Open for Camping!

Finally!  The campground is open!!

I can’t wait to hang out with my little camping buddies . . .

eating donuts and doing some of this  . . .

and maybe some of this

and even some of this

Wait a minute . . .

Tami’s trying to tell me something . . .


What do you mean this weekend’s all about cleaning up?

You mean I have to  . . . gulp . . . rake?

or do some of this

or some of this

to earn my donuts??


Clean Up Weekend

Hey Camping buddies!

Those of you who are signed up for Clean Up Weekend, are you ready??

Don’t forget to bring your favorite rake . . .

and a shovel to plant one of these

And we’ll make sure to have plenty of donuts on hand for our hard working friends

Oh!  And don’t forget about the Saturday night Pot Luck Supper either!  The more the merrier!

I think Tami’s bringing the chicken wings . . .

Is it time for an Ice Cream Party yet?

You know what?

All this Spring weather makes me want an ice cream!

And not just any ice cream . . .

I want an ice cream party!

So, I tried to beg plead whine talk Tami into having one on opening weekend, but she said it was already on the schedule for another time.

“No it isn’t!” I said.

“Yes . . . it is.” she said.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Tell you what, Maxwell.  I bet you your bowl of ice cream that it’s on the schedule.”

“Okay, prove it.” I said.

And she did, darn it.  Twice.

There’s one on May 22nd and one on June 12th.

Here at Poland Spring Campground, our ice cream parties are free.  Each family brings a topping to share and we lay them out Pot Luck style.  Dave will scoop you some ice cream and you can put anything on it you want!

So what are you waiting for??   Make your Ice Cream Party reservations!

And, hey . . . can you distract Tami while I put caramel and sprinkles on mine and make a run for it before she remembers that I’m supposed to give it to her?


Mother Goose

Hey Maxx here!

Is everyone getting excited for camping season?  Are you?  Huh?

Everything seems to be happening early in the campground this year.  The purple finches are back already.  The trees are turning green already.  And animals are nesting earlier than usual.

This last week, David told me how he’d accidentally flushed a mother goose off her nest when he walked the narrow stretch of land out to the beaver hut.   He backed off right away, but he was sad to report that the mom hadn’t gotten back on the nest before he left the area.

He was a little worried, so I decided to take a walk today to see if all was well.  Standing on the mainland shoreline with my binoculars, I could just barely (through the trees) see her nesting again.  When I told Tami, she said she’d try to bring her great big telephoto lens and tripod down next week and see if she can get a picture of it from the shoreline.  It might be hard though, ’cause it’s kind of far away.

Dave was really glad when I told him the good news.  He says he’s going to block off that jut of land until Mama Goose has put those babies in the water . . .

Poland Spring Preservation Park

Hey, Maax here!

Did you know that Poland Spring is full of history??

Just a couple miles up the road is the Poland Spring Preservation Park. Not only do they have about 5 miles of beautiful hiking trails, but they have several historical buildings.

There’s the original spring house,

where the water phenomenon all began somewhere around 1845.  The water was said to have healing properties, and by 1904, it gained international praise after winning several awards.  People began to flock to the Poland Spring Inn.

Above is the current inn, the original having burned to the ground in 1975 after a grand history of housing presidents such as Cleveland and Taft, and celebrities like Babe Ruth and Mae West.

Below is the Maine State Building, created to represent Maine in the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.  It was dismantled, piece by piece to be brought to the Poland Spring Inn.   It now houses the museum for the Poland Spring Preservation Society and a gift shop featuring Maine products.

This is the Old Souls Chapel

A grand building, it was created in 1912 for the staff and guests of the Poland Spring Inn.  It has beautiful hand painted windows and is used now for weddings, plays, and baptisms.

The Poland Spring Preservation Park is a really cool place to visit if you’re into history!

Their website has their times of operation, or you can get their brochure off our rack of area attractions.

Eagle Update

Hey everybody!!

Tami, Ben, Cookie and I and got down to the lake this week.  It’s been 35 days since the eagles started sitting on the nest, and we wondered if we could see any eagle babies.

B and I looked through binoculars while Tami stood in her usual spot

I’m surprised she doesn’t have a circle around her left eye, she spies at the eagles through that thing so much!

Anyway, we looked and looked and looked, but we didn’t see any little gray heads poking up.

We did see her poke her beak into the nest though.  Either she was turning the eggs or tending to the baby(babies).

Tami really thinks those babies have hatched.  The nest is wicked deep though, so we might not see the babies for another couple of weeks. But we’ll keep trying!

While we’re all enjoying this wicked warm weather, Tami worries about the babies. When the game warden came to tag them a couple years ago (click on the eagle tag to the right to see the post) he said that hot, dry weather can dehydrate eagle babies.  This nest especially, because it has no shade.

But we’ve had two eagle babies survive before!  And we’re hoping we do again . . .

banding of the baby eagles by the warden

Spring has arrived in the campground

Yesterday,  I wanted so badly to go to the lake!

But Tami said she had to “beautify” the campground entrance. She wanted to rake and pick up and put out some brochures.   “When I’m done, we’ll take Cookie and go,” she said.

So I sat on the porch to wait.

When I saw her get into the gardens,  I knew, we were never gonna get that walk to the lake.

And I was right.

She spent the whole darn afternoon talking to her plants and pulling weeds.  Sheesh.

Buds are popping, birds are singing, and Tami’s flowers are peeking out of the bark mulch.

Spring is here!

Have you made your reservations yet????