A Chilly Fall So Far!

Tami, Cookie and I took a walk Saturday morning.  Alas, we saw no wildlife, but the colors from the point sure were pretty.

What a pretty carpet of pine needles!



David is almost done winterizing.  The office is dark.    The game room empty.  The Rec Hall is filled with rental boats, and the docks are piled high lakeside.

But, Tami made him leave her kayak by the lake.  She’s hoping we get a last bout of 70 degree weather. Rumor has it, maybe tomorrow?

Last year, when she went out during a late, warm, October spell, she saw heron, loons and eagles.

And a very handsome duck.


Last Camping Day of 2012


Where did the Fall go?  Just yesterday it was Labor Day!

We did have some nice campfires  . . .

(The conversation must have been sooooo interesting – since it put this little one to sleep)

We had a bonfire one drizzly night too . . .

There were tons of kids hanging out through the Fall too . . .

playing on the playground, hanging out in the poland spring room, swinging on the swings and just plain having fun!

But now the place is empty . . .

and I’m so sad.

But you know what?

Only 204 days until we open again!

Count down with me this winter!