Fishing at Poland Spring Campground

Hey all!

Did you hear that Governor Baldacci signed an emergency law into effect for open water fishing to begin a week early?  How cool is that?

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says effective immediately, all lakes, brooks and ponds are open for fishing except for those that have normal opening dates later than April 1.

When the ice went out early, all my fishing friends couldn’t wait to drop their lines in the water and try to catch some big ones!  That was really good news for them.  But Tami read an article that said none of the bait shops were ready . . . that was really bad news.

Speaking of big fish, David got a chance to talk to some ice fisherman back in February, who were fishing right off our point.

The fish in the photo below was caught on a earlier day, but in the same spot, and the fisherman e-mailed it to Dave for the blog

They said they were having great luck, in spite of the eagle stealing a fish right out from under their noses!

Sneaky eagle!

Then again, if you fish within a few yards of an eagles nest . . .

Here’s a couple more fish pictures Tami really likes,

To see all our fish pictures, click the fishing tag to the right.  You’ll also see the photos from the day the game wardens released brown trout right off our point.

Happy Fishing Everyone!!

Our campground eagles are nesting!

Hey, Maxx here!

I’ve been playing outside so much in this awesome weather, that I keep forgetting to post a post!

And Tami’s not to happy about that either.

We have a little saying around here:    When Tami’s not happy . . . nobody’s happy!

But you didn’t hear that from me, okay?  If it leaks out, you heard it from Dave.

So, did everyone see this on my Facebook page at the beginning of the month?

Yep!  We caught the eagles sitting on the nest Feb 27th, which means the eggs are laid, which means there will be babies  35 days from then!  (give or take a couple).

Even though the babies will be born somewhere during the first week of April, we won’t see their heads poke up until May 1st or so, that’s how deep the nest is.  But you can bet I’ll be checking closely very soon!

In the meantime, you should check out the really cool eagle cams by the Biodiversity Reasearch Institute.