Fiesta Weekend with Pinatas

There was absolutely, positively no time for siestas this weekend . . .

there was too much to do!

We made sombreros . . .

and maracas too . . .

There were games! Sooooooo many games!

Like the one Debbie showed us,  called  the popcorn game . . .

We all liked that one!

The Red Chili Pepper Game was fun too.

Here’s Maggie waiting for the waterballoon slingshot to start . . .

Who wants to catch a water balloon!?

After teen jewelry making, a scavenger hunt, and horseshoes, we all gathered at the store for our traditional Saturday hayride.

Tami and Debbie and Maggie were very, very happy to hand out kazoos to all the good little campers . . .

My little friends loved them soooooooo much, they played happy tunes all over the place! In the store, on the porch, on the hay wagon and in the fire circle.

Tami kept saying, “I can’t hear you! Play louder!”

The Moms and Dads thanked Tami and Debbie and Maggie over and over again.

Especially when the little campers were told they could take the musical kazoos back to their campsites.

On Saturday night, we had a party.

But not just any party.

No. That wouldn’t do at all.

Poland Spring Campground had a



There were four pinatas!

And this is what it looked like every single time the candy poured out . . .

My favorite bouncy house was up too!

With five carnival games to choose from  . . .

The Fiesta Can Stack
Balloon Darts
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Musical Sombreros
Ring the Bottle

I didn’t know which one to play first.  Every one had cool prizes . . .

There was even a tattoo stand.

Who is this beautiful senorita????

I kept running into her and her entourage all over the place.

The longest line though . . .

Longer than the pinata line and the bouncy house line put together . . .

was the line for Debbie’s famous sopapillas.

Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!

Do you know . . .

Even with all the laughing – running – game playing – bouncy house  campers all over the playing field, I still found someone taking a siesta!

Awwwwww!  How cute is that?  It looks like we wore this little one out.

We hope everyone had a wonderful time last weekend .  . .

I know I sure did!

I love hanging out with my camping buddies!

Come again soon!

Suuuuuuuper Heroooooo!

Oh . . .

my . . .


Super Hero Weekend was amazing!

Not only did I get to meet Thor . . .

but we created our own Super Hero characters too.

We made capes and masks and headbands in arts and crafts

Then Debbie and Maggie tested our super hero skills on the playing field . . .

Weaving in and out . . .
Ready . . . Set . . .
Our secret weapon target skills

My little campers were awesome! Debbie and Maggie had soooo many tests for them, but they aced every one!

Finally, there was one last . . .

very, very important . . .

most important test of all . . .

Villain target practice.

Super Heroes came from all over the campground to prove their targeting skills.

while the villains stood taunting them  . . .

everyone had fun though!

Debbie and Maggie  graduated our campers to become the

Duh, Duh, Duh, Daaaaaaaaa . . .

2012 Poland Spring Campground Justice League!

I feel so much safer now.

Our heroes learning was not yet done though.

They learned magic from The Steelgraves

Practiced keeping their identities a secret

even when eating lollipops on the hayride.

And they had villain tying practice too

I don’t think those villains are going anywhere!

We have the best Justice League in the town . .

In the State!

In the world!


In . . . the . . . Universe!

Thanks Debbie and Maggie, for a Super Weekend!

Sandcastle Building!

Look at the fabulous sandcastles, built on the playground last Thursday!

Wow!  I didn’t know we had so many sandcastle artists at Poland Spring Campground!

I can’t wait to see what they come up with tomorrow!

Santa Was Here!

I feel like such a lucky Moose!

I get to see Santa twice a year.

It was sooooo hard to wait for the big guy to arrive.  I tried hanging out with Tami in the store, but I think . . .  maybe . . . I kinda asked one too many times when Santa was coming, ’cause she pushed me out the door and told me to go play with Debbie and Maggie before she canceled Christmas.

She can’t do that.

Can she?

Well, I wasn’t taking any chances, so I went to the Rec Hall where everyone was making cool Santa bags for the party  . . . .


and shiny Christmas hats, too!

Everyone worked so hard!


There wasn’t time to clock-watch!  Not with a Christmas Scavenger hunt, horseshoes, reindeer games, jewelry making, a snow-waterballoon fight . . .

and a Santa-look-alike contest . . .


Would the REEEEEAL Santa, please stand up!

And you know, it was soooo hot out.

How hot was it?

By the time the HO-HO-HO Hayride arrived in the afternoon, most of my little campers had jumped in the lake or gone to the pool.

But these toughies braved the heat to sing Christmas Carols through the campground . . .

Fa-la-la-la-la . . . La-la-la-la!

I asked Maggie if the heat wave would stop Santa and Mrs. Claus from coming to the party.

She said, “No, Maxx.  When Santa makes a promise. He keeps it.”

Still I worried.

I paced.

I checked my moose-watch over and over and over again.

But I should’ve known Maggie would be right.

Santa arrived right on time!

While each camper sat and talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus, the rest of us played a snowball stacking game,

did a balloon walk, played ice fishing, got a tattoo

threw snowballs through a wreath . . .tried to toss rings on  moose antlers,

(not mine!)

and we decorated cookies!

Until finally . . .


It was time for presents!

I thought my name would never get called.

I saw all those good little boys and girls going up for their presents and I wondered ~

Was I a good Moose this year???

Had I put my butt in the ice chest one too many times?

Had I washed behind my antlers every night like Tami told me to?

Had I eaten enough water lilies?

Then I heard it!

Music to my ears.

Maggie called out,

“Max-well Mooooooose!”


I guess I was a good moose this year!

Now I have to start working on being good for Christmas in December!

Only 162 more days!






We be over-run with vicious pirates last weekend!

They were the most treasure-thirsty crew we’d ever laid our one, good eye on!

They insisted on cannon balling . . .

and playing sink-the-ship . . .

and reading pirate stories . . .

and  . . .


Building wee Tinkerbell Houses –

Oh, the horror of it all!

And that was just Friday.

On Saturday there was sword and parrot making, horseshoes, a scavenger hunt, pirate games like swabbing the deck and a cannonball shooting contest.  Jewelry making was a big hit, as was our land-lubber sea-rover hayride!

We flew the Jolly Roger proudly, circling the campground, looking for pirates to join our motley crew!


Pirates Beware indeed!  I think these babies intended on kissing and hugging me to death!

But I wouldn’t give in.  No.  I took it like a Moose.

And then, when I thought all the seas were calm and there be smooth sailing ahead,

Mad Science arrived with their Radical Reaction Show!


What a BLAST we had!

Sorry you missed Pirate Weekend?  No worries!  You can still make reservations for Superhero . . .

or Fiesta Weekend with it’s big carnival party . . .

or Medieval Weekend with the Magic of the Steelgraves . . .

Or choose either Halloween One . . . or Halloween Too!

What are you waiting for?

Call today!

4th of July

What a fabulous 4th of July we had!

Debbie had all kinds of great recreation happening!  A Watermelon eating contest, 4th of July relay races in the field, bike decorating and drum making . . .

A Fourth of July parade, scavenger hunt, a hayride and more!

We had soooo much fun!  There were a few surprises too . . .


Now where do you suppose this parrot came from?

You don’t think there’s . . .


PIRATES in the campground, do you?

Uh, oh!!

Chinese New Year Weekend

Chinese New Year Weekend always kicks off our everyday, free, recreation program . . . Debbie and Maggie work really hard play with the campers all day long!  Seven days a week!

How cool is that?

There were tons of little campers for arts and crafts!  They made dragon hats and Chinese lanterns . .

They played games in the playing field, had a scavenger hunt, caught some slingshot water balloons, tossed horseshoes, had a noodle eating contest, played a chopstick game and more!

And that was just Saturday!

It was sooooo hot too!  Lots of my little campers chose to hang out down by the lake and watch the eagle triplets –

They’re starting to lift off!  It won’t be long now before they’re flying off to a nearby tree.  They’re still calling for food, so Tami thinks they won’t go too far yet.

On Saturday night, Maggie hosted a Minute to Win It Game Show!  Sheesh!  That Maggie, she’s a toughie!  She picked some challenging challenges!

Like the Ring Ding Stacking-on-the-forehead challenge . . .


and the Solo-cup-stacking challenge . . .

Or the Pulling-out-tissues-one-handed-one-at-a-time Challenge!

They were all pretty hard!  But everyone had a lot of fun trying to beat the clock!

I wish I’d known about it.  I bet I could’ve made a cookie slide from my forehead to my mouth in under a minute.

What?  They had to slide  THREE into their mouth??? In under a minute???

Who thinks up these things anyway???

Don’t forget about our other theme weekends!  Like Super Hero . . . or Fiesta . . . or Pirate weekend!  Arrrrrg!