Yay! A Birthday Party for Me!


I heard Tami and Debbie and Maggie are having a birthday party for me!

Mark your calendars and book your site for June 9th!

There will be games . . .

and cake . . .

and yummy ice cream!

We hope the baby eagles will be standing on the edge of the nest too.

Won’t you come and sing Happy Birthday to me?
The more~the merrier!




Tami, Cookie and I decided to take a little walk before the Super Bowl. As usual, Tami was weighted down with her cameras.

And it was a good thing she was!

From the beaver hut, we could see one eagle on top the nest.

“Yay!” Tami cried.  We stuck to the trail, going through the woods rather than over the ice.  We didn’t want to scare the eagle off.  Tami kept a doggie treat in one hand, so Cookie would stay close.  On the point, Tami made us all, as she put it, “hush up.”

Cookie kept looking back behind Tami and harrumphing.  She even tried nudging Tami’s arm with her nose.

“Cookie! Sit! Stay!” she said.

“But, Tami ~” I whispered.

“Shhhhhhh!” she said. “I’m waiting for the eagle to take off.”

“You really ~”

She waved one hand at me, her eye still glued to that camera.

I shrugged at Cookie.  We tried to tell her.

Finally, the eagle took off!

Aaaaand then Tami’s battery died.

“REally?” she said.  “Really?”

As she fumbled with a battery change, I tapped her shoulder.  “Um, Tami, I think you should look up.”

Because there in the tree above us, was the other eagle.  He didn’t really give us a chance to take his picture though.  He granted us one regal look before he went off to join his mate down the other end of the lake.

Tami could only stand there with her mouth hanging open.

So the two eagles are back!  It looks like they’ll be nesting with us again this year.