Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow!  It’s been a long, long time since my last post, hasn’t it?

It’s not my fault though, Tami’s been hogging the computer. She’s contacted the entertainment for 2011, and she’s typed up the Calendar of Events too.  She has it under lock and key though, because she’s afraid I’ll give it out to all of you before she’s finished it.   “Would I do that?” I asked her.

“You would, and you have”, she said.  “Remember last year?  The 2010 Calendar of Events? You posted it two weeks early.”

Sheesh. She’s got a mind like a steel trap, I swear.

Anyway, Tami and David will be ready to take reservations starting January 7th this year!  You can call between 10 – 5, Monday – Friday, or e-mail them anytime!  Tami will be holding a long term substitute teaching position this winter, so if you get the answering machine, please leave a message.  She’ll return all the calls when when she gets home.

I can’t believe Christmas is only 12 days away??  Are you ready yet??

I am!  I’ve been a very, very good moose this year!

I know lots of friends who’d vouch for me too!  They’d tell Santa how good I’ve been.

I’m not so sure what Tami would tell him though . . .

Hmmmmm – maybe I’d better go make her some breakfast or take out the trash or something, just to be on the safe side! You can’t be too good at Christmas Time.

Have a very Merry Christmas Everyone!  And a very Happy New Year!