Memorial Day Weekend 2012!



What a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.  The weather was picture perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Not even one, teensy, weensy drop of rain.

Swimmers paddled in the the lake and pool for hours. Several of my little campers ended up with sunburns.  Ouch!

For arts and crafts, we gathered in the rec hall to make red, white and blue noisemakers

and visors

for our pots and pans parade!

Maggie and I led the way as my little campers banged pots,  pounded pans, and blew  noisemakers

We made sure everyone heard us loud and clear!

Don’t we look like a rough and tumble, rowdy bunch!?

There were field games, the water balloon slingshot, ceramics, wiffleball, candy bar bingo, horseshoes, teen jewelery making, storytime, darts, movies  and much, much more! They loaded up Saturday and Sunday with tons of fun things to do which had all my camping buddies grinning from ear to ear like my friend here . . .

One of my favorite activities is the Saturday afternoon hayrides.  ‘Cause that’s when I get to hang out with all my little buddies the longest!

Debbie and Maggie handed out little flags to everyone

and we had the best-est time waving them and singing our way around the campground.

And look at this All-American Guy!  Our American Flag in one hand and an ice cream in the other!

If you didn’t get to join us for this holiday weekend, no worries.  We have a whole summer of theme weekends to choose from!  Super Hero Weekend, Christmas in July, Fiesta, Chinese New Year, Pirate, Halloween One and Halloween Too and Medieval, to name a few. The schedule is on our website.   And don’t forget, our recreation activities are ALL DAY . . . EVERY DAY in July and the first three weeks of August.  AND THEY’RE FREE!

So come on!  Come stay a weekend . . . or better yet, book a week at 15% off!

And when you call or e-mail in those reservations, tell them Maxwell sent you!




Ice Cream Party Weekend #1

Finally!  Tami sent that humongous lens back!  Sheesh.  She was hunkered down around her laptop every night, downloading photos and cropping them and gushing over them .  . . I couldn’t get a hoof on it to post about last weekend’s recreation until I wrestled the laptop from her tonight!

Maggie was here this past weekend.  She picked a whole lot of fun stuff to do.  First there was the water  balloon slingshot . . . and she gave away free ice creams to the first three kids who caught a balloon without breaking it!

In the afternoon, she had arts and crafts in the Rec Hall and played kickball in the playing field.

Best of all, we had an ice cream party Saturday night. The entrance fee was for each family to bring their own topping . . . and whoa . . did we have a lot of toppings!

When I saw all the campers going in the rec hall door, I got really worried there’d be none for me!  But David said he had plenty to go around.  Good thing too!  ‘Cause I love ice cream more than twigs, and water lilies and . . . and . . . everything!

I think these campers do too . . .

Especially this unidentified camper!!   See how her bowl is empty!?

Next up . . . Memorial Day Weekend!!

We have sooooo many cool activities planned, I just can’t wait!

Hurry up, Friday!

I think this might be the year I get to drive the golf cart!


Updated by Tami:   Maxx, Maxx, Maxx.  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.  You need a driver’s license first!


Tami’s Nesting Loons

It’s official.

This ginormous, super zoom lens has made Tami a wildlife geek.

When she isn’t talking about the eagles, turtles and loons,

she’s walking down to the lake or kayaking on it to take photos of our wildlife!  But she isn’t alone.  Every time we went down to the lake this weekend, there were several camping families watching and taking pictures of the eagle family.

You have to wonder what those eagles think of us, staring at them all day?

Tami’s been whining to David about whether or not she should keep the lens a little longer after what she saw today.  And I have to admit, she had a cool experience.  I can almost forgive her for neglecting her gardens for the third day in a row.  (and if you know Tami, like I know Tami, she never does that!)

Tami got out of the kayak today and announced that in all her years of loon watching, she’s never, ever caught them switching off nesting duties.  Having a lens of this big lets her respect their space (at least 200 yards),  yet she has a front row seat, and best of all, she  can show all of you!

First, she heard the nesting loon call out . . . the one that sounds like “where are you?”.

Then she saw the mate making its way over.  He’d dive, then silently appear.   All you could see was the top his back, and his long neck stretched over of the surface of the water. After looking around for danger, he’d dive once more. When he was within a couple hundred yards, he called back to her.

The nesting loon then reared back to turn her eggs.

Can you see two of them?  Olive colored?

Once she’d turned them, and he’d called to her once more, she slipped into the water.

It was hot on the lake today.  Very, very hot!  It was so hot, the eagles had their tongues hanging out up on top their nest.

At least the loons were smart enough to build theirs in the shade.  Still, once the nesting loon hit the water, she looked like a kid who’d jumped in a pool after a two hour time out.

She dove.  She waggled her feet.  She stretched her wings.  She arched her back.

The only muscle Tami moved was her right hand, pointer finger as she snapped over eighty photos, thanking God and anyone else she could think of for this glorious opportunity.

All the while, the other loon was quietly getting closer and closer to the nest.  Mind you, neither one was more than 100 feet from it at any time.

As I watched, I remembered reading how careful they must be getting on and off it.  A loon’s webbed feet are not made for land. They hit the water  hours after being born, and only come back to it to nest. Their feet are set further back on their body to make them stronger divers, so you can imagine how awkward they are on land.  If they have to get on or off the nest in a hurry, they might accidentally kick out an egg.  Eagles lift up to leave their nest.  Loons kind-of-sort-of fall off it.  This is why it’s so important not to startle them.

This loon very carefully climbed back on . . .

Rearranged a stick or two. . .

Then settled in for his turn at baby sitting duty.

Again, I feel so lucky to have seen this today, and I wouldn’t have gotten such awesome pictures without this big lens.

I sure hope these two eggs hatch, and the babies survive all the dangers on the lake; among them are snapping turtles from below and eagles from above.  Boaters and kayakers too, are a challenge.  These babies will be born when boating is at its peak.   Unlike the eagles who sit on high and stare down regally on us, the loons have no where to go. The babies can’t dive for weeks.  They could be separated from their parents. Please, if you see loons during the next few months, assume they have babies. Give them plenty of space and the right of way.

I’m posted a similar story on my writing blog, if you’re interested.  It will have a couple different pics for you to see.

And if you’d like to know more about loons, here’s a link for the Maine Loon Project.

Stay tuned for loon updates!

Eagle Triplets Through the Big Lens

All Tami can think about, since getting her rental lens, is taking pictures of the eagles.

She forgot to take me to water balloon slingshot practice today, but she remembered to take pictures of her precious eagles.

She forgot to fax in her toy order, but she remembered to get pictures of the eagles.

That silly lens is so big, a pair of purple martens hovered over it a bunch of times, trying to make a home in the end of it! Sheesh!

When 2 0’clock rolls around, you’ll know right where to find Tami.  She says the sun shines best on the “royal family” in the afternoons.

As you can see, all the triplets are alive and well. No one’s been knocked out by a wing, or eaten by a sibling.  Go ahead and laugh, but Tami goes down everyday, holding her breath until she can count . . . One, two, three, of them.

Tami and I watched a feeding for almost two hours on Friday afternoon . . .

. . . . one of my little camping buddies put it best when they said, “it was definitely a furry mammal” the adult  was tearing apart.

Ug!  How can they eat that?  Water lilies are so much more nutritious.

We were so glad to see the adult fed all three eaglets.  The biggest was first, but only because it could toddle itself over to the adult faster than the others. The youngest got fed second, though!  I was happy about that, because we were worried it wouldn’t have enough to eat.

They’re all doing great! The eaglets move around the nest more easily, getting under foot all the time.

Today we didn’t see any feeding, and I thought it was kind of weird, as they always ate this time of day. While I waited for the second adult to come in, I told all the little campers (who wanted a look through the view finder) that the other adult was probably out hunting and I was hoping to catch him coming in with supper for the eaglets.

Buuuuut, there was nothing in his talons.

Does Mom look a little upset to you???



P.S. You can see more eagle photos on Tami’s Writing Blog . . . Random Writing

Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

What a fabulous weekend!

The sun was shining . . .

the temperatures were mild.

Some of our campers even went swimming!

And if you think that’s just crazy talk,  what would you think if I told you I talked Tami into buying Edible Crickets to sell in the candy aisle.  It took like hours and hours of begging and pleading and whining before she finally caved.  Even as she wrote it on the purchase order, she bet me no one would buy them.  She said she’d be stuck with them for years to come!  She said she’d make me sit down and eat them all by myself if they didn’t sell.

Well, guess what?

I win!


These brave campers . . .

bought . . .

and ATE . . .

Not one, but threeeeeeee boxes!

(Whew!  I was worried there for awhile)

Good news!  Maggie’s back for the 2012 Summer Season!!   She helped my camping buddies make flower presents for their Moms on Saturday morning.

Then they all shot water balloons in the playing field and tossed horseshoes too.  Tami said she could hear them playing, and screeching and having fun all day long!

On Sunday Morning, they served their Moms at our Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast.

We had tons of volunteer cookers, and servers and cleaners . . . a big, big Thank You to everyone who helped!

We couldn’t have done it without you.

I hope all our campers had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!

‘Cause we sure did!


Happy Mother’s Day

Here are some Mother/Child photos from this weekend . . .

Not the two legged kind . . . but the two winged kind.

Yesterday Tami and I watched as Mom eagle left the nest over and over again.  At first we thought it was because of all the boaters taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  She’d  fly to a nearby tree, but stay within eyesight of her babies.

They’d cry.  She’d go back.  Then fly off again to a nearby tree.  They’d cry.  She’d circle the nest.

Until finally, she took pity on them and landed.


The next thing we saw, was her dragging something large across the nest, and for a second I thought she’d throw out a baby!  But Tami quickly said, “Oh, no!  Look again, Maxx.  It’s a fish.  A really big fish!”

Mom Eagle started ripping that fish apart, and fed her little ones . . . one by one.

When they were full, they snuggled in around her. Safe and sound.

How adorable is that??



Clean Up Weekend 2012!


We’re finally open!

And thanks to some amazing help from our Clean Up volunteers and crew – things are looking pretty good too!

Young campers and, the *ahem*  not-so-young campers,  were  rewarded with all the donuts and muffins they could eat.

Tami didn’t get as many pictures this weekend as she normally does because she was too busy going “Blah, blah, blah” in the store with practically every camper who walked in the door.

Geez, can that woman talk!

She even chatted about leaves with some of her camping buddies . . .

They’d found two leaf charts on the geo-cache course and Tami challenged them to find every one.  They almost did it too!  The one that stumped them was the Sassafras leaf.  Still, they’d worked so hard, Tami rewarded them all with a tattoo.

Ben, on the other hand, took some great pics of the afternoon crew, who picked up leaf piles all afternoon.

I don’t know how we’d manage to get this place in shape without our Clean Up volunteers!

Thanks a heap!



Eagle Baby Reveal

I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for an eagle baby update.  So even though I was practically falling asleep on my feet today after the campground opening, I grabbed the extra long camera lens, and the tripod, and headed down to the lake’s edge.

I’m wicked excited to report . . . there’s not just one baby . . .

Or twoooooo. . . .

It’s triplets!!!

Whoa!!!  How cool is that??