Labor Day 2013

We were a sea of red, white and blue . . .

Such a pretty dress!


We made Uncle Sam hats and noisemakers at Arts and Crafts  . . .

Debbie handed out cool flags to everyone biking or marching  . . .

There couldn’t have been a more patriotic pots and pans parade!

We loaded Saturday and Sunday with recreation.  Some of our events were bubble play, ultimate frisbee,jewelry making, two arts and crafts, seed spitting, Bingo, ceramics, pool games, relay games, horseshoes and story time with Moose Mix!

Moose Mix is very, very popular around here.

We had a candy bar Bingo too!  And you know how many candy bars were entered?

C’mon, guess!

Ninety-One!  Imagine ~

Ninety-One Candy Bars!


And then there was the super cool Water Balloon Target Practice:

Going for distance . . .


Aiming Carefully . . .

What a fabulous finish we had to our 2012 Schedule of Events!

It was a great weekend, full of new camping families and some “frequent flyer” campers too.  We love to see our camping kids reconnecting in person with their long lost friends.

And you know what? I got the highest praise I could ever get from a camping buddy.

I got . . .

a thumb up!

It’s the perfect way to end our last weekend of 2012 recreation!