June’s Theme Weekends!

Maxwell here!  Only 92 more days until we open!!

Have *YOU* made your reservations yet?

Maggie and Debbie are planning new and cool activities for 2013. But no worries!  They’ll still have all your old favorites too.

Here are June’s recreation highlights!

JUNE 1       BOUNCY HOUSE with Maxwell Moose

We’ll have full recreation this Saturday; Arts and Crafts, a scavenger hunt, kid’s games, and more! Maxwell Moose will make an appearance at the bouncy house!



Come help us celebrate Maxwell’s Birthday!  A full day of recreation Saturday including cake and ice cream with birthday games and a hayride.



Full recreation Saturday, including a father/child horseshoe tournament and relay races, hayrides, t-ball and more! Come to fish, wildlife watch or just lounge around.


JUNE 22    ICE CREAM PARTY (with pot luck toppings)

Each family brings a topping to share, and we’ll supply ice cream to make your own sundaes. Limited recreation Saturday

June 28 – June 30     CHINESE NEW YEAR WEEKEND

We’ll kick off our everyday, all day, 2013 recreation program by celebrating Chinese New Year! Make luminaries and dragon hats, ride the hayride or play New Year games! Minute to Win It Tournament Saturday night – fun to be in or just to watch!


Our Little Fox

Wow!  My little fox friend, sure does get around in the winter months.

He crossed by the second trail camera location too!

Still, Tami was hoping to see something different when she collected the pictures this time, so we moved the camera to a new, top secret location where we’d seen tracks in the snow.   David had given her a really big Bio Rock salt lick for Christmas, and she’d saved some veggie peelings and greens to lay out, so we made a cool feeding station.  I can’t wait to see what the camera captures!

While we were out, Tami took some lake photos . . .

and of course a photo of the eagle nest!

Does it look a little different than normal?  Tami took it further up the lakeside trail, almost across (and through the woods from) site 24!   Even at that distance, and cropping it, you get a good view across the top of the nest, don’t you?

Remember last year?  When Tami was freaking out starting to worry because she thought the eagles were late in nesting?   And then she figured out there had been an adult sitting on eggs in the nest all along?  She just wasn’t able to see it because her lens wasn’t strong enough and the eagle was sitting so low.

Well, that won’t happen this year!  She just can’t wait to start taking pictures this spring!  Check back often for updates!