Medieval Weekend

With the dreaded “school” starting this coming week, it was a quieter weekend, for sure.  But it doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun!

Medieval 025 (954x1024)

Tami was very pleased to see how many Lords, Ladies, Knights and Sherwood Forest dwellers there were!

Medieval 028 (767x1024)

Medieval 001 (1024x737)

Including our own Maid Maggie!

Medieval 002 (666x1024)

They showed up to build Fairy Houses, and to play Medieval Games, win candy at Candy Bar Bingo, join the Hammer Throw, jousting, water balloon slingshot and to make hats, shields and veils to wear on the hayride!

Medieval 020 (696x1024)

Medieval 019 (711x1024)

Medieval 016 (1024x767)

You know, Maggie been hanging around Tami for way too long.  First, she stands on the wagon and sweetly yells,  “Everybody on!”

Medieval 021 (1024x768)

And then, when we’re all settled in, knee to knee and shoulder to shoulder  . . .

She zaps us with the rules!

“All hands, arms, feet, swords, shields, crowns and butts stay inside the wagon at all times!”

Medieval 024 (1024x997)

“Everyone MUST stay sitting until the wagon comes to a complete stop . . . right back here!”

Medieval 023 (1024x702)

I mean, she’s so bossy!  Sheesh!

Then again, everyone does keep showing up for the activities, so I guess she can’t be all bad.

Medieval 029 (1024x767)

Question – What can clear a pool at 2pm on a beautiful, warm-in-the-sun August day?

Medieval 015 (1024x768)

A Porridge Eating Contest!!

Ready . . . Set . . . Go!

Medieval 008 (1024x768)


Medieval 009 (1024x600)

Tami won’t let me enter that contest, cause she’s afraid I’ll get porridge all in my fur.  And then I wouldn’t have looked my best for our group photo!!

Medieval 026 (1024x569)

Believe it or not, we still have room over Labor Day Weekend!  Call now . . . we have full recreation Saturday and Sunday with Candy Bar Bingo, a Red, White and Blue parade, storytime, hayrides, field games, bubble play, a horseshoe tournament, ceramics and much, much more!

Halloween One and Too – Finally!

I tried . . . oh how I tried . . . to get a blog post up for Halloween One.

But Tami’s fingers were glued to her computer.

“Look over there!” I said, “By the pool!  It’s a red-nosed, winged, hummingbat!”

Click- clack-clickety-clack was all I heard.

You see, she was getting ready for her big book launch for Cooper and Packrat.  She was wicked nervous and kept writing and re-writing what she wanted to say.

“Hey! I saw a yellowed-bellied frogamander in the ladies bathroom!”


I couldn’t get her off that laptop!

And then the big moment finally came!  People just kept coming and coming and coming.

Cooper's Launch 176 (1280x853)

Tami made her little thanks-for-coming speech and then she read Chapter 1, as her little campers followed along.

Cooper's Launch 180

And she only mispronounced four words.  Not that I was counting or anything.

Way to go Tami!   To see more about the book and her launch, go to Tamra Wight – Children’s Author on Facebook, or to her website, tamrawight. com

Now that that’s done, she’s headed back out on the lake to stalk the osprey, eagles, heron, turtles and beavers and I’ve got the computer all to myself!  *rubbing hands together and laughing an evil laugh*

What can I say about Halloween One and Two?

This face says it all!

Halloween One  (1) (887x1280)

We had so much fun on Halloween One!

We built Frankenstein monsters . . .

Halloween One  (11) (771x1024)

Halloween One  (10) (1024x785)

. . . had a witch’s stew eating contest, played Halloween games and made pumpkin site markers so the kids would know where to find the candy!

Halloween One  (2) (1280x1050)

But we had a different kind of fun on Halloween Too!

We had more Halloween games, searched for the scary snake, made ghost site markers, had a scavenger hunt and a hayride!

Halloween Two 111 (1280x693)

Halloween Two 108 (945x1280)

And guess what?

We trick or treated on both Saturdays!!!


Halloween Two 114 (1179x1280)

Before we could go, we all had to meet up at the office. Why? So Tami could stand on her little box and give us the Blah-blah-blah rules!

Halloween Two 129 (995x1280)

I heard one little camper in the back say, “When’s she going to stop talking so we can go find the candy?”

Oh, wait.  That was me that said that.

Here’s the trick or treat crew from Halloween One . . .

Halloween One  (2) (1280x761)

And here’s Halloween Too!

Halloween Two 126 (1280x489)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could pick the better looking group.  My Poland Spring Campers are the best Halloween dressed bunch no matter which weekend you come!

Trick or treating was awesome . . . look at what these kids got!

Halloween Two 140 (957x1280)

Halloween Two 139 (1280x977)

I tried to take the Swedish fish and the Milky Way’s but they closed those bags up tight, tight, tight before I could get a hoof in.

Halloween One had a party by the lake

Halloween One  (65) (1024x775)

There were tons of games and tattoos for everyone!

There were even games Debbie and Maggie didn’t really plan on . . .

Halloween One  (55) (625x1024)

The costumes were fabulous!

Halloween One  (16) (823x1024)

Halloween One  (19) (560x1024)

Halloween One  (20) (1024x862)

Halloween One  (21) (562x1024)

Halloween One  (35) (1280x1251)

Halloween One  (38) (784x1024)


Aaaaaaah!  I’m being attacked by a shark at the lake!

Halloween One  (51) (1024x768)

Now Halloween Too was the same, but different.

We still had a party, but it was up at the store.

And we still had games, but they were all DIFFERENT!

Like this quarter toss game that Scott swore was easy-peasy.

Halloween Two 152 (1280x680)

So did the quarter land perfectly in the white box?

Halloween Two 153 (1280x960)


There was a sponge toss game too . . .

Halloween Two 156 (1280x959)

Halloween Two campers had some cool costumes too!

Halloween Two 149 (628x1280)

Halloween Two 118 (960x1280)

Halloween Two 160 (722x1280)

Both Halloween’s had fancy vampire teeth as prizes!

Halloween One  (46) (767x1024)

Halloween Two 159 (768x1024)

Halloween One had pretzels with frosting for a snack . . .

Halloween One  (59) (768x1024)

Halloween Too had a witch’s cupboard!

Halloween Two 166 (1280x914)

This mad scientist thought the cupboard was dee-licious!

Halloween One 10 003 (1280x960)

And then a Knight arrived to do battle against some young . . .

Halloween Two 163 (1280x994)

Waaaaait a minute!!

Halloween Two 138 (584x1280)

Hold your horses!  Medieval Weekend is THIS weekend!

How’d he sneak in to Halloween???



Bouncy House, Pinatas, Maracas and more!

Once again, Tami hunted me down.  When she found me, she stood with her hands on her hips, tapping a foot.

Ooooooooo, I know that look.

“Guess what you forgot,  again!” she asked.

“Um – to clean the bathrooms?”


“to put away the marshmallow sticks and now they’re covered in dirt?”


“I forgot to share my Fiesta candy with you?

A gleam appeared in Tami’s eye.  “Candy?  You have candy?”  She shook her head and put up a hand.  The gleam was gone. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, n0 distracting me! I just saw Hunter and Amy and they are very, very, very disappointed in you.  You haven’t posted on the blog yet.  They read it every, single week. How could you let them . . . and ALL your readers . . . down.”

Adventurer Weekend 010 (687x1024)

I scuffed my sneaker in the dirt.  “I didn’t mean to let them down-I had to find my  Halloween Costume and some candy and then I had to decorate and I just  . . . I just . . .


“Maxx!” Tami cried, “calm down!  It’s after quiet hours!”  She patted my back.  “It’ll be okay . . . but JUST POST IT  ALREADY!”

“Okay, okay,” I said.  “This will be the quickest post ever!”

We had all our usual cool activities – but we also had . . .

Fiesta 013 (1280x733)

Sombrero hat making at Arts and Crafts . . . and maracas too!

Fiesta 016 (1071x1280)

Debbie and Maggie handed out slide whistles before the hay ride and all the parents thanked them over and over and over again!

Fiesta 024 (970x1280)

We’re not sure who this guy is but he takes an awful lot of siestas.

And the big event was the FIESTA PARTY!

It took up the whole playing field!

We had pinatas for all ages . . .

Fiesta 028 (1041x1280)

Even one for mooses!

Fiesta 062 (1107x1280)

And if we hit those homemade pinatas hard enough we got some .  . .

Fiesta 055 (1280x981)



There was a tattoo station . . .

Fiesta 047 (1280x881)

The bouncy house . . .

Fiesta 075

(doesn’t that face just say, ‘I’m never, ever, ever coming out of here! You can’t make me!”

We had a Shake Your Booty contest . . . to see how long it took everyone to get the ping pong balls out of the box.

Fiesta 094 (819x1280)

This guy was a natural!

Fiesta 098

We stacked Fiesta cans on a floating plate . . .

Fiesta 105 (1280x960)

Threw darts at balloons . . .

Fiesta 106 (959x1280)

Ringed bottles . . .

Fiesta 029 (1280x652)

And ate sopapillas made by Debbie and her husband Ron.

Fiesta 036

A little bit of honey and some cinnamon sugar . . . Mmmmmmmm-mmmmm!

And of course there was Moi!

Fiesta 067 (1280x959)

When Tami asked this young man what his favorite thing at the party was, he showed her his yummy-looking red lollipop.


Fiesta 080 (898x1280)

Tami better stock up on those!

What a Fiesta Weekend!

Fiesta 021 (1280x602)

I can’t wait to do it all again next year!



Wild Things

I told Tami that the little campers were asking for nature photos on the blog.

“You’ve got wild animals on postcards, you’ve put them up on the wall in the office, but you haven’t blogged about them in a long . . .

long . . .

long . . .


“Oh! I can do that,” she said.  “Here you go-”

Maxwell in Spring 003 (1280x1141)

“Nooooo!” I said.  What was she thinking?  “Ben and MJ aren’t wild animals!”

Tami grinned.  “Says you.”

I put my head in my hands and shook it side to side.  “I mean, WILD . . . LIFE.”

“oOOOOOOH!  I got this.”

4th of July 013 (1280x1116)

“TAMI!  GET SERIOUS!”  I took a deep breath.  Obviously, she was in on of her silly moods.

“I mean, wild-life.  MAINE wildlife. ‘

“I can-”

I interrupted her.  “Eagles, fox, birds,”  Seeing the gleam in her eye, I added, “MAINE birds.”

“Sure!” she said.  “I’ve taken some great photos in the last couple of weeks.

“I got some of the hummingbirds . . . ”

Hummingbird 7-28 106

“They really like the honeysuckle bush in front of our house. ”

Hummingbird 7-28 107b

Hummingbird 7-28 176b

Hummingbird 2 024b

Hummingbird 2 026b

Hummingbird 2 029

“And while I was snapping pictures of the hummingbirds, I caught this guy balancing on a branch. ”

Hummingbird 2 089

Hummingbird 2 096

“I wonder if it’s the same one that hangs out under my porch light eating the bugs that gather there after dark?

” I saw the baby eagle flying all over our cove last Wednesday . . .”

eagles 7-31 059

eagles 7-31 063

eagles 7-31 064

“He kept going back to the nest to holler for food.  One of the adults did a fly-by – perhaps to check on him?  But they didn’t leave any food. ”

eagles 7-31 040b
“I saw a beaver . . .

kayaking 724 055


and an osprey too!”

kayaking 724 080

“I may not get out on the lake often,” Tam said, “but when I do, I’m seeing lots of nature in action!  It’s a great lake for bird watching.”

“And moose watching?” I asked.

“You’re the only moose I know,” Tami said.  “And one moose in this campground is enough . . ”

Christmas 044

Now what did she mean by that???


Super Hero Weekend!

Da – Da – Da – Daaaaaah!

Super Hero '13 032 (1280x649)

Wondering why it took so long for Tami to get this Super Hero post up here?

Because she and I were having a “discussion” over whether or not she should give away all our super hero secrets.  I mean . . . she was like a crazy lady with the camera this weekend!

Super Hero '13 003 (933x1280)

I said, “Tami!  You can’t put those photos out there for the world to see!”

“Why not?” she replied.  “It was just all fun and games and -”

“FUN AND GAMES!   FUN AND GAMES!!  I’ll have you know we were training really, really hard so we could protect Poland Spring Campground!”

“But-” she began

“We learned out to tie up a villain  with toilet paper!  And how to search for clues with the Scavenger Hunt!  We made model scale super hero boats and tested them!  We even learned out how make our own super safe, super cool hero costumes in Arts and Crafts.”

Super Hero '13 101 (745x1280)


Super Hero '13 102 (1280x1143)

Everyone trained, right down to the littlest of us!

Super Hero '13 060 (789x1280)


Super Hero '13 064 (1280x1166)

“But if I show the world how you fought the villains and won, won’t that scare all the other villains away?” she asked.

Darn, that Tami.  She’s always got a perfectly reasonable comeback.

So I had a meeting with the newly decorated Poland Spring Justice League.

Super Hero '13 110 (1280x827)

and they agreed, Tami could show the photos of their super hero moves,AND of them beating the Poland Spring Dastardly Villians.

But that was all.

Super Hero '13 008 (1280x936)


Thor and Storm showed up to help Maggie and Debbie train the recruits.


Super Hero '13 032 (1280x649)


Right away, Tami and I got a tip from a very reliable camper, that the  villains were nearby, mixing in, not easily seen.   Hanging out amongst us.


Super Hero '13 108 (1280x1155)

We searched high and low, but didn’t see them, so we kept on with our plan to train in the playing field.

Thor raised his hammer of truth when the games began. And we watched for the best of the best.

Super Hero '13 007 (960x1280)  Super Hero '13 012 (1280x905)

We practiced jumping through hoops.  Everyone passed with flying colors!

Then Maggie taught us how to leap a tall building with style!

Super Hero '13 034 (947x1280)

Super Hero '13 037 (790x1280)

Super Hero '13 040 (1082x1280)

Super Hero '13 046 (1280x912) Super Hero '13 047 (1280x997)

And we learned how to squeeze through tight spaces.

Super Hero '13 058 (1280x960)


It was hot in that playing field, but we trained and trained and trained.  When Debbie and Maggie thought we were good enough.  They told us to take a break.

Super Hero '13 066 (770x1280)

And while we were off guard, resting in the shade, the villains showed up!

(Cue the action music!)

They were dastardly . . . horrible . . . mean . . . and . . . well . . . your typical campground type villains.

Super Hero '13 070 (1175x1280)

They were up to no good!  We were sure of it.

So we took out our trusty water balloon slingshot . . .

Super Hero '13 072 (1280x960)

And our secret stash of water balloons . . .

Super Hero '13 091 (1280x960)

And we let those villains have it!

Super Hero '13 080 (960x1280)


Super Hero '13 074 (1280x970)

Super Hero '13 090 (1280x1044)  Super Hero '13 096 (1280x599)

The balloons went flying . . . and a few came flying back at us.  But before long, those villains were done for.  And Poland Spring Campground was safe for another year!

Super Hero '13 107 (1280x1251)   Super Hero '13 112 (959x1280)


Super Hero '13 116 (959x1280)

Thank you Poland Spring Campground Justice League . . .

Thank you!