A Busy, Busy Memorial Day Weekend

I’ll be the first to admit it . . .

What a soggy Memorial Day Weekend!

But it was the fun-est, best-est weekend ever!

Lots and lots of campers braved the rain.  They fished .  . .

Memorial Day 2013 049 (853x1280)

they had campfires, they even swam in the pool (Tami shuddered every time she heard a splash)

The best part . . .

the thing I’m most proud of . . .

is that Debbie and Maggie didn’t have to cancel a thing!  We still had every single recreation activity we’d planned on having.

Memorial Day 2013 035 (2000x1333)

Oh sure, we had to move the hayride to Sunday instead of Saturday,

Memorial Day 2065 (853x1280)

but we did it!  And we got to play our kazoos!  Moms and dads were sooooo happy to hear us hmmmmmming them too.

And there were a couple activities Maggie and Debbie had to tweak a bit, like shooting the water balloons from under the rec hall roof for target practice.

But cancel them completely?  Nooooooo way!

Arts and crafts? Had it.  Twice.

Memorial Day 2014 (1280x852)

Minute-to-win it games.  Done.

Memorial Day 2029 (960x1280)

Movie night, water balloon slingshot, bubble play . . .

Memorial Day 2046 (851x1280)


Memorial Day 2047 (1280x854)


Bingo, and Candy Bar Bingo too!!!

Memorial Day 2034 (1280x854)

We even had a mud puddle Memorial Day Parade!

Memorial Day 2013 046 (1280x853)

I love playing in puddles, don’t you?

Memorial Day 2013 042 (1280x903)

Look at that smile!

Memorial Day 2013 039 (853x1280)

I found a really, really cool pair of puddle jumpers. Do you think they come in size 22 Moose?

Memorial Day 2072 (1280x1038)

We had a face painting and tattoo party with ‘yours truly’!  (One of these days, they’ll make a tattoo that goes on fur)

Memorial Day 2013 015 (1280x853)

Memorial Day 2013 022 (1280x853)

Memorial Day 2013 024 (1280x853)

And it was soooooo good to hear Maggie read a story again at Storytime.

Oh, how I missed my moose mix snack!

Tami said one of the best parts of her job is watching gaggles of laughing, running kids go from the rec hall, to the playing field, to the office circle, then back to the rec hall. Knowing they’re all safe . . . having a great time . . . making memories . . . and new friends too . . . that’s what Poland Spring Campground is all about!

Memorial Day 2069 (1280x854)

Tami Forgets The Photos . . .

Well!  You’ll never guess what Tami’s gone and done now!

Labor Day Weekend blog  176a

I hadn’t seen a blog post of the ice cream party.  So I went by the house to check on her thinking she was sick, or had fallen down and couldn’t get back up or something.

To my surprise, I found she was just fine.  And when I asked where the Ice Cream Party blog post was, you know what she said??

“I didn’t have time to take photos.”

“Really???” I exclaimed.  “But we had an ice cream party!  With toppings! YOU loooooove ice cream with toppings!”

“I have a couple photos Maggie took at Arts and Crafts,” she said sheepishly.

Ice Cream Social #1 002

Ice Cream Social #1 003

“Well, my little campers do look like they’re having fun,” I said.  “Great masks!   Especially on this one . . . . ”

Ice Cream Social #1 001

“Um . . . Ben’s not wearing a mask-” Tami began.

“Pretend he is!  We need photos for the post!” I cried.  “I can’t believe you didn’t get any water balloon photos or game photos.  Or Ice Cream photos.  It WAS Ice Cream Party Weekend after all.  Sheesh.”

“I was training a new employee and we were stocking the store and-”

“But you had time to take pictures of the eagles-” I protested.

Eagles 5-18 055 (1280x846)

Eagles 5-18 072 (1280x856)

Eagles 5-18 085 (1280x853)

“And the loons . . .

Loons May 18 071 (1280x854)

Loons May 18 304 (1280x848)

Loons May 18 485 (1280x854)

“And even the fox cubs!!”

Fox Den 5-14  (11) (1280x855)

Fox Den 5-14  (18) (857x1280)

Fox Den 5-14  (102) (1280x852)

Tami patted my antlers.  She knows I can never stay mad when she does that.  Then she said, “I’m sorry, Maxx.  I guess we’ll just have to have an Ice Cream Party blog post without Ice Cream Party pictures. ”

I sighed.  “I’ll forgive you this time! But don’t let it happen again.  It makes for a really, really boring post.”

I tell you, I have to keep an eye on her all the time!


Mother’s Day 2013

It may have rained over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun!

rainy June '09  2blog

Maggie came back to Poland Spring Campground to help us make presents for our Moms.  Beautiful flowers from tissue paper.  They were top secret surprises, so we didn’t get any pictures of them.

But we did get pictures of the winners of the Scavenger Hunt and Horseshoes

Mother's Day 006 (767x1024)

And we did get to have some water balloon target practice.

But the best-est thing we got to do this weekend, was take our Moms to a pancake breakfast!

Mother's Day 014 (1024x593)


Bacon and pancakes and syrup and orange juice and champagne for the moms . . .

Mother's Day 032 (1024x810)


Mother's Day 031 (1024x754)

Mother's Day 030 (1024x768)

And all we had to do was help set up . . .

Mother's Day 026 (757x1024)

Serve and clean up!

Mother's Day 025 (837x1024)


What’s not to like!? We go to hang out with our families and eat pancakes!  Two of our favorite things . .

Mother's Day 033 (1024x767)

Next weekend, we’re having an ice cream party!

Don’t forget your toppings.

And your appetites!




Cleaning Up!

When I heard it was Clean Up Weekend, I got all excited!  I’d get to see my camping buddies and hang out and

Until Tami handed me a rake.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said, passing it right back.  “Don’t you give away all those free campsites so we can get out of doing it ourselves?”

“Maxx!” Tami tapped her foot and handed the rake back again. “They’re helping, but we’ll be working right alongside them.  Dave will be picking up leaves, Ben will wash boats, I’ll be putting out merchandise in the store-”

I didn’t need to hear anymore.  I dropped the rake and ran for the woods~!

But not our amazing campers!

Clean Up 2013 085 (960x1280)


Clean Up 2013 075 (1280x960)

Oh, no!  They hefted their rakes, shovels and leaf blowers

Clean Up 2013 074 (1280x960)

The playground, playing field, roads, culverts, game room area, around the pool, sites . . . it all got raked thanks to our young campers . . .

Clean Up 2013 077 (1280x961)


And our *ahem* forever-young campers.


Clean Up 2013 086 (1280x960)

Didn’t matter the age or the length of stay, Tami put them ALL to work!

Clean Up 2013 072 (1280x852)

She even put her Dad and David to work!

Clean Up 2013 079 (1280x960)

She is such a slave driver!

Look!  Even poor Blackie is pooped!

Clean Up 2013 088 (1280x960)

Poor baby!

I thought I was pretty smart.  Until I found out . . .

Clean Up 2013 064 (960x1280)


Clean Up 2013 066 (941x1280)

everybody got doughnuts and muffins for helping out!  Tami didn’t tell me there’d be donuts and muffins.

You think there’s still some donuts left?

You do?

Memorial Day blog 2 023

“Tami!  Tami!!  You still got that rake?”