Eagle gawking . . .

Hey! Maxx here . . .

So, you should have seeeeen Tami’s face when she found out Dave got pictures of the eagle first this year.  She was like, on a mission to get down to that lake and find them for herself.

Not only did she grab her camera, but she took an extra battery, the lens extension AND the tripod.  “I know I can get more pictures and better pictures than David,” she grumbled. “It just takes patience.”

Cookie and Ben followed along too.  Tami made them take the leash, even though Cookie’s tail drooped at the sight of it.  But it’s a good thing they did because the lake was loaded with people!   Normally it’s pretty quiet, even on the weekends.  But instead, we saw snowmobiles putt-putting up and down the length of it, ice fisherman  out with their families, dogs  yapping,  four wheelers doing donuts over and over again while they waited for their little orange flags to pop up . . .

and even a sea plane landed!

Tami was sooooo worried the eagles wouldn’t hang around with all that busy-ness.  But there they were, watching over everything like the King and Queen of the lake.

Tami set up her tripod, while B and Cookie hung out on the point.   When she had the camera in place she turned it on and snapped two pictures.

“Darn it,” she said.

“What’s up?”  I asked.

“The battery died already!  Wait! I have another!” she grinned at me and said, “Aren’t I smart?”

I made a face at B, and he rolled his eyes back at me  as Tami put her spare battery in the camera.  When she said a bad word, I thought she’d seen me, until she cried out, “This battery’s dead too!”

Just then, the eagle started squawking.  Tami said, ‘No, no, no, no, stay there! Please!”

A beautiful hawk came into view.  The way it soared . . . I wanted to trade my antlers for wings!  It passed right over our heads, and even though Tami didn’t have a battery, she tried to take pictures anyway.  Click, click, click.

She was pretty close to tears.  “Hey,” I said.  “Why don’t I run up and see if Dave has another battery, okay?”

She sniffled and gave me a little smile.  “Th-thanks Maxx.  I’ll stay and keep an eye on the eagles.  Hurry!”

Like . . . did she think she could get them to stay if they decided to go hunting?

Anyway, B, Cookie and I ran from the lake, past campsites, and all the way up the hill to the house.  After getting a battery from David, we ran down the hill, past the campsites and back to the lake, just to keep Tami from crying into her camera lens.

She put the battery in and added the lens extension.  We sat on the point while she took a million thousand a few dozen pictures.

When we got home, she settled at her computer with a silly grin on her face.  B and I were playing bowling on the Wii when we heard that bad word again.

“Now what?” I asked.

“The pictures are all blurry!  There isn’t a good one in the bunch!  What am I doing wrong?”

I ran to get David before poor Tami had a total melt down.  B and Cookie hid behind the couch.  When David showed Tami what she was doing wrong, she reached for her coat and boots.   I grabbed my scarf.

“It’s okay Maxx, you don’t have to come,” she said, blowing her nose in a hankie.

“But I want to!”

So we trudged down to the lake again.  Thank goodness those eagles were still there, ’cause I don’t know what Tami would have done if they weren’t.   An hour later and she was all smiles again!

“Whoa!” I said, looking over her shoulder at the computer screen, “those pictures are gorgeous!”

“It just takes patience,” she said.

Uh-huh.   Whatever you say, Tami . . . whatever you say.

Eagle Sighting

Hey!  Maax here!

Guess what??

C’mon, guess!

Dave walked through the campground and down to the lake yesterday . . .

no . .  wait . . . that’s not the surprising part . . .

He saw the eagle soaring over the lake!

I snuck up on David down on the point as he was trying to focus the camera through tree branches and snap photos, but that eagle flies fast!

“Hey Dave,” I said.

He bobbled the camera and yelled,  “Maaaax!  Don’t do that!”

“Soooooo-rry Dave.  Hey, where’d the eagle go?”

“Over there, on the island with the house.”  Dave pointed and shook his head.  “Wish I’d brought the bigger lens.”

“Yeah.  Tami says that every time too.”

That eagle sat on the pine tree branch, staring down at an ice fisherman under him.

I think he was hoping for handout . . .

We still haven’t seen them sitting on the nest, even though we stared at it and stared at it.   But I’m thinking I can twist Tami’s arm to take a walk tomorrow and we’ll let you know!

Book your campsite early!


Hey Maax here!

Don’t worry, Tami doesn’t know I stole the blog back.  She’s too busy doing this  . . .

Poor, poor Tami.  She’s been soooooo busy taking new reservations and processing deposits to hold existing ones, that she fell asleep at her desk!   I took a little peek over her shoulder while she drooled all over her lap top and I saw 28 confirmations ready to go out in tomorrow’s mail.  Yesterday, she processed 22 and the day before that 25!

Sites are going fast I tell you . . . fast!

So I visited with Ben instead.  He’s more fun anyway.  We  wrestled jumped on the couch celebrated the beginning of February vacation, and I asked him if he had a clue what theme weekends were booking the quickest.

“Well,” he said, while digging into a carton of ice cream,  “I heard Mom grumbling about Memorial Day almost being booked and wishing she had double the sites.”

“That one has fun kid’s activities” I said.  “Remember the  awesome Pots and Pans Parade!?  There was red, white and blue all over the place.  They decorated wagons and bikes and clothes  . . .”

Ben waved his spoon at me, splattering my antlers with ice cream.  “Oh, and she said there were three calls, back to back,  for Super Hero weekend too.”

“Da, da, da-DA!  Mighty Moose!”  I said.  “Good times, good times.”

Ben nodded.  “That one’s pretty cool, but I like Halloween best. You know, all those games and prizes and 132 sites to trick or treat at.  Hey!  I still have some candy under my bed!”

We were just unwrapping our fourth mini snickers when the camp phone started ringing.  Ben threw his candy bag  back under the bed.  “Fun’s over.  Mom’s gonna wake up to take that call.”

From down the hall we hear Tami snort, stretch and answer the phone, “Poland Spring Campground, can I help you?   Labor Day?  Three families?  Sure!  I can do that . . . ”

Take it from me . . . this is no time for a siesta!  Book your camping vacation early!

Can You Help Us “Think Spring”?

Hi!  Tami here . . .

A little bird told me I’d better check out the blog, and it’s a good thing I did!  That Maxwell!  He’s always sneaking on  to post something.  Even when I ask him to do the posting, he never does it like I tell him to.

I say: Tell your camping friends, the Calendar of Events will be out in the mail soon.

He posts: Hey!  Guess what?  I kind-of-sort-of- got a sneak peek at the 2010 Calendar of Events and here it is!

I say:    Maxx, post a little blurb about our Medieval Weekend.  Throw three or four pictures in there too.

He posts: Twenty pictures and two pages about all the fun medieval recreation games we had that weekend.

I say: Don’t post that picture of me in a gas mask!

He posts:    That picture of me in a gas mask.


This week, Maxx was really worried because one of his facebook camping friends told him they couldn’t “Think Spring”, no matter how hard they tried.

“Tami, Tami, what do we do?” he asked.

“Did you mention the cracklin’ campfire?  Remind her of the sad loon calls?”

“I did, I did!” he said.

“Really, Maxx, she’ll be fine,” I said.

Maxx wrung his hands.  “No, no she won’t.  She needs some spring NOW!”   And he ran off into the campground to find spring.

I don’t think he’s going to find it, do you?  Even the groundhog insisted there’d be six more weeks of winter, no matter how hard Maxx tried to get him to change his mind.

But maybe these pictures that the Snowdon’s sent in will help.

They camped with us last August and caught these beauties

There’s three generations of fisherman there!

So what about all of you?  Can you help poor Maxx out?  If you have any pictures from your stay at Poland Spring Campground that can help us all start Thinking Spring, e-mail them to us and we’ll post them here!