn’t work.

So I tried to get in the back


That didn’t work too well either


I decided maybe it was best if I just hung out with my friends instead.


I had a grrrrrr-eat time!

Next weekend we’re having a spaghetti supper, a 20 minute viewing of a Romeo and Juliet by the Poland Players, an ice cream party and more kids games!  Come and join us!

Camping, bouncing and ice cream!

Maxx here!


Do you see that bouncy house behind me??  Bryant set it up for us again this weekend!

My friends had a great time bouncing around.  I got into line too,


But Bryant said, “No moose allowed, Maxx!”

Aw, shucks.  I never get to do the fun stuff.

Did you know we had an ice cream party too? When Tami and David went to open the rec hall, they saw these ice cream lovers  camped outside the door with their toppings


Before you could say “Ice Cream is the bestest treat ever!”  The line grew thiiiiiiiiiis big


and then some!  At one point, it snaked all the way along three walls.

The Official Scoopers handed out ice cream for half an hour straight!!

ice-cream-social-1-blog-12 Thanks you two!!

My little buddies brought lots of great toppings; Teddy Grahams, gummie bears, chocolate and strawberry sauces, cherries, whipped cream, M & M’s and my personal favorite, caramel  . . .  YUM!

ice-cream-social-1-blog11 ice-cream-social-1-blog14

Also on the schedule this weekend was Arts and Crafts, soccer, ceramics, waterballoon games and the movie Bedtime Stories.

I can’t wait for this weekend!  We’re setting up the Bouncy House again.  Shhhhhh – don’t tell, but I have a plan to get inside and do some bouncing!