One or two eagle babies . . . you be the judge!

Tami took these series of photos on Sunday -(not her best work – but in her defense, the wind was whipping hard enough to cause white caps on the lake – and her fingers were frozen within minutes)

No babies . . .

One baby over here . . .

One baby over there . . .

And then the first one pokes back up again.

Tami and I never saw two baby heads at the same time, so it might be the same baby moving around in that humongous nest.  But we like to think there’s two in there.

Shortly after Tami took these, there was a driving gust of wind.  It almost pushed the adult eagle off the side.  She held firm though, and I watched her poke around in the nest a bit, before hunkering down low in it.

I suppose “the house” is getting a little crowded, now!

Turtles and Eagles

Can you believe these two?

One balancing on a log, the other with his butt in the air.  Silly turtles!

These pictures were taken by Tami last week, when the temps were so much warmer than the past few days.  She’d happened upon a small sunny cove, protected from the wind.  As she paddled in, she heard several PLOPS, in a row.  So she sat silently.


Sure enough, one by one, the painted turtles crawled back  onto the bankings, and the logs.

When an eagle flew overhead, they fell back into the water, and the whole thing started all over again.

Well, except for the guy on the log.  He couldn’t get himself off of there fast enough!

And speaking of eagles.  Tami couldn’t resist snapping a few more pics of the nest from the back side of the island this time.

She plans to check the nest tomorrow.  Perhaps we’ll find out how many babies are actually in there . . .



Kayaking . . . in April!

Tami snuck out onto the lake without me this past Sunday.  I was so mad!  I waited on shore with Ben and Cookie for her to come back.

I was tapping my hooves and snorting so much, Ben said, “Take it easy, big guy.  You couldn’t fit in one of our kayaks anyway.”

Aw, shucks.  I’d just about convinced myself he was probably right, when Tami came back grinning from ear to ear, and babbling stories about all the cool stuff she’d seen and heard.

And I was mad all over again.

She didn’t see one loon.  Or two loons.  Or even three loons.

Noooooooo.  She saw FOUR loons!

Check out these fabulous pictures she took!

Waggling a foot and preening
More preening
Looking for supper

Because she saw four together and they aren’t being territorial, she figures they aren’t nesting yet.  One adult always, always, sits on the egg to keep it warm.  Hopefully they’ll nest soon.  As I type this, I can hear their soulful calls rising up from the lake.

Tami said that at this point, she’d already begun writing a blog post in her head titled, the Best Kayak Ride Ever!, when she heard a familiar call, but she couldn’t quite place where she’d heard it before. So she softly paddled toward it . . . into an inlet . . .

Can you see two eagles?

There on the shoreline, two eagles were locked in a battle.  Just as she was beginning to wonder if they had gotten stuck in the bushes, they broke apart.

The eagle on the left was a little duller in color and didn’t have a pure white head.  It was then that Tami realized the adult was warning off an immature eagle who’d returned.   The adult squawked a final, last-word-kind-of warning, before flying off toward the campground.  This guy left shortly after .  . . in the opposite direction of course.

After that, Tami was absolutely, positively sure she’d seen all she was going to see on the lake for one day.  After all, she’d been paddling for almost 2 and half hours already.  She’d kayaked with loons.  She’d watched battling eagles.

Just as she was about to pull her kayak up on shore though, she heard the nesting eagle cry out and she turned back.   Ben, Cookie and I let out a collective groan as she lifted her camera again  . . .

Tami says she has lots more photos, but she’ll save them for another blog post.  In the meantime, if you’d like to see  different photos from that day, go to  Tami’s Writing Blog.