Who Doesn’t Like Ice Cream Socials?

Especially make-your-own-incredible-sundae, socials!


About 15 minutes before, Tami wrung her hands and said, “Gee, I hope the rain doesn’t keep the campers away!”

I wonder if these raincoats come in Moose sizes?



As if! 

These are not “fair weather” campers!  They don’t let a little rain storm keep them from their ice cream!

Nor did it stop them from making butterfly suncatchers . . .

at arts and crafts.

It didn’t keep us from playing games, or challenging each other in Minute to Win It, or from our teen jewelry making time or catching water balloons or

from playing our kazoos on the hayride!

On Sunday, Maggie read some of my favorite stories.

They were mostly about Moose.

Like me!

And she made Moose Mix too!

This is what the reading circle looks like when she asks who wants M & M’s in the mix.

I bet they wouldn’t raise their hands if she asked who wanted water lilies in their snack.

Coming up soon are Pirate Weekend with Mad Science on Saturday 7/7

and Super Hero Weekend 7/20.

Quick!  Book now before we fill up!



Father’s Day Weekend

What a great Father’s Day Weekend we had!

First, Maggie came up with a cool new present for our camping friends to make for their Dads ~

Can you read the tape?  It says:

“You Rule Dad!”


There were games, water balloons, a movie, and a Father/Child Horseshoe Tournament

Score Keeper!


And here are our 2nd and 1st place winners!

Well done!

We had a hayride too, of course!  We couldn’t go a weekend without one.

Maggie gives the rules before take off . . .

Our very special celebrity guests for the weekend, were Girl Scout Troop #336.

I think I heard Tami say that this was their 5th year in a row!  Wow!

We hope to see them for many more years to come!


Maxx’s 7th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Me . ..

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee . . .

What an awesome surprise birthday party!  Maggie and the campers really out-did themselves this year!

She sent me off to pick water lilies while she got all the campers into a birthday party mood!

They played birthday games.  Maggie did some face painting . . .

And she helped all the little campers make party hats!

And finally, it was time!

I showed up at the Rec Hall and everyone yelled . . .


The campers gave me sparkly birthday cards and Tami gave me a birthday book written by her friend, Cindy Lord.

So of course, Maggie had to read it to all the birthday go-ers!

It was the best book ever!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake and ice cream!

I think everyone had a great time!  I know I sure did!

I can’t wait for my 8th Birthday Party!

On 357 days to go . . .



A New Local Attraction

For our campers age  21 and over,  the Oxford Casino has now opened!

Boasting table games such as roulette, black jack and craps, as well as slot machines, the Oxford Casino is only six miles north on Rt. 26.  You can also eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in the new Oxford Grill Restaurant.

Several campers who’ve already been, give it good reviews. If you visit the Oxford Casino, let us know what you think!



I’d Like to Introduce You To . . .

Our 2012 Loon Family . . .

They’re a good looking bunch, aren’t they???

I watched for about 20 minutes, as Mom and Dad silently dove time after time, rising with a tiny silver minnow to feed their hungry young one.

Whenever Mom and Dad dove at the same time, he’d put his face in the water too. Sometimes, his back end went up in the air so I saw a flash of white belly.   He never made a sound, and quite honestly, it was hard to keep track of him.  His dark gray coloring helps him blend in with the shadows on the water very nicely.

Which is another reason to steer clear of any loons over the next couple of months.  The baby can’t dive, he’s like a tiny cork.  He’s at risk to boaters who might not see him bobbing around on the water.  If you see the loons, be sure to give them a wide berth.

Also, if he gets separated from his parents he’s at a greater risk of being gobbled up by a snapper or large bass from underneath or an eagle from overhead.

They’re very devoted parents!

I’m so excited they’ve had one baby survive!  Especially knowing how their nest with the second egg flooded in the rains over the first weekend of June.  I hope to get more photos to you soon . . .

In the meantime, please keep me updated if you happen to see the Loon Family.  If you manage to take photos, I’d love to post them here and/or on Facebook.  The baby’s going to grow fast!

Rain, Rain, Rain

When was the last time you saw so much rain in one weekend??

Tami talked to the firefighters and they told her someone in town  measured at 12 inches of rain here in  Poland.  Whoa!

If you agree with the idea that 1 inch of rain, equals approximately 1 foot of snow, if this were say . . . January . . .

we would have had  . . .

(drum roll please!)

12 feet of snow!


I think I’d rather have the rain.

The level of the lake raised so much, though, that the loon nest flooded and one egg was lost.  Tami saw the adults with one loon baby in tow, so say a little prayer he does well over the next couple of weeks!  Turtles from below and eagles from above are two of the greatest dangers that little one will face.

Of course, Maggie didn’t cancel even one minute of recreation.  She did what she could outside on Saturday morning, then moved the rest inside when the clouds opened up after lunch.  She wouldn’t let me go out and play in the rain, either!  I begged and begged and pleaded . . . you know what she said???

She said I couldn’t get my fur wet.

Really?  How does she think I take a bath?

Still,  I did get to meet with campers who aren’t afraid of a few raindrops!

Just ’cause it rains, doesn’t mean we don’t have fun here at Poland Spring Campground!  Always check with the office for a rain schedule.  Sometimes, the rainy days are the best days!

Loon Update

All of a sudden, in spite of the light rain today, Tami felt the urge to grab my binoculars and head to the  lake.  We’d recorded eight inches of rain over the last two days, and we knew that while a camper had seen an adult loon on the nest Saturday morning,  no one had mentioned it since.

We trudged through the wet underbrush to the top of a steep banking at the lake’s edge and gasped.  The lake was so high!  I trained  binoculars on the island across from us.  No matter how hard we searched, we couldn’t find the nest.  The shore line was gone.

We heard a wail off to the right.  And an answering cry to the left.  The adults met in the middle and there, tucked under the protective wing on the back of one of them was a little, black fuzzy baby.

At first, we were sad not to see two.  Tami thinks the rising waters of the lake kept the second egg from hatching.  But there’s one, and he’s adorable!

Tami doesn’t have pictures yet, but she hopes to have some soon!  Here’s last year’s babies though . . .