Freeport and LL Bean

A trip to Maine is never complete without a trip into downtown Freeport, home of the famous L. L. Bean.  We always hit the Outlet Store before going to the retail store.  You can usually find some wicked good deals there.

After shopping at L. L. Bean, we get an ice cream at the Ben and Jerry’s stand.  It’s conveniently located right outside Bean’s entrance.  Mmmmmm . . . coffee heathbar on a sugar cone.  My favorite!

Then we shop a little more:  Cool As A Moose, The Mangy Moose, Yankee Candle, Lindt Chocolate, Earrings and Co., Reebok . . . the list goes on and on and on!  It’s fun to walk the streets and look at everything they have to offer.

There are many, many fabulous places to eat in Freeport, from hot dog stands, to pubs to fine dining.  You’ll see a list on the Freeport website (link is listed above) as well as other sightseeing ideas.

But we like to stop on the way home at the  Muddy Rudder in Yarmouth, right off of Route 1.   Steak, seafood, pasta . . . their menu has something for everyone.  I can recommend the Broiled Seafood Medley.

Wolf Neck Woods State Park

The Freeport area is one of our favorite family Monday outings.  It has something for all of us and is only twenty or so miles from the campground.

We usually pack a picnic lunch and go to Wolf Neck Woods State Park first to get a little hiking in.


Wolf Neck boasts five miles of fairly level trails, with one of them being handicapped accessible.  You can choose from several lengths of trail, and all are easy hiking.  Still, be sure to carry some drinking water and wear your sneakers.

There’s plenty of streams to poke around in


and some bridges to cross


Just be careful you don’t run into a troll!!
Some of the trails wind along the edge of Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River where the boys climbed rocks, poked in crevices and explored tidal pools to their hearts content.



Our favorite trail is the Casco Bay Trail.  It takes you down to where you can see a series of islands.  Osprey’s nest there.  Have you ever seen them fish?  They’re fun to watch.



So bring your binoculars and/or camera!

When we reach the coastline, we usually sit for a bit and drink it all in.  The views are gorgeous.  The forest is peaceful.  It’s the perfect place to get away from everything, experience nature and do a little bird watching.

After hiking, we have lunch in the picnic area under the trees.  Tables and grills are provided . . . bathrooms are nearby.

Portland – Fort Gorges

There are a few old forts in Maine you can visit, one of  my favorites the most interesting is Fort Gorges in Portland.

Fort Gorges sits in the middle of Casco Bay.  Built in the 19th century, It is now a public park accessible only by private boat.

Fort Gorges in Casco Bay Maine
Fort Gorges

On a clear summer day you can easily see the fort from the boat launch off the eastern promenade. If you are adventurous, you can launch your kayak or other sea-faring boat and paddle out there like my staff the camp staff did. It is a little over a mile away.



There is a geocache hidden there too!


Fort Gorges in Casco Bay Maine
Inside Fort Gorges


After that, drive over to the Old Port to do a little shopping in all the quaint shops along the harbor’s edge before eating at DiMillio’s Floating Restaurant.

Other forts in Casco Bay include Fort Scammel on House Island which is private but gives tours on Tuesdays in the summer (by prior reservation only), Fort Preble in South Portland (a good place to view Fort Gorges) and Fort William in Cape Elizabeth.

Snowy Campground Scenes

Wow!  What a big storm we had today, huh?

We probably got a good 15 inches here.  Ben can’t remember the last time the snow piles were so high in the campground.

Tami managed to snap a couple photos before her camera started doing strange things . . .

You almost can’t see the hedge!  And David hasn’t piled any snow there  . .. that’s all from the storms.

I really don’t think our campers will be parking here, do you?

That fence to the right of the tree? The one you can barely see over the top of the snow?  That’s the pool fence.

And here’s the entrance to the camp.

In other news, the phone has been ringing like crazy!  One of our campers called to book seven weekends!  SEVEN!  Everyone is anxious for Spring to begin.

You know I am too!

I miss my bouncy house.