My Visit with MJ and Ben

I was walking along the camp trail today when I saw something I knew Tami would want to see too . . . so I trotted up to the house to tell her and guess who I saw???

Maxwell in Spring 001 (971x1280)

MJ and Ben!  They were talking to Tami about this summer and all the fun we were going to have with recreation . . . and manhunt . . . and cleaning trailers . . .

Maxwell in Spring 003 (1280x1141)

Okay, maybe not that last one, but they were looking forward to their favorite recreation.

MJ likes the bouncy house . . .

bouncy house 2 blog2 k

And so do I!

Ben likes the theme weekends like Pirate Weekend . . .

Pirate Weekend (26) (1280x960)

and Super Hero Weekend –

Super Hero Weekend 107 (700x1024)

and so do I!

I can’t wait to get our 2013 Season rolling!

I had such a good time with MJ and Ben that I almost forgot to tell Tami about the something I saw at the lake.

I told her and she ran for the door, camera in hand!

Her loons were back.

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 040 (1215x810)

They preened . . . and dove . . .

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 058 (1280x852)

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 061 (1280x851)

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 066 (1280x854)

We’re so glad they’re back!!

Now we just have to get all of you back here too!