It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

Hey everybody!  How’s your holiday season going so far?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!   Do you know how I know?

Well, it’s not because Cookie stole my Christmas hat


It’s not because we got 12 inches of snow this week AND had a snow day off from school

first-snow-blog first-snow-09-blog1

And as yummy as it smells, it’s not because Tami is spending more time in the kitchen baking things like banana bread and canning apple butter.

Nooooo, you know what tells me Christmas is near??



Last Saturday, the Wight’s headed out to the tree farm for their perfect Christmas tree.

Like he has every year for the last 20, David tried to get them to pick the very first one they saw . . . the one closest to the car.  But Tami and Ben were having none of that!  It’s not a hunt for the perfect tree if you don’t hike all the way to the other end of the farm, is it?


The annual tree choosing agreement is that everyone has to like the tree for it to be considered perfect.

It takes hoooooooo-ours.   Okay, maybe just one hour.  But you know why it takes an hour?

Because Tami chooses trees that would never, ever, fit in their living room.


David chooses the smallest trees he can find


And Ben chooses trees that will hold the biggest, and the most-est gifts under it’s boughs


I always knew that Ben was one smart kid!!

Eventually, they all agree.  Or one of them gets their way, anyway.


That’s not the part that had Tami in a tizzy though!   No . . . it was the decorating part.  And that’s where I walked in last Saturday.   The tree had fit perfect in the stand  , . . and it had stood grandly in the great room, too.  Even David had declared it a great find before he’d said, “My work here is done.” and disappeared to let Tami decorate it.

She’d already strung two sets of lights, and had done half the third when  *POOF*  half of that third string went totally black.

She tried changing fuses . . . and bulbs.  Nothing worked.

And she had no spare lights.

Sooooo, the crazy obsessed silly person that she is, she headed out at 7pm on Saturday night to find five color lights, with random colored twinklers.   Because it was snowing, she decided to head to the Oxford Walmart.  They’d surely have lights, she said.

Oh, they had lights all right.    Just not HER lights.

And neither did anyone else in Oxford.

It was snowing pretty hard by then, so she bought some twinkling stars, brought them home, strung them up, poured a glass of wine and stewed all night with those stars twinkling and her tree half lit.


I told you she was silly.

Sunday morning, she went to church (she swore she didn’t pray for lights though) and then headed into Auburn.  After going to two stores, she finally found some five colored lights and the box said, “Random Twinkle”.  She was so excited, she bought THREE boxes!

When she got them home and plugged in the first set, they were half out too!

“Good thing I bought three sets,” she said, plugging in another.  It was then that I snapped the picture above.

Because it was then, that she realized . . .

only the pink ones twinkled.

The PINK ones!

Everyone in the house went to hide while she stewed some more!

I’m not exactly sure what she did after that, ’cause I didn’t come out of hiding until she declared it done.  I can tell you though, that I really don’t see a lot of pink twinklers and there’s two sets of lights by the back door ready to be returned to Lowe’s.


And don’t tell Tami, okay, because I’m afraid we’ll lose her to the funny farm if you do  . . . .

but I noticed a dark spot on the back side of the tree yesterday.

There’s a stretch of 10 lights out in the back.

She isn’t gonna like that!