Face painting and ice cream!

There were lots of cool things to do at Poland Spring Campground last weekend!

We had arts and crafts –

played with the water balloon slingshot –

had a kickball game –

then Bryant did some face painting

while I hung out with my little camping buddies!

I tried to ride a bike, but Tami wouldn’t let me.  Sigh.

While she was busy on the phone though, I stole Alex’s camera and took a self portrait

What?  It’s hard to get a moose this awesome into one itty bitty picture, you know.

I was really, really, REALLY  glad to see everyone!

Some people I didn’t see until it was too late, and look what happened . . .

Then after supper (because Tami seems to think you can’t have treats until after your meals) we had an ice cream party!

When you put two awesome scoopers

and a whole bunch of yuuuuuuummy toppings together

You get super, duper ice cream sundaes!

somebody’s Mom put a liiiiii-ttle too much chocolate on top!

HA!  As if!  There can never be too much chocolate on ice cream!  Right?

Coming up . . .

Memorial Day Weekend!  We have some great stuff planned . . .

And on June 4th, we’ll be setting up the bouncy house again with Yours Truly!   Plus, we’re having a spaghetti supper Saturday night!   Hurry up and make those reservations, or you’ll miss out on a fabulous meal!  Mmm-mmmmm!

Our Bouncy House Weekend

I told Bryant he absolutely, positively, had to let me in the bouncy house

It was my birthday, you know!

But Bryant said, “No.  You’re too big Maxx.”

So I sat on the step and I pouted.

I couldn’t stay mad for long though, because all my little camping buddies got together to wish me a Happy Birthday!

Tami said she was silly not to think of it before, but next year, she’s gonna let me have a real birthday party!

With ice cream . . .

And a birthday cake . . .

and candles . . .

and everything!

Won’t that be fun!?

Happy Mother’s Day 2010

Look what my awesome little campin’ buddies made for their Moms!!!

Flower Pens in a decorated vase and cards . . .

How cool is that??

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, they helped cook, serve and clean up at the complimentary Mother’s Day Champagne Breakfast!

Here they are wrapping silverware in napkins

and serving pancakes, bacon, orange juice and coffee to their favorite Mom.

Of course, the Dad’s were earning their brownie points too

Tami said it was all so yuuuuuuu-mmy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our camping Moms,

where ever you may be today!

Goose Warning

Yes, we had to block the path to the beaver hut.  All because of a goose that laid three eggs

One of my little camping buddies, who didn’t know about the goose nest, got chased by that Mama goose last weekend.  The goose was honking and the little girl was yelling and running like crazy.

So a really nice family, who’d once been chased by a goose themselves, offered to put up a warning for us.

As soon as Mama’s eggs have hatched, we’ll take the sign down.

The Eagle Baby shows itself . . .


Guess what?  I have wicked good news!

Tami and I walked to the lake this week, hoping to get photos of the loons, but even though they were calling, she couldn’t see them.  Not even with her really long lens and tripod.

So she turned her camera on the eagle nest.  One of the adults was sitting its edge, surveying the kingdom, when all of a sudden a little wing lifted up beside it!  Tami kept her camera on the nest, one finger on the button, and chanted, “C’mon baby, c’mon baby”

She pressed down hard on that button when the little head finally poked up

“YES!” she said, dancing in a circle. Did you see that Maxx?  I got it!   I got a picture of the baby eagle!”

While she’d been dancing, I hadn’t taken my eyes off the nest.  “Um, Tami, I think you ought to -”

“Do you know how long I’ve been watching and waiting for a sign of the baby?” she said.

“Well – I think- you-”

“Everyone will be so excited when you post on the blog that we have proof!”

I grabbed Tami by the shoulders and turned her toward the nest, so she could see what I was seeing.

“OH!” she said, quickly putting the camera back up to her eye so she could snap away.

The baby had crawled up beside its parent!

I wonder . . . what is that baby looking at?  Do you think there’s another in there?

Our maintence worker seems to think so . ..

Clean Up Weekend 2010


We had seventy campers check in last Friday and Saturday . . .


And that doesn’t include our 50 seasonals.

Poland Spring Campground went from totally deserted to hopping in just a few hours.  Everyone seemed so happy to be here, which was kind of strange because  Tami was about to   make them her slaves put them to work cleaning up the place.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.   Tami laid out 10 dozen donuts and 5 dozen muffins at 8am and two hours later, they were pretty much gone!

Of course, she came right to me.  “Maxwell!  What did I tell you about scoffing down all the donuts and muffins!  Those were for the Clean Up crew.”

But I was ready for her.  I had proof that I wasn’t the only one enjoying their sweet, gooey-ness!

“Well,” she said, “that explains 7 of them. Where’d the other 163  go?”

Why does she always blame ME, when food goes missing?  Didn’t she see all the hungry rakers out in the campground?

They were working hard

Everyone did an awesome job!   From the tallest and oldest, right down to the littlest

And not just at raking. There were sweepers

and dog watchers

and Paula too!

In the afternoon, some of my camping buddies came up to the store to get their trees. We like to encourage them to plant between the sites to replenish what might have been trampled or crushed the year before.

After all, what would a campground be without it’s trees??

A parking lot!

When the work was all done for the day, some of our campers found time for ice cream

while others found a quiet spot to fish

right alongside the loons.  Do you see it, to the left of the boat?  The fishermen were sitting so quietly, that the loons just kept diving and surfacing around the boat.  One of the loons came up with a big fish in its mouth, threw it back and swallowed it whole!

I’d like to give a big, big thank you to our entire Clean Up Crew.

We couldn’t have done it without you!!

And Tami probably would have made me her slave for the month if you hadn’t of shown up.

Come see us again real soon . . .

Upcoming Camping Weekends

Hey everyone!

Now that we have that Clean Up Weekend out of the way, why not try Mother’s Day Weekend May 7th to the 9th??  We’ll make Mother’s Day presents at Arts and Crafts, and on Sunday morning, David puts together an awesome Mother’s Day Breakfast . . . and it’s free .  . . as long as one family member helps cook, clean or serve.

And it can’t be Mom!  (nice try!)

Or you could come stay with us May 14 – 16 when we take out the bouncy house!    I’m gonna find a way inside this year!  You just watch!