The Loon Family


Remember me?


The campground mascot?

Well, I’m glad someone does!

That Tami!  You know what she did?  She went out kayaking on Lower Range Pond yesterday and she didn’t even ask me.

She said she . . . *gasp* . . . FORGOT ME!

She left me behind with David to watch those Patriots get beat.  Sheesh.

And you know what’s even worse??   She found the loon family out there!  Look at these awesome photos . . .

Tami said she just floated there quietly, snapping photo after photo with her big camera while the mother and baby loon dove, fed, waggled their feet and preened for about 45 minutes.

Tami said the coolest moment was when the two dove at the same time, but for once, Mom popped back up first.  She gave a soft hoot, calling for her chick

but there was no answer.  She called a second time . . . and a third . . . still no answer. Even Tami was getting kind of nervous.  Finally, the baby came back up.


Tami also said the colors are about to turn . . .

Awwww!  Say it ain’t so!

A Note from Tami

Everyone here at Poland Spring Campground hopes you and your family had a fun, safe, relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

Our recreation program has sadly ended, but we’re still open till Columbus Day Weekend with off season rates.  My campers will attest to the fact that Lower Range Pond is so quiet and gorgeous time of year.  In the last two weeks, it’s been reported that the loon family has been out and about, and the gray heron has been seen quite often too.

If you like a quieter pace, Poland Spring Campground in Fall is the place to be!

Fall 2009 Site 84
Fall 2009

Boat rentals are still available; we have kayaks, rowboats and canoes.  Lower Range Pond is a long, 290 acre lake with a 9.9hp limit.  There’s lots of room to explore!

Kayaking August 2010
Early morning by Kathy Edwards 2009

To see more fishing pictures, click on the fishing tag on the right.  There’s small mouth bass, large mouth bass, perch, rainbow trout and pickerel.  Brown trout is stocked by the wardens every Fall.  The largest reported catch this season was a a 6lb 22 inch small mouth bass.  And yes!  I do have proof of Joe Fowler’s catch!   Look for a 2010 fishing post, soon.

Warm days, cool nights, the soulful cry of the loon

and a crackling campfire with gooey s’mores.  Fall camping is the best!

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Wow!  What a Red, White and Blue Weekend!

Bryant and Debbie put all their favorite recreation on the activity sheet!  There was the waterballoon slingshot, egg games, jewelry making, Watermelon Seed Spitting, and our Saturday afternoon hayrides

Look!   Debbie gave everyone a flag to wave!  Me too!!

There was a scavenger hunt and arts and crafts,  where we decorated our bikes and made hats and noisemakers.

Of course, everyone was wicked excited to see Candy Bar Bingo on the schedule.

Tami told Alex she absolutely, positively had to get photos for the blog.  But you know what?

This is all the pictures Alex could take, because the rec hall was filled up and she was too busy running around, calling numbers with Bryant, double checking cards and throwing out dum-dums and licorice at the mini-games between rounds.  Everyone was a winner!

And all that stuff?  That was just Saturday!

On Sunday, Bryant had storytime with yours truly (I liked Duck for President by Doreen Cronin, best), and there were pool races, waterballon target practice, Capture the Flag, Ping Pong, two movies, and arts and crafts.

I even got in a game of