What a beautiful day!

Hey, Maax here!


I was heading up to the house today to see if Tami wanted to go for a walk, and it looked like she had the same idea!


Great minds think alike!!

“Heading to the lake?” I asked.

“Where else, big guy?” she said, patting my antler.

So we started down the main road, and tromped into the middle of the playing field.  Tami checked the seasonal sites on both sides of the field



before we walked under the basketball  hoop into the woods. As always, Cookie had to be in the lead


She’s such a five year old!

Tami stopped a lot  ’cause she said she wanted to take pictures.  She thought I couldn’t tell, but she was really getting winded from the wicked bad cold she has.  I asked her if she wanted to go back, but she really wanted to see if the eagles were down at the point.

When we first stepped into the woods, four huge ravens started squawking and shrieking.  They swooped low over us


and landed on a branch where they kept taunting us.  They didn’t worry me at all . . . really!  But Cookie was so freaked out, she ran back to walk next to Tami.

“Never mind them,” Tami said.  “They’ll stop.”

It was so pretty outside today.   The sky was a bright blue, and the sun was shining down.



The animal prints above came all the way across from the beaver hut to the campground point.  Then it followed  our marked trail alongside the lake and up  into the 20’s.  Tami tried to take a picture of the prints so she could look it up, but they just looked like blobs in the snow.  They weren’t big like mine, so they weren’t moose.  But they didn’t look like Cookie’s either, so they weren’t from a dog. I guess they could have been from one deer, but deer usually travel together, don’t they?

When we got to the point, Tami called Cookie back off the ice and made her sit.  “I thought I heard the eagle cry,”  she said.  We stood quietly,  looking up and down the lake.   Tami even used the telephoto lens.  We saw some ice fisherman down by the state park.  We saw some snow mobilers out on the lake.

But we didn’t see the eagles.

“Did you hear that?” Tami asked.

“That squeaky, squawky sound?” I said.

We listened some more.

“Um, Tami?”

She held up a hand.  “Shhhhhh!  I still hear it.”

“But Tami-”

“Maax! What?”

You’re making the squeaky, squawky sound.  When you breathe.”

Tami just looked at me for a minute, and when she squeaked again, she started giggling  . . . which made her cough . . . which made her decide it was time to head for home.   We took the path alongside the lake that lead us out of the woods across from site 29, and we walked up the hill through the 30’s



Tami’d like to go out tomorrow too.  I sure hope her cold is better, and not worse!

Guess What??

Today, I accidentally on purpose,  kind-of-sort-of,  peeked at the papers on Tami’s desk while she was helping David do some outside work.  And you know what?


I got a really, really good look at the Theme Weekend line up!!   Tami hasn’t even given it to David.  It’s not on the website. It hasn’t been mailed out to anyone.  That’s how new it is!!

You wanna know what’s happening?  Huh??

Do you??


Here it is!  Just for my little camping buddies.  But don’t tell Tami I showed you . . . okay?

Apr 30 – May 2     Clean Up Weekend

May 7 – 9            Mother’s Day Champagne Breakfast

May 15th            Bouncy House with ME!

May 21 – 23        Ice Cream Party with Pot Luck Toppings as an entrance fee

May 28 – 31        Memorial Day Weekend (3 night minimum)

June 5th             The Bouncy House with YOURS TRULY again!

June 12th           Ice Cream Party with Pot Luck Topppings

(Hey!  Why aren’t I going to the ice cream party?)

June 19th           Father’s Day Chicken B-B-Q

and Father/Child Horseshoe Tournament

June 25 – 27      Chinese New Year weekend

July 2 – 5             Fourth of July

with BJ Hickman magically appearing Friday night.

July 9 – 11           Pirate Weekend featuring The Magic of the Steelgraves!

July 16 – 18        Christmas in July with Santa!!

July 23 – 25      Super Hero Tryouts Weekend

with Mad Science and their Up, Up and Away show!


Jul 30 – Aug 1      Fiesta Weekend with Pinatas

and a big party in the playing field

Aug 6 – 8                 Medieval Weekend

Aug 13 – 22            Halloween Weekend . . . two times!

Aug 27 – 29           Adventurer Weekend!

Sep 3 – 6                  Labor Day Weekend

Debbie and Bryant have come up with some new games and stuff too!  And as always, all the recreation at Poland Spring Campground is free . . .



And you know what else I saw?  They have new discounts for campers who want to stay longer.

No, really!!

Stay one week and get 15% off.

Stay one month and get 30% off

Stay two months or more and get 35% off!

Can you believe it?  And it includes your electric usage too.

I fell over when I saw that . . .


Maybe all my little camping buddies can stay a little longer this year!


HAPPY 2010!

Hey everyone!  Maxx here!

Did you all have a great Christmas season?  How about your New Year’s celebrations?  Things were crazy around here, what with Tami directing the church youth play, baking cookies, wrapping paper flying all over, and celebrations with family and friends.  Tami says it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of craziness, though!

And I’m sorry it took so long to post a blog entry, but you see, the laptop cord to Tami’s computer started to smoke one night, and even though she didn’t freak out for tooooo long . . . and they ordered a new cord right away . . . it was so close to Christmas that it took forEVer to arrive.

Guess what??   Tami and David invited me up to the house to celebrate New Years!  We had a blast playing a  game of double twelve dominoes.  Tami kept telling me how good she was at playing it . . .


but the rest of us were just a little bit better!  She came in last place!  HA!  So she made us all switch to Tumbling Tower


where Ben, David, Alex and Bryant stacked the tower so well, Tami came in last again.  She tried telling everyone that they’d ganged up against her, soDave suggested a different kind of game.

He put four chairs facing each other in the middle of the kitchen.   Then he told everyone to sit sideways on the chairs with their feet firmly on the floor,  and to lay their heads on the knees of the person behind them.  Then I pulled OUT all the chairs from under them, and Ben snapped this picture


It was wicked cool!  They all stayed up in the air for about a minute . . . till Tami fell on her butt from giggling so much!

THIS is what Tami says about her non-winning streak


After everyone FINALLY woke up this morning, I dragged Tami and Cookie out for a walk in the woods.  The snow was falling gently, and it was so quiet and peaceful.




Tami said it was just what she needed ’cause starting Monday, she’s got a lot of work to do!  There’s over 250 advance reservations to enter in the computer and letters to send to those campers.  Then she has to send her “Think Spring” letter to the seasonals and the 500 families who camp with us year, after year, after year.

Oh!  And she’s got to write up her 2010 Calendar of Events!  Tami said all the entertainment is booked, including Santa.


While Tami was out Christmas shopping, I took a sneak peek in her files.  All our favorite theme weekends are listed!    Pirate Weekend, Adventurer Weekend, Super Hero Weekend, two Halloweens and many, many more!

I can’t wait to see all my camping buddies again so we can make some 2010 memories!