Chinese New Year Weekend 2010

We were busy, busy, busy last weekend!!  Chinese New Year was a ton of fun!

Everyone seemed to be having a grrrrrr-eat time.

We made lion masks for good luck

and had a ramen noodle eating contest

There was bead making too!

Isn’t it pretty??

Horseshoes, volleyball, ceramics, storytime, a pool tournament, bubble play . . .

you name it, we had it!

Trash Bag Theater was a huge success too –

Alex and Bryant said every team created and performed amazing plays.   Bravo everyone!

And look, I even got to hold some babies

Maxwell Moose for President!

Wildlife photos from the Farrington Family

Check out these photos, taken by the Farrington’s over the last few years!!

Doesn’t the chipmunk above look like he has a twinkle in his eye???

This could be why!!

Up above is a baby eagle from 2007

and a sunning turtle on Lower Range Pond in 2008

The downy woodpeckers are everywhere too.

But these are the photos Tami was most excited to get . . .

because these are from this month!!

The loons are nesting!

We thought they might have lost their first nest – because they were fishing together toward the end of May, when they should have been separated with one on the nest and one out on the lake feeding.  But it was reported to Tami early June that they were in fact sitting on eggs!  yay!

But I’m still the cutest animal in the campground, right??

Father’s Day Weekend 2010


We had such a fun weekend!

It was so hot – my antlers started curling up!

Debbie and Nick had a father/child arts and crafts project Saturday morning.  There was also some kids games, the water balloon slingshot, kids candy bar bingo and a scavenger hunt!

Here’s one team of scavenger winners!

That’s a lot of stuff to find!

While some kids were scavenging, others entered our father/child horseshoe tournament.

Congratulations to our first place winners  Erik and Tim  (on the right)

and our second place winners, Jerry and Jerry!

Great job everyone!

The highlight of the weekend though, was David’s chicken B-B-Q . . . Mmmmmmm-mmmm!

It’s always soooooo yummy . . . well, Tami says it is anyway.  I never get to have any.  Tami says I’m supposed to eat water lilies and twigs and stuff.  Yuck!

We start our everyday recreation program this Friday, and we’ve got tons of great stuff planned, all day everyday!

Come and join us!!

Ice Cream and Face Painting!

We had such a fun weekend!

Bryant and Nick did all kids of great recreation stuff on Saturday!

Then Saturday afternoon, when I showed up, Bryant painted faces

and even though I waited, and waited and waited like a good moose

I didn’t get my face painted. Or my antlers.  Or my hooves.

“Maxx?” Bryant said, “I can’t paint on fur.”

You know, sometimes it’s very, very hard to be a moose.

But I did have an awesome time hanging out with my little camping buddies!

That night, Bryant and Alex and David had an ice cream party!

Look at these amazing sundaes

Oreo cookies and sour gummie worms!  A classic!

Whipped cream, M & M’s and chocolate sauce – Mmmmmmm!

What sundae isn’t complete without whipped cream on top??

This coming weekend we’re having kids candy bar bingo Friday night, a full day of recreation Saturday and Sunday

AAAAAaaand a chicken barbecue.  You know what?  As long as one other family member buys a full meal, Dad eats free!!


Call today for reservations!

Me and the Bouncy House!

We had an awesome time last weekend!

There was a pool tournament, a kickball game, arts and crafts

AND a yuuuuuuu-mmy spaghetti supper.

But the best thing of all . . .

the thing my little camping buddies and couldn’t wait to do . . .

was the bouncy house!

Alex wouldn’t let me take any pictures . . .

but I stole the camera anyway and snapped some great ones.

Want to see?

that lady on the right?  That’s Debbie, our recreation director.  She never seems to get onto the blog – but she did this time!

Then Alex stole the camera back and I decided to steal hats instead

Then when Bryant wasn’t looking, I made my move at the exit of the bouncy house

but my antlers were too big!

So I tried the front

and I almost got in too!  But then Bryant caught me and made me get down.

Grrrrrrrr!   That Bryant!

Have a great week everyone!  Maybe we’ll see you soon!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

What an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!  We were full, full, full – and the weather was so amazing,   people were swimming in the lake and the pool!

Tami wouldn’t let me get my fur wet, so I put my tail in the ice chest

The things I have to do around here to stay cool!

Of course, Debbie and Bryant loaded up the recreation program for us.  There was a ping pong tournament, family bingo, arts and crafts, waterballoon slingshot, jewelry making, horseshoe and dart tournaments, story time with Tami and Moi, volleyball, bubble play . . .

and wiffleball, a scavenger hunt, two movies and one very noisy pots and pans parade!

My little camping buddies made so much noise, Tami covered her ears! It was awesome!

We had a hayride too!  David went around and around and around and around the campground while I got to hang out with my friends

Then there was trash bag theater with Alex and Bryant on Saturday night.   I couldn’t go, ’cause it was past my bedtime . . . but Tami said people dropped by the office to tell her how much fun it was.

We have some very talented campers here at Poland Spring Campground!

I hope everyone had a grrrrrr-eat time, ’cause I sure did . . .

Come back and see us really soon, okay?

Like, maybe next weekend?