Fall is officially here . . .

“Where?” I asked Tami.  “Where’s Fall?”

“All around us,” she said.


I couldn’t believe it was here already, so I took a little walk around the campground and look what I found!




From the tips of tree branches, down to the ground, color is peeking through everywhere.  Acorns and pine cones plinked and plunked onto trailer roofs.  One acorn even fell on my head!  Ouch!

I swear a chipmunk laughed at me too.

Tami and I were going through the photos she took this summer, remembering all the wicked cool recreation we’d had and you know what we decided?

We have some well dressed campers!


Pink from her eyeglasses to her puddle jumpers!


I especially love the heeled shoes!


Ummm . . . I’d say these guys are more like . . . oddly dressed campers.

Oh!  Guess what popped up in our campground in-box last week??


Mark Lippke sent a photo of his ‘catch-of-the-day’!!  Isn’t it a beauty?

And the Chicoine’s sent in this photo


from our Labor Day Seasonal Dinner.   Ed, who’d been seasonal with us for 17 years, has made 2009 his final year.  Some of us are taking his announcement better than others . . . I think Tami’s on her 10th box of tissues . . .nope . . . make that 11 boxes after posting this!

If anyone else out there would like to share a photo from their stay with us, please feel free to contact us through the website!

Labor Day Weekend

I really didn’t want Labor Day Weekend to come, ’cause I knew it was the last one with fun recreation stuff to do.  But you know what?

It was a blast!

Debbie and Bryant picked all their favorites like  teen ping pong, waterballoon slingshot, adult bingo, egg games, jewelry making, a seed spitting contest, and a labor day parade


labor-day-blog-006 labor-day-blog-013

These guys made soooo much noise with their pots and pans, and the shakers they made at arts and crafts!  It was awesome!   Their bikes looked really good too . . . all red, white and blue.

I decided I wanted to lead this rowdy, patriotic group around the campground.  Debbie said, “Go right ahead, Maxx.  Jump on the golf cart.”

So I did.


Bryant jogged right over.  “Debbie meant you could ride on the cart, Maxx.  Not drive it.”

“I’ve watched you,” I told him.  “I know where the gas pedal is . . . and the brake thingy.”

Bryant rolled his eyes.  “You need a drivers license Maxx.  That’s the rules.”

Rules, schmules.  Who makes them anyway?

There was a horseshoe tournament too, a scavenger hunt, hayride


and Kid’s Candy Bar Bingo!!

Bryant and Alex said there were 90


candy bars!

Can you believe it?


The winner of the cover-all game walked away with 23 candy bars!  Hmmmm – I wonder  –   if I asked reeeeee-ally nice . . . . pretty please-ish . . .  I wonder if he’d share?


And that was just Saturday’s stuff.

On Sunday we had story time and a snack with yours truly


ceramics, pool relay races, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, waterballoon target practice, arts and crafts, capture the flag and an adult dart tournament.


It all came and went so fast.  One minute I was in front of the store with all my little camping buddies around me.  The next minute, I was trying to figure out where they all went!

I hope everyone is having a good school year so far . . . can’t wait to see you all again!  The campground’s open till Columbus Day, so if you get the hankering to camp one more time, to have s’mores over the campfire or kayak the lake while the trees burst with red, yellow and orange . . . come and see us!

Adventure Weekend


Hey everybody!!  Adventure weekend was loads of fun!

We had all our usual recreation, plllllll-uuuuus

we made bug catchers, went on a bug hunt and then raced them!

adventure-weekend-blog-002 adventure-weekend-blog-003

Can you see two daddy-long-legs and a beetle?  I don’t remember which bug won, but everyone had a blast!


We made some paper airplanes and helicopters too!  Then we had waterballoon target practice, you know, in case any   evil villains were lurking around the campground.

There were loads of inside party games, lasso training and tattoos for everyone


Except me, of course.  Tami still hasn’t found any tattoos that’ll stick to fur.

On Sunday, there was story time, bubble play, ceramics, Spy Training Camp, and then a Clued Treasure Hunt!  My camping buddies started out with one clue, that led to another, that led to another


until they had all nine!  The last clue told them to put the pieces together to find the hidden treasure spot, so they turned the clues over


and rearranged them until they saw


the climber!!

So they hurried to it and started digging until they found gold coins, necklaces and rings!!


Afterward there was ultimate frisbee and darts too.

Now Bryant and Debbie have their heads together, planning Labor Recreation.  They’ve taken all their favorite things and crammed them into one weekend.  Candy bar bingo, egg games, arts and crafts, ultimate frisbee, ping pong, adult bingo, a parade and much, much more!

You’ll just have to see it to believe it!