A New Christmas in July Decoration

Four more days till Santa makes his magical trip around the world!

I asked Tami on Sunday if she was suuuuuure Santa knew where to stop.

“He does,” she replied, rubbing my antlers.

I asked again Monday morning before she went to work.

“No worries,” she said, as she quickly packed her school lunch.  “He’ll be here.”

When she tucked me into bed last night, I asked again.  I think it might have been one too many times, ’cause she exclaimed, “Maax!!  You know Santa and I are very good friends.”

“I’m sure he’ll remember you . . .if you were a good moose, that is.”

Ummmmm. I think I was a good moose.  I mean, I didn’t stick my butt in the ice chest too many times . . .


and I was really, really polite to all my camping buddies . . .

and I thanked Santa for my books on Christmas in July . . .

But still . . . you never know . . .

I tiptoed out of bed, and snuck into David’s office.

“What’s up, Maax?” he asked.

So, I told him my Christmas worry.

Dave smiled.  “I have just the thing!  I picked it up today for Christmas in July next summer, but you know . . . it’s never too early to set it up.”

WOW!  I think Santa will be able to see this decoration from the moon!  There’s no way he’s missing our house now!

Thanks David!

Hmmmm . . . what kind of cookies do you think he likes best?