Office Hours this Weekend

This coming weekend is “move in” time for our seasonal campers!  As promised in our February letter, power and water will be turned on Saturday, April 30th by noon for those of you who can’t wait another minute.  (and you know who you are!)

We officially open Sunday, May 1st for all campers. Bathrooms will be turned on by noon that day.

Office hours this weekend: 10 -5 Saturday and 9 – 5  Sunday – Thursday.

Our first big weekend is Clean Up Weekend; May 6 – 8th!  If you don’t have reservations for this, please call as sites have become very, very limited.  We have a ton of helpers who’ve already reserved their favorite spots for free, by agreeing to rake sites/roads/playgrounds and plant trees. We can’t wait to see them!  It’s going to be loads of fun!

Site 4 Clean Up Weekend 2010
Clean Up Weekend Volunteers 2010
The Perfect Tree! 2010

2011 Eagle Update

We had a family friend visit today, and of course, Tami immediately suggested a walk through the campground to the lake, to see the eagle.

And wouldn’t you know, Mama Eagle was sitting up tall and proud on her nest!

You know what this means?

The babies have hatched!

After watching this nest for about eight years, we’ve found that Mom doesn’t sit up on the edge until her eaglets are born.  It’ll be another couple of weeks before we see their little heads poking up, because the nest is so very deep.   We can’t wait to find out:  is there one baby?  Or two?

Almost Camping Season!

It’s almost camping time . . . you feel it as the warm breezes blow.  You hear it when birds sing brightly in the early morning sunrise. You see it as the patches of bare ground get larger and larger and larger every day, and you sink deeper and deeper and deeper into the mud every day!

I took Cookie for a walk after sub teaching today, and was a little surprised by how much snow still clung to the ground in spots.

the 80's

Some of the roads looked a little more encouraging though.

Over in the 20's

While there was less snow in the 20’s, than say the 4o’s, I was sinking in up past the soles of my hiking boots in a lot of places, especially on the road to the lake.

As we walked, I took the liberty of taking a few pictures of seasonal campsites, for those of you who are wondering what the conditions are back here . . .

Terry, I’m so sorry, but I think you get the prize for the most stubborn snow in the camp!

The ice isn’t completely out yet either.  From our lake point, over to Route 26, has opened up, but this is the view toward Range Pond State Park

To the left of this lookout, past the Island, still has a thin coating of ice.  Hopefully that will be gone in a few days.

And look!  Our eagle is still on her nest.

I was a little worried about her after the wet, wet, heavy snow of last weekend.  That nest weighs over 750 pounds now, and the tree is a thin, red pine.  We worry through every wind storm and big snowfall . . .

Hopefully those babies will be born soon and we’ll be watching them opening weekend!

Peaks Island

Maxx here again

Let me tell you about a hiking trip that I didn’t get to go on last summer.

Dave & Tami took Ben down to Portland where they hopped on the ferry.

Peak's Island Ferry
Peak's Island Ferry

It is only a few dollars for a round trip ticket and a 20 minute ride over to Peaks Island. Peaks Island is great for Day trips, you can rent a bike and enjoy the views as you pedal around the perimeter of the island (an easy four miles) or you can buy an extra ticket and bring your bike with you. You’ll find shops, art galleries, restaurants and a couple small museums. You can rent a kayak or take a golf cart sightseeing trip. The ferry makes 14 trips a day in July and August so you don’t have to worry about schedules.

Peak's Island
Peak's Island

On this day though they decided to hike into the center of the island to visit Battery Steele a world war II gun emplacement. They searched high and low but didn’t find the geocache at the fort.

Battery Steele on Peaks Island, Maine

View from on top of Battery Steele
View from on top of Battery Steele

After that they continued to the other side of the island and followed the coastal road back around to the ferry.

View toward Cushing Island
View toward Cushing Island

In case you are wondering, the reason I didn’t get to go — No Moose allowed on the ferry!

Hiking and Geocaching at Preservation Park!

Hey! Maax here!

Last Year, the weather was so super, duper, amazing on Easter Day, Tami and David took Ben and I geocaching with a picnic lunch up at the Poland Spring Preservation Park.

They have five miles of well kept, awesome trails!  And you know what?

They’re only two miles from the campground!  Two miles!

We decided to start on the trail behind the original Poland Spring Water Spring House.

That trail, followed the edge of the golf course for a little while, and we were able to step onto the edge to look at Lower Range Pond

See the first jut of land, just over the tree line?  That’s our campground picnic and swimming area! It’s pretty cool to see it from this side of the lake.

If you like to hike, we have lots and lots of trails within half an hour of the campground!  Just click on the hiking link to the right to see some more!  Or when you check  in, ask Tami.  She’ll give you directions and talk your ear off about all her favorites.

As for the geocaching, we were able to make four finds!