2011 Poland Spring Campground Justice League

Beware Evil Doers!

We’re the Poland Spring Campground Justice League, and you don’t want to tangle with us!


Because we can run faster than a speeding bullet . . .

Jump higher than the tallest building . . .

Make our own Super Hero costumes to hide our identity . . .

Mask making . . . with Mom's help. She's the only one you can trust your secret identity with
Cape making

We can shoot water balloons at evil villains . . .

and then tie them up with toilet paper!

Poor Cat Woman

Those villains were no match for us!  Not when you have super heroes like these hanging around the campground all day . . .

Spiderman has an admirer
BatGirl found her batman!
Spidey and some of his favorite Superheros . . . is that a villain in the middle?
Super Girl gives the Joker a "talking to"
That's a pretty amazing group of Superwomen!

There were superheros at horseshoes . . . superheros at the scavenger hunt . . . and superheros at the hayride too!

Tami wants to make a BIG, BIG shout-out to all the amazing helpers  .  . .

Bryant, Nancy, Mighty M, Debbie, Tami, Alex and Maggie
Our Super Villains who let the Justice League pelt them with waterballoons
We even got David to dress up!

I cleverly hid my secret identity behind a cape and mask to arrive as

Dah ~ Da ~DA!

Mighty Moose

Do you think anyone knew it was me???

Hola, amigos!

Are you ready for the fiesta? Because I am! Wanna know what I can’t wait for? Debbie’s sopaipillas (they’re kind of like fried dough).

The line is always long, ’cause they’re just so good!

All the games are tons of fun, too, like the darts and the jumping bean game, and then there are the pinatas! Those are always lots of fun!

I can’t wait to try to whack them! Did you know there’s candy inside?

The weekend after this one is Medieval Weekend. This year, the Steelgraves are coming again with their amazing magic show! They always do an amazing job, and they’re really funny, too!

I can’t wait to see what they do this year!

Christmas in July 2011!!

Wow!  What a weekend!  The best ever!

I know, I know . . . I say that about ALL the theme weekends.  But this time it’s true!

We had so much fun doing the usual Christmas-y activities.  I especially liked the Santa dress up game

Don’t they look exactly like the big guy, himself??

My little campers made elf hats and stocking bags at arts and crafts.  We played Christmas games on the playing field too!  There were horseshoes, the snowball slingshot, a Christmas caroling hayride, ice games, a snowball hunt and lots, lots more!  The whole place was decorated, and even some of the campsites too.   My favorite Christmas decoration was one of those really big, blow up decorations . . . it was a camper, and Santa poked his head out the door to wave!  Very cool.

I hung out with lots of friends during hayride time . . .

Of course, all that other cool stuff combined couldn’t compare to the Christmas Party Saturday night!  We all waited patiently for Santa to arrive . . .

and then the games began!

Tami had lots of awesome volunteers to run tables for cookie making

and carnival games like “ring the bottle”

the duck game, the balloon walk

the “snowball through the wreath” game, and of course,

meeting Santa

Some of the campers even dressed up in their Christmas Best!

Finally, it was time for


I waited kinda-sorta-patiently while my little camping buddies were called up one by one

and I wondered if I’d been a good Moose this year.

Then I heard it . . .

Maxwell Moose!

That’s me!

and I got exactly what I wanted!  Books!

How’d he know???

Da da-da DAAA!

He’s faster than a dragon fly, more powerful than a bear, able to leap tall pine trees in a single bound – it’s MIGHTY MOOSE!

Last year, we had Bat Girl, Robin, and Wonder Woman all joined us, as well as all kinds of other super heroes who wanted to practice their super abilities! We had tons of fun!

And then the super villains appeared!

But don’t worry – they were easily defeated by our awesome powers!

After all of that hard work – we deserve a fiesta! Which is exactly what we’ll be doing the weekend after. Fiesta weekend is a little more than a week away, and that’s one we always have fun at! For Saturday night, we pull out our Sombreros and have a party!

We’ll play all kinds of great games, eat great food, and even pull out the bouncy house! Maybe this year I’ll get a chance to sneak inside!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

This weekend is Christmas! Santa is going to fly on his sleigh (with a little help from some elves with trucks) to come see US at Poland Spring Campground. How cool is that? Tami is going to start decorating tomorrow, and Maggie is going to make holiday arts and crafts with us, and there will even be a party when Santa gets here!

We play all kinds of fun games, like the cup cake walk and pin the nose on Rudolph!

And at the end Santa hands out presents! Last year I got an awesome book called Hot Rod Hamster by Cyndi Lord!

I can’t wait to see what I get this year!

Once we pack up all the Christmas decorations, we’ll be getting ready for Superhero Weekend! You know what that means, don’t you?

Maxwell by day, and Mighty Moose for the hayride!

Pirate Weekend 2011

Ahoy thar maties!

We were overrun with landlubbers . . .

and sailors alike!

Either way, everyone had a blasted good time Pirate Weekend!

Want to see what we did?

How about swabbing the poop deck races!

Why, you scurvy dog!  What do ya mean, ya can do that with one hook behind yer back?

How about walking the plank? Could ya manage that?

TOO TAME FER YA?  What if we make it twice as long?

Don’t you turn yer nose up at it yet!  We could blind fold ya!  AND set this lil, water squirting pirate on ya!

HA!  We’d like to see ya walk on it now!

We had a Sea Rover Hayride

where I kissed a bunch of babies on the tops of their wee heads

And all my little pirate camping buddies came out to learn how to be pirates!

I tell ya, this is one fine crew!  One fine Poland Spring Campground Crew indeed!

They did a Yo-Ho-Ho Scavenger Hunt, played horseshoes, canon-shot water balloons, had moose mix at storytime, made hooks and parrots at arts and crafts and did much, much more!

Debbie and Maggie kept the lil pirates sooooo busy, they couldn’t get into trouble if they tried.

All except this scurvy dog .  .

We had to keep two good eyes on HIM at all times!

Tinkerbell Houses, Sink the Ship and Walking the Plank on Lower Range Pond

Last Friday, to kick off Pirate Weekend, all my little camping buddies gathered at the lake

to build Tinkerbell Houses!  Just look at the fancy mansions they built . . .

A lot of thought and creativity went into these homes

and in some cases, it was a family project!

I hope the Tinkerbell’s in the Poland Spring Campground forest like them!

Since we were all ready down at the lake, Debbie thought it’d be loads of fun to play sink the ship!

Then she made my camping buddies walk the plank!

Aaaargh!   Everyone had a blasted good time!

As a matter of fact, there were so many cool activities, I can’t write about them all in only one measly blog post! So look for more piratey-type photos tomorrow!

Camping on the Fourth of July 2011

What a beautiful weekend!  There’s were tons and tons of families here to swim in the pool, boat on the lake and play in the campground.  We greeted our regulars who’ve camped on the same campsite, for the same dates, year after year, after year.  And we met some new families who were trying us out for the first time.

We had all our usual recreation; like relay games, horseshoes, volleyball, bubble play, story time, a scavenger hunt, hayrides and more.  We also had an amazing red, white and blue, Fourth of July parade!

Do you see the cute hats the campers made at arts and crafts?  They all decorated themselves and their bikes.  Patriotic colors were displayed everywhere.

We had watermelon eating too . . .

. . . . right before the seed spitting contest!

Debbie and Maggie did the measuring and apparently, Poland Spring Campground has a lot of really, really talented seed spitters.  Their parents should be quite proud!  I know I am!

Aaaaaand, speaking of talent . . .

We had our first ever, Poland Spring Campground Talent Show!  We weren’t sure what to expect when we put a call out for talented campers . . .but we found two fabulous hula-hoopers

a beat-boxer, some singers who’d written their own songs, a ventriloquist

A cappella singers, humorous singers and a ton of other talent!

I’m just so crazy-proud of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!  As Bryant said, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and perform in front of a whole campground

A standing ovation to all!

I tried to hula hoop too.

Buuuuut, I didn’t do so good.  Maybe it was the fur.  Maybe it was the antlers.  Maybe it was the lack of hips.

Maybe I should’ve stuck with what I do best . . .

looking pretty for the cameras.

Pirates, Presents and Santa – Oh My!

Arg, matey!  We be ready fer havin’ fun this comin’ weekend with a whole crew of pirates!

Last year, we had tons of shipmates joining us for awesome activities like Walk the Plank and Sink the Ship.  Those are some of our favorites, and it wouldn’t be Pirate Weekend without them!

And I had to save everyone from the dreadful pirates that took over the rec hall!

Yeah I’m awesome like that.

By the way, starting counting down the days.  After Pirate Weekend, Santa Claus will be coming to town!  He visits us Saturday evening, and brings a present for everyone.  We love preparing for him by decorating, singing and playing games!

So make sure you start being good – I am!  (Except for getting Maggie with those waterballoons . . . )

Chinese New Year Weekend 2011

Monday through Sunday, 9am to 3pm . . . and a 7pm event too, we have cool things planned like candy bar bingo, water balloon games, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, volleyball, bubble play, face painting, story time,  ~ and much, much more!

Every weekend, the activities are themed.  And we started off the season with Chinese New Year!

Maggie and Debbie slung water balloons  in the rain,  then moved the Chinese New Year games inside  the Rec Hall

There was arts and crafts in the afternoon . . .

and jewelry making and horseshoes and a chinese noodle eating contest!

Here I am with one of my favorite girl scout troops . . .

And with camping buddies who were waiting to get on the hayride

everyone told me they were having a great time!  I asked one little buddy what he liked best.

“It’s all good!” he exclaimed.

I think that says it all.