Adventurer Weekend!

This past Friday,  Debbie planned story time with a snack, a Bocci game, Bubble Play and then they all got together to make bug catchers.

Not frogs catchers . . .

Bug Catchers!

We weren’t going to eat them . . . like these campers ate the freeze dried crickets

The campers RACED their bugs!

Sigh.  I wish I had some pictures of the races for you because it was really, really cool!  But you see, Tami had just found out  school was starting in three days.

“Where’d the summer go!!!” she shrieked.  “I didn’t get to read half the books I’d planned to!  I still have kayaking and swimming to do!”  Then she ran off like a crazy lady.

We just kind of shrugged our shoulders and went back to Flashlight Tag.

On Saturday, Maggie trained us  to be adventurers.  We decoded secret messages, lassoed stuff, ran an obstacle course and sling-shotted water balloons.

We won ice cream prizes too!

She took us on a coool treasure hunt

to find a very exciting Archaeological Dig!

We tried to get Tami to join us in the Indiana Whip Challenge and then the Knot Tying Contest, but she’d just found out Labor Day was right around the corner and she had to get ready for it.

She mumbled something about how it wasn’t fair that summer wasn’t longer, and exactly WHO got to decide how long summer was anyway?

By 3:30 David had driven up the hay wagon and Maggie was  handing out our Adventurer prizes . . .

Tami saw all of us having fun . . .

and she started smiling too!

“We have six weeks of camping left,” she said.  “There’s still tons of cool things we can do.  Fishing, wildlife watching, paddle boarding, toasting marshmallows,  visiting with friends!”

“Yes!” I shouted.  “Lets all play manhunt tonight!”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Tami said, patting my antler. “You’re going to bed early tonight.  It’s time to get ready for school.”




Halloween Too!

As always, Debbie and Maggie planned a very different Halloween from the Halloween of last week!  We like to call them Halloween One and

Halloween Too!

In Arts and Crafts this week,  we made pumpkin site markers.  There were Halloween games on the playing field, water balloon slingshot practice, horseshoes

and we had a mummy wrap contest ~

Jewelry making sure did look like a ton of fun!

as did the witch’s stew eating contest.


Wow, that was some messy stew, wasn’t it??

After everyone cleaned themselves up, we had ourselves a hayride!

Once again, Tami handed out whistles before boarding.

And the parents were soooo glad she did! They tried to give them back, but Tami said her little campers could keep them.

The kids played those whistles all over the campground . . . .

until they got back to the store and took a group picture with me.

I just love my camping buddies!!

Some things stayed the same, though.   I still got tons of baby kisses . . .

and there were oodles of amazing costumes!


Tami gathered all the trick or treaters together for a picture . . .

with strict orders to be at the Halloween party AT THE LAKE for 7:15!

And they were!

A ghostly bean bag toss
A ghostly bean bag toss

Tami, Debbie and Maggie had all new games . . .

The Fishing Pole Hat Trick!

Jack-o-lantern dart toss

Sea Monster Ring Toss

a tic-tac-toe game, tattoos, plus a new treat!

Frosted Pretzels and Punch

There were even different prizes from Halloween One!

Spider Rings!

It’s not often I get to hang out with my favorite campers by the lake.

So I made the most of it until the sun started to set . . .

And my friends wandered away toward David’s  haunted house.

Sigh.  What a perfect weekend!!

Wishing you’d been here?  We still have sites for Labor Day Weekend,  you know.  Hurry up and give us a call!  Saturday and Sunday will be loaded with free recreation!  You don’t want to miss it!

Halloween #1

We were soooooo lucky last weekend!

Not just because we got to do cool Halloween stuff IN AUGUST!  Like a Fang Spitting Contest, horseshoe tournament, jumping into the Black Lagoon, a scavenger hunt, teen jewelry making, a nature walk through the Freaky Forest and sooooo much more!

And not just because we got to trick or treat after Tami got up on her milk crate and gave her blah-blah-blah rules . . .

And not because we collected tons of treats!!

You can look, but don't touch!

There was NO tricking though. We didn’t have time.  We had to gather back at the store for our Halloween Party!

We were definitely lucky to find  this fabulous party crew . . .

and Sam!

They volunteered to run the many, many games Debbie and Maggie and Tami dreamed up –

Ring The Duck


Wet Sponge Toss
The Eyeball Race
Haunted Tower Challenge
Penny Drop Challenge
Ghost Walk
Fruit Kabobs

We felt really, really lucky to win cool prizes too.

Like fangs.


I just love, love, love hanging with my camping buddies!

Even the Big and Little Grim Reapers

Pssst – by the way – if you’re ever looking to scare Tami – don’t call a grim reaper.  Call this guy.  . . .

That mask makes her scream like a little girl.

But then again, so does the Haunted House that David built!!

Most of all, we feel really, really, really  lucky . . .

that it never rained on us!

We all had such a great time!!

And just think, we get to do it all again this weekend!

Halloween Too, coming up!

Medieval Weekend

I can’t believe Tami.

You know what she did?

She totally forgot to take photos!

She missed taking pictures of viking ship making at arts and crafts

and the Fairy Troll treasure hunt

and the kayak races!

She forgot to bring her camera to Medieval Games and the water balloon slingshot!

I locked her in the dungeon for you.  With a dragon as her guard.

Then I, Sir Maxwell the Moose, ran around taking as many pictures as I could . . .

Porridge Eating was a lot of fun!


aaaaand a little messy.

I found lots of knights

And some princesses too . . .

(She made that bracelet in jewelry making! Isn’t it beautiful?)

Shields, headpieces, robin hood hats and swords were made in arts and crafts.  What cool designs they all had!

My campers and I had so much fun!

The really, really cool event though . .. was the epic sword fight between the Red and Blue Knights~

They may look a mighty fierce in these photos, but the video tells a liiiiiittle bit of a different story.  Check back for it . . .

Medieval weekend is one of my very favorites!!

Oh, and what about Tami?  No worries.  I had our resident Science Dudette

create a little memory medicine.  Tami should be back to her “old” self for this weekend . . .

Halloween Weekend!