I Scream . . . You Scream . . .

We all scream for


Ice Cream 6-22 025 (1024x786)

Everyone brought their toppings to share . . .

there were sprinkles . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 020 (543x1024)

and peanut butter and whipped cream and butterscotch and cookies and candy and

Ice Cream 6-22 024a

Chocolate sauce!!  Yummy

And we all lined up to make our own sundaes . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 021 (878x1024)

Ice Cream 6-22 026a

But the weekend wasn’t only about ice cream . . . we also made bugs in arts and crafts.



Ice Cream 6-22 001 (686x1024)

Oh! Don’t worry, we didn’t make bug-bugs, like the real-live Click Bug that one of Tami’s little campers brought to the office for her to inspect last week.

These were paper bugs . . . and quite pretty, I have to say!

Ice Cream 6-22 002 (1024x683)

Maggie had a scavenger hunt.

Ice Cream 6-22 007 (1024x683)

These two young ladies, were one of the three groups to find all the stuff on the list!

Ice Cream 6-22 008 (1024x682)

And of course, my little camping buddies got to go on a hayride too . . .

Ice Cream 6-22 013 (1024x683)

Hayrides are my favorite time of the day. Except that this time, it was sooooo hot . . .

I tried to go in the ice cooler . . .


Ice Cream 6-22 017 (1024x683)

but Tami said, “Nooooooo!”

Sheesh, what’s a Moose supposed to do to stay cool around here anyway?

Oh!  I know!

I’ll stand next to one of my cool camping buddies.

Ice Cream 6-22 019 (684x1024)

Now I’m a cool moose!

Happy Birthday to Me!

No moose ever had a more perfect birthday!

First, Tami called me to the rec hall.  She said I’d left a mess that I needed to pick up.

“I didn’t make any mess!” I told her.

“Just go clean it up,” she said.

I stomped down to the rec hall, all mad and stuff ’cause I had to clean up a mess that wasn’t mine.

But when I opened the door, everyone yelled, “Suuuuurprise!”

There were tons and tons of birthday cards!

Max's Birthday 2013 005 (1024x706) (1024x706)

Max's Birthday 2013 008 (1024x768) (1024x768)


And my little campers had made their own birthday hats too

Max's Birthday 2013 020 (731x1024)

I got hugs and kisses every time I turned around

Max's Birthday 2013 016 (791x1024)

They sang a special version of Happy Birthday, then they helped me blow out the candles on my cake.

Max's Birthday 2013 019 (768x1024)

And boy-oh-boy, what a cake it was!  It even had “me” on it!

Max's Birthday 2013 001 (1024x768)

David and Ben cut everyone a piece of cake and gave them some ice cream too.  Yum-yum!

Max's Birthday 2013 023 (720x1024)

Thanks to all my little campers and their moms and dads for helping celebrate my birthday with me!

Max's Birthday 2013 024 (1024x716)

Same time, same place next year?

I won’t be so easy to fool though!  Clean up a mess?  Ha!  Tami will have to do better than that next year!

The Bouncy House!

Last weekend was a blast and a half!

It was sunny, sunny, sunny!  And hot, hot, hot!  Wasn’t it?

How hot was it?

It was so hot, my fur started curling.

Maggie started out our Saturday-o-fun with relay races in the playing field.  Then she brought out the water balloon slingshot!

Bouncy House 6-1 009 (1024x768)

My little campers came from all over the campground to catch some wet, cold, slippery water balloons.  Maggie gave out ice cream certificate prizes for the first four caught without breaking.

And then she had arts and crafts in the rec hall.  We made pinwheels!

Bouncy House 6-1 005 (1024x683)


Bouncy House 6-1 006 (1024x804)

Maggie said they were some of the prettiest she’d ever seen.

After that, she set up for soccer.   But the orange cone and the soccer ball were her only friends on the field.

Bouncy House 6-1 007 (1024x768)

“Buuuuut, why, Maggie!  Why???”  I cried, when I showed up to help pick teams. “Did they,” *gasp* “all go home???”

Bouncy House 6-1 016

“No worries, Maxx,” she said, wiping her brow with the back of her hand.  “It’s so hot, I bet they’re all in the pool!”

So I went to check, and you know what?

Maggie was right!

Bouncy House 6-1 017 (1024x683)

That pool looked so good, I wanted to jump in myself!


Bouncy House 6-1 019 (768x1024) (2)

In fact, I had one foot in the gate, but the sign said, “No Moose allowed!”

What kind of campground owner makes a rule like that?  Huh?  Sigh.

I didn’t suffer for too long though.  Before I knew it, it was


Bouncy House 6-1 014 (1024x681)

All my little campers showed up, and there was so many bouncers in the house, I couldn’t get anywhere near it.

Legs and arms in all directions!

Bouncy House 6-1 015 (1024x768)

Eventually, I got to hang out with them all, as they waited for their turn to get inside.

Bouncy House 6-1 012 (683x1024)

Gosh, I missed my campers!

I’m so glad you’re all back!

And if you haven’t made your reservations yet, what are you waiting for!  Debbie and Maggie have an awesome line up of recreation for this summer.  Every day, all day starting the last weekend of June!

Come join in the fun!