Two Lights State Park

Alex, Dave and Tami wanted to get some family time in last week .  . . they wanted to rest and recuperate from the busy-ness of the campground.

So they left me here at the campground to take charge of things

“Suuuuuuure!” I said.  “Go have a good time!” I said. “I’ve got every little thing under control!!”

Tami only looked back once with her “you-better-behave-or-you’ll-be-in-so much-trouble”  looks as they grabbed their chairs and books and went to  Two Lights State Park.

If I’d known they were going to  Two Lights State Park , I would have joined them!   It’s all rocky coastline with amazing views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic.  There’s tidal pools to explore and you can climb the rocks until you can’t climb anymore!  Sometimes we bring a picnic lunch and spend the day; they have picnic tables  with   stationary grills, a hiking trail, and a playground too.

Tami says those are all great reasons to go to Two Lights.  But they aren’t HER reasons

she goes for the breath taking view and the soothing sound of waves crashing over the rocks.

She’s so boring, isn’t she???

Still, she said her bare feet itched to climb down and explore the shoreline.  So she got Alex to take her nose out of her book for awhile 

so she could join her.

Isn’t it great there??

When Tami got back, I told her everything went very, very smoothly.

She doesn’t have to know about that one little, itsy, bitsy problem thingy . . . the one Paula had to rescue me from

It’s our secret, okay?

the Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

Wow!  I’ve never seen soooooo many super heroes here at Poland Spring Campground!

There were Supermans, Spidermans, Wonder Womans, Power Rangers, Super Girls, Iron Mans and many, many more!

Every where you turned, there were Super Heroes galore!!

and they all came together (after making masks and capes at Arts and Crafts) for Super Hero Try Outs!

They leaped tall buildings in a single bound

showed off their fancy footwork

and their ability to squeeze in and out of tight spots

Then, the evil villains came out of their lair

and our Justice League banded together

to show those evil-doers what we were made of!

Once again, Poland Spring Campground was safe for campers everywhere!

Whew!  I don’t know about Tami.  But I was worried there for a minute.

We had paddle boat building,  bocci, horseshoes, story time, lessons on how to tie up a villain

jewelry making, a scavenger hunt, movies, super hero training and hayrides too!

Feeling sad you couldn’t make it this time?  Well, we still have lots of Theme Weekends left you know.  Fiesta Weekend, 2 Halloweens, Adventurer Weekend and Medieval too!   Take your pick and give us a call!  We’d love to see you!

Christmas In July 2010

What a Merry Christmas we had!

There was so much cool stuff to do, like the Santa Dress Up game, snowball hunts, reindeer races, sparkling jewelry making, horseshoes, kickball, elf hat making and sleigh making – I didn’t know where to start first!!

but my camping buddies sure did!  They were every where! And you know what they all kept asking?

When’s Santa coming?  When’s SANTA coming?  WHEN’S SANTA COMING???

FIIIIIIII-nally, he got here

and the Christmas party started!

Aren’t those cute elf hats!  And I bet those pretzel sticks with frosting taste good too.

We played lots of cool carnival games and won prizes while everyone got a chance to talk to Santa

Then came the best-est part.  What we’d all been waiting for  . . .

all weekend long . . .


I got one too!  Santa gave me Hot Rod Hamster!

It’s written by Tami’s friend, Cindy Lord and illustrated by Derek Anderson.  It’s sooooo cool!  I took it to story time on Sunday morning and all my little buddies liked it too.

Now I have to go find my cape . . . ’cause it’s time to turn into


Mighty Moose!!!

The Magic of the Steelgraves

Hey!  Maxx here!

Last Saturday night, I distracted Tami by asking a zillion questions so Alex could sneak down to the rec hall and take photos of the Steelgraves very pirate-y magic show . . .

Check these tricks out!

Uh-oh!!  Is he gonna get wet???


Tami said she could hear everyone laughing and clapping way up at the office!   Lots and lots of campers stopped by to tell her what a good show it was.   And the Steelgraves stopped by to say how awesome the audience was!

When I showed Tami all the awesome photos Alex took – she liked the pictures sooooo much, she’s now made Alex her official magic show/science show/trash bag theater/holiday party photographer.

And Alex is sooooooo happy about that!

Why couldn’t the little pirate get into the movie?

Because it was rated Aaaaaargh!

Get it?  Aaargh?  R?

Well, then . . .

Ahoy thar maties!

We was overrun with pirates last weekend!

and what a great time we had too, in spite of the showers on Saturday.

We played sink the ship

And made beautiful fairy houses down on the lake front.

We also had some pirates who showed their walking-the-plank skills

There were plenty of landlubber games too, like a ping pong tournament, swabbing the deck game, hook making, scavenger hunt and jewelry making.

Two pirates who were marooned here,

taught the kids how to be pirate-y by making a damsel in distress, practicing their Aaaarghing and sword fighting

with noodles.

When they felt the little landlubbers were ready, they swore them in be pirates

And Debbie gave them tattoos to seal the deal.

I had so much fun, I didn’t want to put my pirate eye patch away.  But Tami got tired of me knocking things over with my antlers.

Tune in tomorrow to see some photos from the awesome magic show we had Saturday night by The Magic of the Steelgraves!

Fourth of July 2010

Hey there everyone!   Did you have a great Fourth of July??

We sure did!

Our pots and pans and bikes parade was awesome!  Debbie handed out whistles too – .I’m sure all the parents loved them as much as we did!  Tami said she could hear us all the way from the 40’s!!

Everyone was really, really patriotic too.  Look at all the red, white and blue!

Here are our winners from the big ping pong tournament

Steve, Jake and Mike . . . great job!!!!

So now we’ve put all the Fourth of July stuff away . . . and we’re diggin’ out the Pirate costumes!!


Come on and join our crew this weekend!  We’ll show you a jolly good time!

Recreation Every Day . . . All Day!

Hey there camping buddies!

Don’t forget we now have recreation all day, every day, right through to August 29th.

There’s things like

Bubble play

scavenger hunts, ice cream making, campfires with popcorn, arts and crafts everyday, candy bar bingo,

horseshoes, volleyball, bocci, basketball, parachute play, storytime

the water balloon slingshot –

and ice melting contests . . .

Well, okay, Tami says I have to tell you that it’s not THAT KIND of ice melting . . .

Still, I know you’ll have fun!

Sandcastle Building

One of our weekly activities is sandcastle building on the playground

and look at their stupendous, amazing, astounding creations!!

Everyone does such a great job.  They take their sand art very seriously.

This one though, is my absolute favorite . . .

because . . . .


Isn’t it a great likeness!?

I think they got my good side, too, don’t you?