Post Blizzard Update


In spite of the Jetport reporting 30 inches of snow, we really only saw 22 inches here.

Mostly Tami found the snow to be halfway to her knees . . .

Some of the drifts were waist high, but down on the point,

most of the snow had been blown away by the wild Friday and Saturday winds.

What a glorious walk we had!  It was quite warm along this stretch of the lake.  We felt as if we were the only ones out and about . . .

We could see the eagle soaring high over the treetops, but not on the nest yet.

Tami knows it’s early, but she’s really, really driving me crazy with her worrying over whether or not they’ll use the new nest.

“Chill!” I told her, which Cookie thought was kind of funny, seeings how we were standing in a knee deep drift of snow at the time.  “Why would they build it, and not use it?”

Sheesh.  She’s such a worry wart sometimes.

We went home along the edge of the lake, up  through the back of the playing field, then down main street.  Tami checked all the campers, and everything seems good.  Some have a foot of snow on them, but most have about half that much, due to those wild winds I mentioned earlier.

Did you see on Facebook, where Tami’s trail cam captured a photo of a fox at the den she’s been stalking watching?

She isn’t sure why the same den had a smaller, darker animal going in and out of it in previous photos  – but David thinks the fox is the one living there and the other must have been checking it out.  When Tami went back after the blizzard, you can see that it’s definitely being used, with tracks coming and going.  Tami’s put the camera back and we’ll keep you updated on it!

We hope you all stayed safe and warm during the blizzard.  Some of our Massachusetts friends really got clobbered, didn’t you?  Let us know how you’re doing!

Think spring everyone!  It’s right around the corner now!  Only eighty-ish days left!






Everything But Moose!

Once again, Tami *thinks* she scored with her wildlife photos.

Not even close.

She said she was taking a quick walk to the lake to give Cookie some exercise.  Down and back, she said, ’cause she was supposed to work on creating a school visit presentation to go along with her new book, Cooper and Packrat that’s coming out in August.

We trudged down, Tami telling me all the way how she hadn’t see the eagles her last four trips to the lake.  When we got there, she sighed.  “No eagles again,” she said sadly, pulling her scarf up over her mouth and nose.

“Yes there is!” I said.  You know, sometimes, that Tami is too quick to give up!!  I pointed out on the ice.

Owls 2013 015 (2) (1024x681)

And Tami started clicking away!!!

Owls 2013 018 (2) (1087x724)

Tami oooohed and aaaaahed and talked about how handsome he was.  Give me a break!!  No eagle is as handsome as a moose.  And I wonder if she’d think he was so awesome if she knew he might have stolen that fish from a fisherman.  They’re pretty sneaky, you know.

Owls 2013 024 (2) (1182x791)

The eagle flew off, but Tami searched until she found him perched along the edge of the golf course.

Owls 2013 030 (2) (1158x772)

The wind was whipping down the lake across the ice, and the wind chill was ferocious.  My hooves  were so cold they were tingling, and I’m a moose!  Tami wanted to stay, but her hands were frozen solid too.  So we headed for home.  We were almost there when Tami changed her mind and decided get the card from her trail camera.

“You can go home though,” she said.

“What and let you have all the fun!?” I teased.

We did take Cookie home though, because the trail camera is near where Tami put out deer food and a salt lick. It wouldn’t do for her to get a whiff of that!

Tami let Cookie in the house and asked David to put on the coffee.  “We’ll be right back.”

When Tami got to the trail camera, she opened it to see there were six new photos.  “Hmmmmm,” she said, putting in a new one and dropping the other in her pocket.  “Maybe we’ll finally find out what’s living in that den.”  Then she turned to head deeper into the woods.

“Whoa!  Where are you going?” I asked. “Coffee’s-”

“I want to check out the owl perch I found last week,” she said.  “It’ll only take a minute.”

Poor David.  Tami just doesn’t know what a *quick walk* is!  Especially when she she has her camera with her!

She took me there and you know, I think she’s right. It’s an owl perch.  The base of the tree is littered with 1 inch long, smooth, oval shaped pellets.  And there’s thousands of them!  All around the tree. But no owls were roosting there, or anywhere I could see.

“Coffee?” I reminded her.

“Yeah,” she said.

But just as we stepped out of the woods and into the circle of campsites, we heard crazy chickadee calls. Lots of them.  Right off the back of site 126.  I tried to see what was going on, and just as I caught sight of him, he took to flight!  A large, silent, gray swoop between the trees up toward the main road of the campground.

We followed slowly, cringing every time our boots and hooves crunched in the snow.

And then Tami pointed to it  . . .

Owls 2013 071 (2) (805x1280)

Owls 2013 067 (2) (997x1280)


Isn’t he gorgeous!!

Owls 2013 056 (2) (1280x852)

Tami met David at the house door with a huge grin!  She must have taken forty pictures!

While she sipped coffee and told David of our travels, I popped the trail camera card into my laptop.  To my surprise, this is what I found . . .

Here’s the den we’ve been watching.  Tami think it’s home to a fisher . . . or that’s what past photos, (not very clear because the camera was further away) have hinted at.




Obviously, this fox is interested in the den too!  There’s six photos total of him around the hole, but not going in.  I think he’s stalking whatever lives there.  Tami left the camera in place, and time will tell.

You know, even with all these photos . . . and with Tami finally capturing the owl . . . she just doesn’t realize she’s already taken the perfect wildlife photo!  She doesn’t have to search any more!

Sheesh!  Doesn’t she know who the star of the campground is?