An Eagle Update

Hey campers!

Maax here!  It’s been kind-of-a-quieter weekend,  what with the cloudy day and all.  But the rain held off long enough to put up the bouncy house!  The kids had a great time in it.  They also had a great time at arts and crafts and kids games in the playing field.

Tami didn’t get pictures of any of it though, because she was down at the lake.   And I bet you can guess what she was focused on . . .

With her largest camera lens, the tripod and an extra battery. she was bound and determined to get photos ~ good photos~ ~ of the eagle baby, or babies.   Even though lots of campers had reported two,  just like with fisherman and their tall tales, Tami wasn’t going to announce it here until she saw it with her own eyes.  Or someone brought her a photo.

When she got down to the point on the lake, she found quite a few campers with their binoculars trained on the nest.  Yet none could claim to have seen two eaglets that morning.

For at least fifteen minutes, they only got glimpses of the one baby

and as cuuuute as he was, Tami still hoped for one more.  She and the other campers  talked about how one baby will sometimes (shudder) eat the other . . . or they get dehydrated and die . . . or one pushes the other out of the nest.  After a few more minutes, she said to the other campers, “I guess we’re down to one.”

Suddenly, there was hope . . .

And  the second baby made an appearance!

Whew!  I was getting a little nervous there.

Next weekend, we’re having an ice cream party on Saturday night.  We still have some sites available if you’d like to join us!

Clean Up Weekend with a Mother’s Day Breakfast

Clean Up Weekend was a success!  The weather cooperated and all our campsites, roads, playgrounds were raked!

Everyone pitched in, and we really, really appreciated the help . . .

Even if we did have to show some people how to properly use a rake . . .

People seemed to be having a really good time

I know we did!

Opening weekend is always so much fun.  I love catching up with families ~ seeing what they did over the winter months, and checking the height of the children.  Quite a few have grown taller than Tami.  Not that it takes much to do so, mind you.

Little trees were transplanted in the afternoon.  I was glad to see several campers take this  job very, very seriously.

After all, what kind of campground would we be without our trees!

Our helpers didn’t just work all weekend, they found time to fish ~

To kayak

and to hang out with friends.

The weather cooperated for all but an hour, when thunderstorms rolled through.  But they were quickly over, and the sun shined once again.

Sunday morning, with the help of our camping friends, we offered a complimentary Mother’s Day Breakfast . . .

And it was yuuuuuummy!

We hope all our camping Mom’s had a fabulous Mother’s Day Weekend!

And we hope to see you all soon!