Our first 2011 Eagle Sighting

Tami was off from her sub teaching job today so I asked her really, really nicely to hang out with Cookie and I.

“Maxwell,” she said with a big, big sigh. “I have way too much campground work to catch up on.”

So I begged a little  . . .

and pleaded and whined.

I wore her down

until she took us out snowshoeing.

We had an awesome time!  Cookie ran around in circles, while Tami and checked all the roads and campsites to see how everything was.  When we got to the lake, we saw the eagle, perched up high in a tree on one of the islands.

We only saw the one, but I know we’ll be seeing two soon!  Usually by February vacation week. We’ll keep you posted!

Calendar of Events

Well, it was a long time getting here, but we finally have a winter wonderland happening in Poland Spring Campground!

I seem to be having some trouble uploading pictures, but picture this:

Wind blowing crazily . . .

snow stuck to the windows and doors . . .

snow up to our knees as we wade through it to do the first of several shovelings . . .

white out conditions . . .

I’m sure you get the drift.

Get it?  “the drift?”  HA!

Good news!  Dave’s posted our 2011 Calendar of Events on the website.  Alex has been entering all the long term reservations made in 2010 for this coming season.  Those letters requesting deposit will be going out next week, so watch for them.   She’ll also be sending our Think Spring letters, to entice you all into staying with us in 2011.  We have some great theme weekends and l