Fiesta Weekend

Ole Amigos!


Fiesta weekend was NOT the time to take a siesta from camping, I tell you!


The weather was great – and we had mucho recreation to share with all my camping buddies.  Mexican bean games, horseshoes, sombrero and maraca making

fiesta-blog-4 fiesta-hat-blog fiesta-hat-3-blog

relay games, bingo, jewelry making and so much more!

Saturday night, was our Fiesta Party.  Yeah, you heard me, a FIESTA PARTY!   I couldn’t believe how many campers showed up.  At least two quadrillion and three!    The playing field was full, full, full!

When Tami brought me I didn’t know which game to choose first.

Then I saw my favorite.

The bouncy house.


But Tami was right behind me saying, “blah, blah blah.”

No.  Really.  She was saying, “Maxx!  You know better . .. no bouncy house for you.”

When I pouted and scuffed the dirt with my sneaker, she said.  “No worries, Maxx.  There’s lots of fun things for a big moose like you to do.”

She took me to the Mexican Jumping Bean game


and then to the ring toss


Some of my friends suggested we go see Nancy at the dart game


I didn’t try that one, ’cause . . . well . . . moose don’t have fingers and I didn’t want to send a dart flying into the trees.    So I went to the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game!

First I got my eyes covered



Then I tip toed ahead until I felt the donkey poster under my hooves.  I pinned the tail and was only a liiiiiiii-ttle bit off.  My friends thought I did great!

fiesta-blog fiesta-blog-3

I watched Alex give out some tattoos. I wished for the forty thousandth time that they’d get the ones that stick to fur.

Tami said, “Yeeeee-ah.  I’ll get right on that.”


Then Tami and I went to see Debbie and Ron who were cooking up sopa pias . . . fried dough!


They said they fried up 160 of them!  Some people put honey and some put cinnamon sugar . . . some used both.  They were so yummy, I gobbled down three.  Shhhhhhh!  Don’t tell Tami, ’cause she said I could only have two.

Finally, we went to the pinata breaking.

fiesta-pinata-blog-2 fiesta-pinata-blog-3


Bryant is a brave, brave kid, let me tell you!

Three pinatas were broken and lots of treats were given out.  One of my little friends even shared her winnings with me!  That red candy was yummmmmmmy!

Now I’m off to find my cape and mask so I join my crime fighting friends as  . . .

Dah . . . DAH . . . DAAAAAAAH



Pirate Weekend!

Ahoy thar, me camping maties!


The weather was perfectly perfect for doin’ pirate-y things, wasn’t it?  We competed in pirate races, had a water canon contest and made hook hands and parrots.

pirate-weekend-006blog pirate-weekend-007blog

Lots of my friends dressed up while joining in the fun!

pirate-weekend-008blog pirate-weekend003blog2

Alex and Bryant did a little skit right before the ol’ sea roving hayride around the camp.  They called it, “So You Wanna Be a Pirate?”    And you know what?  Bryant


tried to tell Alex


that she couldn’t be a pirate.


‘Cause she was a girl!

Oooooo!   Alex didn’t like that!  So she bet him his whole treasure chest that she could do anything a pirate could do. Better too!

Even sword fight.


It looked like Bryant was going to win . . . but then she tricked him!  He tripped and lost the treasure to her.

Awwww.  Poor Bryant.

But Alex shared the loot with everybody


Even Bryant.

Aren’t they a fierce looking bunch?


Later that night Paul from Mad Science came to perform his Fire and Ice show!  He talked about low pressure and high pressure . . .


He showed us how fast fire can burn up


made water disappear

and his head disappear


He showed how to make a hard boiled egg get sucked through the thin neck of a beaker. . . without breaking!  It was so cool, he did it twice.

Then he astounded everyone when he made clouds appear in the rec hall




Everyone wanted to be squirted in the face with them!



He put bubbles on my little camping buddy’s heads too . . .


It was a very cool show!

Alex took all the pirate decorations down this afternoon and I was so sad.  But she told me to cheer up –

because next weekend is Fiesta Weekend!


We’s bein’ overrun with pirates!



They’ve already played sink the ship . . .

and had a walk-the-plank contest . . .

and shot some pool.

What more can they do???

Weee-llll, I suppose.

If you can’t beat them . . .


join ’em!

I’m off to the canon shooting contest!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!

Look at all the Santa look-a-likes we had last weekend!

christmas-in-july-4blog christmas-in-july-5blog

christmas-in-july-7blog christmas-in-july-6blog

What a great job!

None of us could wait to see the real Santa.  We tried to keep busy by going to Bingo, the pool tournament or the snowball tossing contest.

But, I still had Santa on the brain.

So Debbie had us make sleigh boats, then try to see how many presents they could hold before sinking.

All I could think about was whether or not I’d been a good moose.  Would I get a present?

Arts and crafts, horseshoes, reindeer games, caroling hayrides, and the scavenger hunt were all fun and stuff  . . . but still, all my little campers and I could talk about was Santa!




Tami asked if I thought I’d been a good moose.

“Sure I have!” I said.  “Except for that time I tried to sneak past Bryant and get in the bouncy house . . .

oh, and that time I tried to follow the haywagon when you told me not to . . .

and that time I complained ’cause I wanted chicken and you gave me leaves -”

Tami interrupted me.  “How good do you think you you’ve been?”


“Thiiiiiiiii-s good!” I said.

My little camping buddies agreed with me.

“We’ll see,” Tami said.  “We’ll see.”

I ate all the twigs and leaves Tami gave me for supper.  I put my dishes in the dishwasher and took out the trash.

Finally, it was time for Santa to arrive!  We all waited for him . . .


kind of patiently.

Can you find me in the crowd?  I’m the one in the Santa hat?  Being good?

Before presents, we all got a chance to sit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus and talk with them



After that, some us went to play games,


decorate cookies


or get tatoos!


Heeeeeey?  Is this one of Santa’s elves?


Fiiiiii-nally, it was time for Santa to hand out the presents!





Then I heard it . . .

“Maxwell Moose!”

Look what I got!


Two books!  If You Give A Cat A Cupcake by Laura Numerof and The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, by Mo Williems!

I took them to story time on Sunday and Bryant read them to me and my friends.  They were awesome!

Now I want a puppy.

Santa and I had a long talk


He said he liked the way I always try my best to be a good camping moose.   And a good camping friend.  And if I keep at it, he’ll be visiting me again real soon.

Only 137 more days till the reeeee-al Christmas!


4th of July!


There I was at story time last Friday, when . . .

GASP . . .

the sun came out!!

Everyone squinted up at it and started exclaiming about how bright it was.

Tami said, “Shhhhhh . . .


“you’ll scare it away!”

But we didn’t.

There was plenty of sun to have a fourth of July parade.  Look how cool everyone’s bikes were

4th-of-july-09-002blog1 4th-of-july-09-003blog



Those patriotic campers of mine went through the park in a blur of red, white and blue . . . tooting their whistles . . . streamers  blowing in the breeze!  It was soooo cool!

Debbie and Bryant also had some All-American relay races on the playing field, made noisemakers at Arts and Crafts, had a seed spitting competition and played with the water balloon slingshot.

It rained a little Saturday afternoon, so our hayride was canceled.   But I still visited with my little campers while Debbie put tattoos on everyone. Everyone except me, that is.  Sigh.  Tattoos don’t stick to fur so well, I guess.

On Sunday, I brought one of my favorite books to Story Time


Mouse Was Mad, by Linda Urban.  Everyone loved it!  A couple of my camping friends, Hunter and Amy,  brought one of their favorite books too, When You Give a Moose a Muffin!  Bryant made some Moose Feed (yummmmmm)  and we nibbled on that while he read to us.

Later that afternoon, Bryant had the kids design their own Fourth of July pizzas.

4th-of-july-09-025blog 4th-of-july-09-027blog

4th-of-july-09-035blog 4th-of-july-09-028blog

4th-of-july-09-041blog 4th-of-july-09-023blog

Aren’t they all awesome?  I can’t choose a favorite  . . .

On Sunday night, BJ Hickman magically appeared to perform for us.  He was soooo funny.  Did you know he has a magical mouse?  And a magical clown?  And he can make a necklace disappear?


He tried to show us how to do some of his magic tricks . . .


I’ve been practicing that ring trick every night . . . but I still don’t get it.

oh, Oh OH!  You know what?

Tami talked to Santa yesterday.

He’s coming all the way from the North Pole to our Christmas Party Saturday night!  I’m such a lucky moose to get Christmas twice a year.   But Tami tells me, that I have to be twice as good too.

I try.  I really, really try.

Our camping friends, the Spencer’s, have a sign on their site that counts down the days.  I looked three times today, but it says the same thing every time.

3 Days till Christmas!

Rainy Days .. .


Yeeeees, it’s been raining on my little campers this week.  But it hasn’t stopped us from having fun!  There were still plenty of swimmers


And lots of people out and about having fun




Debbie and Bryant never cancel their fun activities on account of a little rain.  Or a lot of rain, either!  They just move it all indoors!

Or they build boats to float in the puddles.

The fishermen have had a great time the last two weeks.  The fish are reeeeally hungry!

Look at this beauty caught by Fred Becker!


3 1/2 lbs .  . . 21 inches long . . . brown trout.  Amazing.

The Lamoreau Family reported to Tami this morning that they’ve caught around a hundred fish during their week stay.  Among their prizes were  2   2lb large mouth bass and a 4lb’er too.  They also caught a Crappie, which I didn’t even know we had in Lower Range Pond.   Oh – and pickerel too!

The baby eagle is sitting on the edge of the nest now.  When he hollers for food, you can hear him all over the lake.


The Joyce family gave Tami this photo of the baby and adult.  Isn’t it a good one!  In no time at all, that baby will be flying.

We have tons of activities lined up for this coming week  including a performance by B J Hickman on Sunday night and a science-y arts and craft lesson on how to make Exploding Lunch Bags with the Science Guy on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to explode lunch bags!

And guess what?  The sun is trying wicked hard to shine through the clouds today!  Cross your antlers . . . I mean your fingers . . . that it gets a chance to come out!