The brown trout are released!

I was kind of . . . sort of . . . patiently waiting for Tami to be done working last Monday so we could take a walk through the campground.  She’d just gotten done telling me that if I asked when we were leaving one more time, the answer would be NO . . . when we heard a really big truck coming in the gate.

And it had the Maine Wildlife symbol on the door!!

I didn’t have to ask again.  Three seconds later, Tami and I had our sneakers on.  She grabbed both her cameras and we raced that truck past all the campsites to the lakefront.


And we beat it too!


They backed up to the water, as close as they could get before the it became too muddy and uneven.  But they were still pretty far away.  I couldn’t figure out how they were going to let those fish go, until they pulled out a hose and hooked it up to water tank number six


See how the top is open?  That’s so he can watch and make sure all the fish get released.

The hose reached all the way to the edge of the water
And when they were ready, they opened the valve and let them go!


And they’re free!!


Swim little fishies!  Swim!!

They emptied two tanks in less than half an hour.  I found out that these beauties are 1 to 2 years old.  They release brown trout into Lower Range Pond every fall, but we’d missed being here for the last two times.  We’re so glad we were home so we could watch and ask questions.

I could tell that the really cool fish-release-guys were glad too.

After they left,  Tami and I hung out on the lakefront for a bit.   Sometimes, the eagle shows up right after the fish are let go, and Tami was hoping to get some pictures of him hunting for lunch.   He never did show up, but she got these cool pics of the lakefront




Trying to get to the lake . . .

What a day I had!!


I was walking through the woods, minding my own business, when I heard the geese!  They were back!

Well, I’m not allowed to go to the lake by myself you know.  So I ran back to find Tami and whine, plead, ask her to take me.

But she wasn’t at the house, or the workshop or in the playing field


I ran up one road and then down another



No Tami.

She wasn’t on the playground or in the rec hall.  So I checked all the campsites




But she wasn’t there either!  And I could see that sparkling water just beyond the trees . . . and I could hear the geese calling . . .

Then I saw David.  He was winterizing campsites and tipping picnic tables for the winter.

“Dave! Dave!  Where’s Tami!?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know.  It wasn’t my turn to watch her.”


“Hold onto your antlers,” he said.  “Last I knew, she mentioned something about having to do something in the store  -”

I ran up the big hill by Big Joe’s site, stopping to catch my breath once, twice, three times, only to findthe store door was locked.  So I peeked in one of the back windows and



Tami was at it again!

“What??  Are we being invaded??” I asked.

“mo, quissy.  om fluwng nahtre lecar acdot,”  she said.

Well, that’s what it sounded like with the mask on!   Finally, she took it off and said,  “No, silly.  I’m putting another layer of clear coat on the store floor so last year’s paint job will last longer.”

I tried to get her to ditch the paint job and take me to the lake.  It’s such a pretty day today, I said.  It’s going to rain tomorrow, I said.

But she said she’d already started the job and had to finish it.  And then she’d promised Ben she’d do this with him

halloween-blog-018 halloween-e-mail-035

Pretty cool, huh??

Maybe it won’t rain so hard tomorrow.  Those weather men are wrong all summer long, so I can hope!

Closing Weekend??!!


Tami just told some guy on the phone that this is our last weekend!


It can’t be the last one!  We just opened the campground yesterday, right?


But . . .

but . . .

I never got in the boucy house!


I never got to drive the golf cart!  I never got to taste a half a chicken at the B-B-Q


or take a kayak ride . . . or get a tattoo


Tami promised me a tattoo!!!


I can’t just sit around and let them close my campground.  I need more relay races!  More water balloon slingshot!  More hayrides and magicians and ice cream making and arts and crafts and science guy and bubble play and volleyball and horseshoes and


Storytime!  Who’s gonna read me stories now?


Maybe Alex will talk to Tami and Dave for me.


Maybe not.

I know!  I’ll talk to Santa . . .


No, no.  Santa’s too busy gettin’ ready for Christmas.

Only 76 days left you know.

Debbie and Bryant and I  can round up the 2009 pirate crew!  Arrrrgh!


Or the PS Campground Justice League!


Nooooo, wait.  You’re all in school.  Sigh.

Oh!  Oh!  What about the Burger King!  He’d  fight for more cookouts and campfires!


Or a gorilla!  I bet he’d scare Tami so bad, she’d do anything to keep the camp open!


No, that won’t work.  Tami’s pretty scary too sometimes

tami-at-camp-halloween-blog painting-store-floor006-blog

she’d probably scare the gorilla.

That’s it!  I’m taking the golf cart and driving to . . . to . . . somewhere!  And I’m not coming back until Tami and Dave keep the campground open.

So there!


Buuuuut . . .  Bryant says I can’t do that either.

I don’t have a drivers license.

I can’t do anything I want to do!


Double Sigh.


Guess I’ll just sit here and pout till opening day on April 30th.

What?  Someone’s calling me . . . it’s . . . it’s . ..


She wants to take a walk to the lake with Cookie!

She wants to check on the beaver huts and the eagles and the loons.  Do I hear the geese and the ducks??

Tami and Ben are dusting off their snow shoes!


Hey!  Come back and check the blog this winter, okay?  I’ll post lots of cool stuff . . .


and maybe I’ll even think of a way to get in that bouncy house!

Fall Kayaking

Tami closed up the campground store late afternoon yesterday so she and her friend Sue could go kayaking on Lower Range Pond.


Do you think they’d ask me to tag along?



Fall kayaking is so pretty, too!  The lake was calm as could be, so it reflected all the red, yellow and orange tinted trees like a mirror.



The first place Tami and Sue headed was to the beaver hut, but they didn’t see anything happening there.  Of course, they were probably chatting back and forth so much, the beavers heard them coming a mile away!

But on their way back . . . heading toward the state park beach,  Tami discovered a new beaver hut!


We can watch this one from the campground shoreline.  With her telephoto lens, Tami should be able to get some great shots!

No geese to report.  Or eagles.  Or loons.  Only one lone duck  landed as the sun was dipping below the tree tops.   But Tami said the geese and ducks were on their way.  In the meantime, views like this one made it all worthwhile.