Medieval Weekend

Maxx here!


There was so much for my little campers to do over Medieval Weekend!  Charging and jousting



ferrier fetching (horseshoes),  bocci,volleyball, boat races,

princess and Robin Hood hat making


shield making, cannon ball target practice, a penny hunt, viking ships in arts and crafts, swordplay

medieval-weekend-blog-023 medieval-weekend-blog-030


a scavenger hunt, porridge eating


medieval-weekend-blog-057 medieval-weekend-blog-068

and hayrides


Halfway through Saturday, Bryant the Red Knight and his friend Dan the Blue Knight,  had a liiiiii=ttle argument.  You see, Bryant thought Cookie Dough ice cream was the best Ben and Jerry’s flavor ever made.  And Dan thought Cherry Garcia was  tastier.  There was only one way to solve the argument . . .



they dueled!  The crowd cheered them on . . . rooting for their favorite flavor. Um,  I mean, their favorite knight.

Cherry Garcia won the day, but everyone came together in the end.


It was awesome to see so many ladies-in-waiting and knights

medieval-weekend-blog-003 medieval-weekend-blog-017



Robin Hoods and Maid Marian’s

medieval-weekend-blog-0751 medieval-weekend-blog-074

I really, really think it makes the recreation that much more fun when my camping buddies dress up!

On Saturday night Bryant hosted Trash Bag theater.  Three teams came up with the most excellent plays ever!

There was Every Man in a Dress across the  Time Space Continuum


and The Mystery of the Golden Bone


the last was simply titled, Camping.


I had so much fun watching them do their excellent acting, that I got a little carried away and kind of . . .

sort of . . .

conquered Bryant.


Tami shook her head at me.  “Maaaaaaxx!  We can’t do Adventurer Weekend without Bryant.  Help him up!”


Halloween Too!

Our second Halloween Weekend was a hit!


Tami and Paula checked in a gazillion people Thursday and Friday


All our recreation was a little different aaaaaaa-nd a little the same!

there were all new relay games, arts and crafts, Scavenger hunt and Story Times. We had kickball, volleyball and water balloon target shooting too.

We had a mummy making contest,

halloween-ii-blog-001 halloween-ii-blog-003


a watermelon innards eating contest and a Halloween Hayride.

I bet your wondering if we had a second trick or treating night . . .



And Tami almost DIDN’T let me go!

“Maxx!  You still have a ton of candy stashed away from last weekend.  Why on earth, do you need more?”

“Tami, Tami, Tami,” I said.  “You just don’t get it. We can never, ever, ever, have too much candy.”

After mega pleading, whining and begging, she finally said okay . . . I could go.  If I did one thing.

Can you guess what it was?

I had to (gasp) share .. .  it . . .  with . . . her.  SHARE IT!

“Oh, okay,” I said.  “But I get all the Twizzlers.”

“Deal,” she said, shaking my hand.  “If I can have all the Smarties.”

After trick or treating, we had a party in front of the office!  There was fishing for spiders


pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, tattoos, a balloon walk


a sponge toss


a quarter toss, hitting the stack of cans


and fruit snacks!


The best part of the party is that I get to hang with all my friends.  They had some really cool costumes too!

halloween-ii-blog-027 halloween-ii-blog-015

halloween-ii-blog-028 halloween-ii-blog-026



After the party, I almost had Tami convinced to go into David’s Haunted House.

But then the screaming started.

Lots of screaming.

There was some laughing too, but I don’t think Tami heard it because she locked herself in the office again until it was over.


I wonder if she’ll come out in time for Medieval Weekend?

OOoooooo!  I wonder if Bryant will let me joust this year???

Halloween #1

I told Tami that this Halloween Weekend was the very bestest ever!

She said, “Maxx, you say that every year.”

Well  they DO get better every time.  And lots of our campers said so, too!

Debbie and the kids did a lot of cool Halloween stuff Friday.  They even made some lake monsters to help decorate for Saturday’s party


On Saturday, all the kids and I could think about was Candy, candy, CANDY!   But Tami said we couldn’t start trick or treating till 6:30PM . . . sharp . . .

So we went to Arts and Crafts.

And the water balloon slingshot.

After lunch, I asked Tami what time it was, and she said it wasn’t time yet.  Soooooo . . .

we played relay games and entered in the scary scavenger hunt!

I was about to call Tami on the radio to see what time it was, when Debbie announced the Witch’s Brew Eating contest!


halloween-1-spaghetti-3 halloween-1-spaghetti-blog-2


Look Ma, no hands!!!

Until it’s time to lick the plate, anyway . . .


When it was all over, I hunted for Tami and asked if it was time to get my trick or treat bag out yet.   She said we had to have supper first.

I groaned and rubbed my belly.  “It’s not spaghetti, is it?”

Finally, it was time!  We all got into our Halloween costumes and showed up at the office.  Tami loooooves seeing everybody  before we get going.  We listened carefully for The Official Trick or Treating Rules


until fiiiiii-nally, Tami said, “Go!”

We had so much fun going site to site




Some of Tami’s campers said they gave out over 150 pieces of candy!

Can you believe it??

We didn’t want it to end, but there was a costume party at the lake and we didn’t want to be late for that!

I saw lots of my camping friends down there getting tattoos and tossing bean bags through the ghost holes


and playing cool games like tic-tac-toe toss, eyeball golf or the inner tube toss.  Some friends headed straight for Terry and Joanne’s snack table, ’cause they were hungry after all that walking site to site to site to site . . .

What a bunch of cool costumes my camping buddies wore!  There was a Lego Block, Dracula’s Bride, Angel Kitty, cowboys and a


Cowgirl with her cowdog.  There were ghosts


and bumblebees


magicians, ghouls, goblins, princesses, Darth Vader, fairies, Power Rangers, kings, Super Heros, 70’s guy


and pumpkin girl


Don’t you love the green teeth???

After the party, I asked Tami what was next.

“The Haunted House,” she said.

“Are you going in?” I asked.

“I’ve . . . got to work. Yeah – work. In the office.  It’s a busy night, you know.”

“But Henry’s closing the store tonight.  C’mon!  It’s not real monsters, you know.  Just some guys in costumes.”

Tami shook her head and backed away.  “No, no.  That’s okay.  I think I hear Henry calling me – ”

Ha!  I think she’s scared of David’s Haunted House.  Maybe I’ll get her to go in this weekend, when we do Halloween all over again!!

Super Hero Tryouts


Check out our Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

Don’t they look super cool and brave?  I was .  . .


Miiiiii-ghty Moose!  Defender of  little campers, protector of woodland creatures,  lover of Debbie’s Wednesday ice cream!

We started the weekend by finding stolen treasure, making get away boats then racing them in the rain,  playing ping pong  and bingo too.

When Saturday dawned bright and sunny, everyone bowed down to Storm for arranging it !


The first important task on our long list of things-to-do, was to design capes and masks to hide our secret identities


Then we went right into the Tryouts!   My little camping buddies were tested by Daredevil Debbie and Spiderman


to see if they could run faster than a speeding bullet


did they have teamwork skills?


Could they jump through hoops to capture an enemy?


Leap tall buildings?


Squeeze through tight spots?


Everyone did such an awesome job!  They passed every test we threw at them!


Then, from out of nowhere, we were surrounded by the Poland Spring Campground Tie-Die Villians!


So my Super Hero campers got together and chased them away . . .

super-heroblog101 super-heroblog113

With our handy, dandy, waterballoon slingshot!

They got scared, I tell you.  Scared!!

Then they shot balloons at us, and let us catch them.

Later that day we practiced tying up villians . . .


had important discussions about Super Heroes past and present . . .


and hung out with Storm, Spidey and Bat Girl!


Actually, we hung out with lots and lots of Spideys!  Including Bear Spideys .. .

On Saturday night, Almodarr and Angelique: The Magic of the Steelgraves, magically reappeared this year to amaze and astound us!   Tami could hear their laughing and clapping all the way up at the office!


steelegravesblog031 steelegravesblog033

I wish I could’ve gone too, but Tami told me I had to go to bed early, ’cause I had to be at story time Sunday  morning. Early.  Really early!  9am!

My friend Sammie .. . well, she and I loooooove story time.  But we think it’s kind of early in the morning for a Sunday.  So, I tried to tell Bryant it was toooooo early.

But Bryant said it’s never too early for a story and moose feed . . .

So I tried to tell Ben.  But he said, that if he and Amanda had to get up at 7am to deliver the Sunday paper to all 132 campsites, I can get up to go to story time.

So I complained to Dave.  He said that he’d gladly get up at 9am to listen to stories over his morning coffee  . . . buuuut he has to do security rounds till at least 2am the night before.

I’m not even gonna ask Tami, ’cause I KNOW what she thinks about storytime.  I guess it has to stay at 9am Sammie!

Now we get ready for Halloween!

A whoooooole week of it!