Seasonal Dinner ~ 2011

Tami and David love Poland Spring Campground’s annual steak and lobster Seasonal dinner!

Tami says it’s the only day between May 1st and Columbus Day, where she can actually close down the store to hang out with all the seasonal campers and on-site employees without fear of being interrupted.

The phone doesn’t ring . . .

no one is looking to check in . . .

99.9% of the campground has checked out.

There’s always lots of laughter

and “remember when’s.

Everyone brings a dish, or appetizer or dessert to share, so no one walks away hungry!

We even celebrated a very, very special birthday this year.

Lee Wight turned 80 on Monday!  So if you see her, wish her a very, very happy birthday!

The Wight Girls

A big shout out to the Walker family for lugging all the cans and bottles to the redemption center, which helps to pay for a portion of the dinner.  And of course, we couldn’t do it without our “chefs”!  Thanks a bunch everyone!

Labor Day Weekend ~ 2011

You know . . .

I LOVE Labor Day Weekend, but it always makes me a little sad too.

On the one hand

We had all these cooooooool activities like Egg games

Carrying the egg on your head
Egg Under the Chin race

and a scavenger hunt, horseshoes, and the water balloon slingshot on Saturday.

And if you thought the day was done, think again!

We also decorated our bikes and made noise makers for the bike parade

Debbie made all the bikers raise their right hands and swear not to run her over . . .

had a seed spitting contest . . .

played Ultimate Frisbee with the teens and adults . . .

Uh-oh! What'd B do?

Aaaaaaand, played Candy Bar Bingo!!

with lots and lots of happy winners!

On Sunday we had Story time with Moose Mix, Relay races in the pool, Waterballoon target practice, jewelry making, Bubble Play and we created pin wheels at Arts and Crafts

Awww! Her pinwheel matches her shirt!
How clever is that? She attached her pinwheel to her bike handles!
Purple! My favorite color!

I was so proud of my little campers . . . many of them were waving the old red, white and blue!

I felt like a real, live, rock star all weekend, hanging out with my little campin’ buddies.

So I bet you’re sitting there, in front of your computer, shaking your head and saying, “Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell.  With all that cool stuff going on, how on earth could you be  so sad?”

It’s really simple actually.  It’s Becauseit’stheverylastweekendofrecreationandI’mgoingtomissitsomuch!


Sniffle, sniffle.

Tami says they’re still open ’til Columbus Day though.  And there’s tons of people who love fall camping because they get to go out fishing and kayaking and canoeing and wildlife watching.  And the kids still get together to play ping pong and manhunt and stuff like that.   Tami has a whole list hiking and geocacheing trails . . . oh, and there’s the cool nights by the crackling campfire to look forward to . . .

Okay, so there’s a ton more camping season left.

What are you waiting for?