How Warm Was It?


It was so warm, Tami dug out her flip flops!

It was so warm, she actually kicked them off to wade in the lake!!

It was so warm, the nesting eagle was sitting on the edge of the nest.  I’m sure the eggs were toasty warm in the sun.  The other eagle sat on a log on the golf course side of the lake.  Tami thought he might be taking a bath . . .

We saw a pair of loons off in the distance.  Even though they didn’t come close enough for a good picture, Tami was pretty excited to see they were back. She almost waded in up to her knees to get a good look at them, but the water wasn’t THAT warm.

“Maxx,” Tami said dreamily.  “Isn’t today the perfect day?  I’m almost tempted to haul out the kayak. We’ve had the windows open for three days straight . . . I can hear the peepers at night . . .”

Just then, without a call or warning, the bathing eagle took flight. Tami turned her camera on the nest and caught this series of photos:

One eagle leaving . . .

and the other arriving for nest duty!

We wish these warm temps could stay a little longer!  What a fabulous week it’s been.

Eagle Update

Tami came back from a walk to the lake yesterday looking all sad and dejected.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I don’t think the eagles are nesting this year,” she said.  “Whatever shall I tell all the campers! Oh, woe is me!

Uh-oh.  Tami’s giving me the evil glare.  Now she’s tapping her foot.  Okay, so maybe she wasn’t all that dramatic about it.

Still, we were sad to think the eagles were late nesting. There’s always the fear they won’t come back.  She snapped the photo below, but  didn’t have the heart to  edit it.

We trudged back down today, hoping to see  signs of them.  At first glance, there was nothing in the nest.  An ice fisherman was only a few feet from the island though.  He wandered off after a couple of minutes and again, Tami took a couple photos, including this one of a woodpecker.

Suddenly, we heard the cry of an eagle from somewhere down by the beaver hut. We all whirled to look that way.

Then I heard Tami gasp!

The eagle is sitting on the nest!!

Funny enough, when Tami ran back and began editing today’s photos, she took a really close look at yesterday’s . . .

and the eagle was there the whole time!

Silly Tami!

Who Ordered This Snow?

Tami says she absolutely, positively didn’t.  She’s wishing for an early spring like the one we had a few years ago when she went hiking every weekend in April before the campground opened.

I know David didn’t.   Anything below 50 degrees puts him in a bad mood!

Ben miiiiight have, but he wouldn’t give me a straight answer one way or the other. He just kept saying, “Maaaaaaybe.  Maybe not.”


I want summer to be here NOW!

You probably haven’t noticed this about me, but I’m not a very patient moose.

I can’t wait to bounce in the bouncy house with all my little camping buddies.

Or play on the climber

No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about Ice cream making, Arts and Crafts, volleyball, kids games, seed spitting or our theme carnival parties

and playing sink the ship on Pirate Weekend.

How about kayaking the lake?  Canoeing or fishing! Nature watching on the lake!

I just want to hang out with all my little camping buddies!

Hurry up, spring!  We’re all waiting!