Merry Christmas!!

I LOOOOOOOOVE having two Christmas’ every year!

Christmas in July '13 054 (1280x995)

And this was one of the bestest, busiest Christmas in July’s we’ve had in a loooooong time!

Christmas in July '13 011 (1280x656) (2)

Friday was fun, and Saturday had lots and lots of fun activities like arts and crafts where we made elf hats and Christmas prize bags

Christmas in July '13 038 (770x1280)


Christmas in July '13 006 (976x1280)

But all us kids wanted Santa!

I cut the line of people checking into the store and draped myself over the counter.  “Wheeeeeeeen is HE coming!”

“Maxwell!” Tami scolded, then she apologized to the camper I’d cut.  “He’s just excited because Santa’s coming-”

“Santa’s coming!” the camper exclaimed.  “When? How?  It’s July!   Oh, my goodness, there’s so much to do!”

The camper behind him told the camper behind her, who told the camper just coming in the door.

“Seeee!” I told Tami.  “I’m not the only one.”

“Six-thirty,” she assured everyone.  “Lots of time to get ready.  Now go play games or get on the hayride or take a kayak ride while you wait.”

Some of us preferred to eat ice cream.

Christmas in July '13 016 (849x1280)

But finally, six-thirty came.

And the campers arrived right on time to greet Santa.

Christmas in July '13 071 (1280x960)

But so did the black storm clouds.


Tami had to give the bad news.  “Santa’s been delayed.”

Moans and groans rang out.

“Only by half an hour, tops!” she said.  “He’s got Rudolph leading the way . . . the party’s still on!  Think of it as a . . . Santa Rain Delay.”

So we waited . . .and we waited and we waited . . . until . . .

Santa arrived!  And just then the sun broke out of the clouds!

Perfect timing!

Christmas in July '13 091 (970x1280)

Everyone got a chance to sit and talk to him for awhile.

Christmas in July '13 062 (1280x937)

Christmas in July '13 036 (1280x960)

Even ME!

Christmas in July '13 060 (959x1280)

I told him I’d been a very good moose.  When he looked at me with twinkling eyes over his snowy, white beard, I added, “Well, okay, I’ve been a so-so Moose.”

Santa seemed okay with that, as long as I tried to be good and promised I’d listen to Tami from now on.

Suuuuure, I will.

We played games too!  We tried to bounce a quarter into this jug . . .

Christmas in July '13 024 (1280x925)

We made Christmas Cookies . . .

Christmas in July '13 034 (1280x960)

Then ate them!

Christmas in July '13 042 (959x1280)

We got Tattoos  . . .

Christmas in July '13 046 (1280x960)

Had a balloon walk, fished in ice for prizes, dropped a marble in a fish tank, had a balloon walk, and played lots of other carnival games like tossing snowballs through a wreath . . . Christmas in July '13 025 (959x1280)

There were sooooo many people!

Christmas in July '13 048 (1280x619)


Finally, it was time for presents.

Christmas in July '13 080 (1280x720)  Christmas in July '13 073

I got a book by Rebecca Rule!  The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever!

Christmas in July '13 092 (1280x1202)

I took it to Story Time on Sunday morning and all the kids loved it.

Christmas is the best! Don’t you think?

The Weekend We Were Overrun By Pirates!

Aaaargh!!   There was so much to do Pirate Weekend, I didn’t know where to start!  The lake?  The playing field?  The playground or the rec hall!

Debbie and Maggie told me to take a deep breath and calm down.

“But, but, how am I going to do it ALL!” I cried.

Debbie handed me a schedule.  “It’s listed right here, Maxx. But you don’t have to do it all-”

“Oh yes, I do!” I lifted my eye patch to scan the schedule quickly.

And off I went!  Three days of pirate-y fun!

So many of my camper friends came decked out in their finest pirate clothes.

Pirate Weekend fun 048 (960x1280)

Friday was a full day with Bubble Play, bocci, story time,  and fairy house making . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 058 (1280x959)

Pirate Weekend fun 059 (960x1280)


Pirate Weekend fun 055 (1280x1274)

Pirate Weekend fun 057 (1280x1036)

I think the Poland Spring forest wee-folk are enjoying their castles! Don’t you?

Then this treasure hunting crew set about to find lost Doubloons . . .

Pirate Weekend fun 061 (1280x960)

We played sink the ship and we walked the plank!  Then I stayed up past my bedtime to go to family bingo.

And on Saturday morning I got up and was back for more!

We made parrots and swords!

Pirate Weekend 004 (922x1280)

I ran from the landlubber games to the cannon shooting contest.  I checked in on teen jewelry making, horseshoes,  the scavenger hunt and then the pirate training games . . .

“That was awesome!” I told Maggie on Saturday afternoon between moose yawns.  “I’m so tired . . . my antlers are drooping. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“Well, you did play hard,” Maggie said.  “I’ll see you tomorrow for Sunday morning story time. Don’t forget the moose mix.”

But then, as I crossed the parking lot, I saw this!

Pirate Weekend 005 (959x1280)

Debbie, giving the hayride rules!  And Maggie started handing out little pirate telescopes!

Pirate Weekend 007 (1280x816)


So of course, I had to stick around and hang out with my Poland Spring Campground crew!




Pirate Weekend 013 (1280x640)

Pirate Weekend 016 (942x1280)

Pirate Weekend 018 (934x1280)

And after I had a nice long nap, I watched Taryn from Mad Science perform the Fire and Ice show!

Pirate Weekend 033 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 045 (1280x960)


Pirate Weekend 054 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 044 (1280x960)

Pirate Weekend 047 (1280x960)

I told Tami that I wished it was Pirate Weekend, EVERY weekend!

“Hmmmm, good idea,” Tami said.  “All the campers seemed to love the whole pirate, swash buckling theme. I’ll go call Santa, cancel Christmas, leave the pirate decorations up-”

“Whoa, WHOA, WHOA!”   I cried, “Let’s not be hasty.  You can’t cancel *gasp* Christmas!

“Look! Look! I’ve already got my hat on!”

Christmas 2012 044 (832x1024)

Whew, that was a close one!

Always be careful what you wish for!


BJ Hickman Magically Reappears!


BJ Hickman 061 (960x1280)

I LOOOOOOVE having  BJ Hickman come to the campground!

He’s clever . . .

BJ Hickman 009 (2)

and magical . . .

BJ Hickman 018 (2)

and funny too!

You know, I think I want to be a magician.

Maxwell the Magnificent!

BJ Hickman 025 (2)

I can see it now . . . my name in lights.

I could make my antlers disappear.

Or my nose turn red like Rudolph’s.

BJ Hickman 042 (1280x960)

It might be kind of hard to do card tricks with hooves though.   But that’s what assistants are for, right?

BJ Hickman 050 (1280x1049)


BJ Hickman 051 (941x1280)


BJ Hickman 057 (1280x901)

Oooooo!  I wonder if Tami would let me saw her in half!

You’d all like to see that!  Wouldn’t you?

Do you think BJ would teach me that one?

BJ Hickman 059 (960x1280)

Hmmmmmm, maybe not.

You know what BJ and I have in common though?

We both like to hang out with the campers and have our picture taken!

BJ Hickman 070 (1280x985)

BJ Hickman 069 (914x1280)

I wish he could appear EVERY weekend!!!

Red, White and Blue All Over!

Oh, how my little campers like to celebrate the Fourth of July!


Fourth of July 005 (1280x1015)

Flags were everywhere!

Red, white and blue was seen in every corner of the campground!

Fourth of July Fun 028 (853x1280)

But they really, really, really like to wear our nation’s colors at the Fourth of July Parade!

Fourth of July Fun 006 (1280x959)

We had bikers . . .

Fourth of July Fun 001 (819x1280)

Walkers . . .


Fourth of July Fun 010 (1223x1280)

And carriage riders too!

Fourth of July Fun 007 (1280x1016)


Fourth of July Fun 016 (1280x1129)

We marched through the campground banging on our drums and making lots of noise to celebrate!


Fourth of July Fun 023 (1280x852)


And we did it in style!

Fourth of July Fun 013 (690x1280)


Fourth of July Fun 004 (1128x1280)

There were special activities too like a seed spitting contest, Colonial Kids Games, arts and crafts, swim relays, Family Bingo and the water balloon slingshot . . .

And of course my favorite . . . the activity where I get to hang out with all my camping friends . . .

The hayride!!!

Fourth of July 007 (863x1280) (2)


Fourth of July 016 (926x1280)



Fourth of July 010 (1280x926) (2)

This weekend coming up is Pirate Weekend!  Tami says there’s still a few sites left . . . you really should come!  We’ll be playing sink-the-ship, have waterballoon target practice, and more!

Now where did I put my eye patch . . . and my sword . . . and my pirate hat?

Chinese New Year Fun! 2013!

WOW!  What an awesome weekend!

Chinese New Year 003 (960x1280)

There were arts and crafts, Chinese games in the playing field, Waterballoon Slingshot, a scavenger hunt . . .

Chinese New Year 009 (1280x924)

A game where you move beans with chopsticks!

Chinese New Year 010 (1280x949)

And a noddle eating contest too!

Chinese New Year 012 (1280x960)

The kids even got the adults to try by twisting their arms just a little . . . .

Chinese New Year 013 (1280x674)

Chinese New Year 014 (1280x735) Chinese New Year 016 (764x1024)

We made cool Chinese New Year hats and wore them on the hayride.  Maggie gave us some finger traps too!

Look at these two all decked out with their hats, traps and ribbons!  Cool!

Chinese New Year 017 (1280x960)

I just love hanging out with my campers!  Both the young ones and the young at hearts . . .

Chinese New Year 020 (1280x1006)

Chinese New Year 022 (1280x882)

Tami told me to stop being such a ham . . . I cut off that poor girls head in the photo!  Maybe next time, I’ll yell “DUCK!” right before I do it . . .