Spring Camping Update

Our Spring Special and Clean Up Weekend are booked solid.  It looks like we’ll be opening with a bang!

Memorial day has a few tent and popup sites left.  If you’re thinking about camping then, you should call very soon.

And Tami reports there’s  openings  on all site types for the other theme weekends in May and June like Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Breakfast


Our Ice Cream Party Weekends, May 18th and June 22nd


Ice Cream Party


Father’s Day weekend with lots of recreation including a Father/child horseshoe tournament –

Horseshoe Tournament Winners

or my very, very, very favorite weekend of all on June 8th . . .

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Maxwell’s Birthday Weekend!

You can see a full list of our Spring Weekends by clicking HERE

The best part is, all our Spring Weekends have off season rates! (with the exception of Memorial Day Weekend)

The loons will be nesting, the eagles will have chicks, leaves will be budding . . .   Spring is an awesome time to camp!  Make your reservations and join in on the fun!

Eaglet Triplets 2012




Lots Happening!

Tami scolded me last night for not posting on the blog.

“What are you talking about?” I said.  “I just posted last week!”

“Your last post was  March 12th -” She raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, and today’s what, like the 19th?”

“Try the 29th, Maxx.”

Where did this month go????  Ack!

Let’s see . . . what’s been happening around the ‘ol ghost-town-of-a-campground . . .

Our fox wandered in behind the house one morning just before dawn.  He proceeded to curl up and take a nap!

Tami and David spent a lot of time trying to get a good photo – Tami was even late to work!

The trail camera has caught him several times roaming around our empty campground.

We’re all hoping he has a mate, who is hunkered down in the den with cubs.

Tami’s been making lots of copies of rates, trailer rental information, Calendar of Events – all for the Vacationland camping show next weekend in Portland.  David’s been pouring through wildlife photos to add to the booth.  Is anyone going?

We’ll be there!  Stop by and say hi!

Calls are coming in every single day and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great season.  We can’t wait to start!

Ooops!  Gotta run.  Tami’s calling . . . It seems I forgot to clean my room too.  But I swear I cleaned it last month!

I’ll try to be better about posting, I promise.  Come back soon!

Nesting Has Begun

I told you Tami was obsessed!  She was back down with her big lens taking photos on Saturday and twice on Sunday!

I really didn’t mind though.  It was so cool how we’d gotten lucky enough to watch from the mating to the getting-the-nest-ready phase.

Where the new nest is located, the eagles can sit up high over it, which you’ll see makes for lots and lots of good poses!

We watched the eagles hop down . . .

or climb down into the nest over and over again to fluff it.

They brought in new “stuffing”  several times too . . .

and each time they fluffed some more.  We’re sure they wanted it to be juuuust right!

When Tami and left those eagles last Sunday, one of them had finally settled down low into the nest for the first time since last May.  We think that’s a good sign the eggs have been laid . . . or were about to be.

Wish them luck!

The Eagles Are Home!

Tami rushed in the door after school, threw her files and computer and lunch box on the kitchen table and said, “I saw an eagle overhead!  I have to get to the lake!”

“But I made a pot of coffee for you-” Dave tried to say.

Tami gave him a quick peck on the check, grabbed her camera and was out the door.

Poor Dave.

“Tami’s a little eagle crazy, huh?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m used to it by now,” he said.  “She’ll be back when she gets hungry.  Or cold.  Whichever comes first.”

I trotted after her and found her happily taking pictures of one solitary eagle, standing guard over its nest.


Eagles mating 3-8 008 (1280x855)

Up by the house, it’d seemed like a pretty nice day.  But on that point, the wind was whipping so fast across the lake, it was pushing Tami sideways and wiggling her camera, even though she was using her monopod to balance it.

I stood beside her to help shelter her and that camera of her.

Click, click, click went the camera, when suddenly, the second adult showed up .  . .

Eagles mating 3-8 044 (1280x853)

At first, we thought it was the female, because she fluffed and poked at the nest for at least ten minutes.


Eagles mating 3-8 058 (1280x853)

Buuuuuut – we were kind of wrong about that.

The eagle then flew up to the branch on the right.  It preened and preened and preened.

It called out.

And then HE made his move.

Eagles mating 3-8 143 (1280x851)

Eagles mating 3-8 139 (1100x734)

“Ooooooooooo!” I said, hiding my hands behind my eyes.

I could hear Tami taking picture after picture. “Give them some privacy!” I scolded her.

Tami marked today’s date on the calendar, because now we know it will be 5 to 10 days until they lay their eggs.

Eagles mating 3-8 186 (1280x853)

And 35 days or so later that the eaglets will be born!

Eagles mating 3-8 199 (1134x757)

Which means we’ll see their little gray heads bobbing up and down in the nest early May!

Eagles mating 3-8 213 (1280x852)

I can’t wait!  How about you?

No Nesting Eagles Yet . . . Buuuut . . .

Check this out.

Here is a picture Tami took of the nest back on February 7th.

And while she was in Florida, taking pictures of egrets, herons, pelicans and osprey, the eagles were very busy back here at home!

See how much higher it’s gotten?

Tami says, if she was a betting person, she’d bet everything that we’ll be watching a set of chicks again this spring!

The big question is, will there be one . . . two . . . or another rare triplet set??

Time will tell, campers.  Time will tell.

New 35′ Rental Trailer!


Tami and David went out for “a drive” today.  And wouldn’t you know, they went and bought another rental trailer for the campground at Lee’s Family Trailer Sales in Windham!

It has lots and lots of room inside!

Four bunks with shelves and cubbies for the kids stuff . . .

And a queen bed with two entrances into the bedroom . . .

We’re listing it as a large rental.  Rates are on the website.

How cool is that!

Lee’s is having an open house!  If you buy a trailer from them, let them know we sent you and we’ll give YOU a FREE WEEKEND!!