Soaring Eagles


Tami and I went down to the lake this past weekend.  It was soooooo warm sunny, I thought spring might be coming.

Through the trees, we saw one of the eagles soaring around the lake. Tami started moving a little faster ’cause she was hoping to get a “couples picture” of the pair.





When her boots and my hooves stepped out onto the lake we both shaded our eyes and looked up.  The eagle circled above the lake soundlessly, eying the fisherman’s catch, riding the wind,




Tami took photo after photo after photo.

I looked to the nest.  And I gasped.


There was no eagle on it.  Why?  We thought they were sitting on eggs!  Did that mean we had it wrong?

But, but, but . . .  Tami made the big announcement on this blog.  And Facebook.  And her writing blog.  And her writing Facebook page.

I couldn’t tell her!

The eagle circled around and we watched as she came in for a landing on the nest.


I held my breath as she walked along the tree branch  .  . . were there eggs or weren’t there?



She stopped to look down into the nest several times. It gave me hope.


After poking her beak into the nest once, twice, three times, she hopped into the nest and  settled back down onto her eggs.


Whew!  They’re nesting!  We didn’t fib on accident!


Shhhhh! The Eagles Are Expecting

I think Spring is in the air!

Tami and I trudged down over the snow to the lake’s edge. I was surprised to see so many people and ice shacks down at the State Park beach.

“What’s going on?” I asked Tami.

“Hmmm – must be the Ice Derby.”  But she wasn’t looking at me, she already had the camera to her eye . . .

Eagles 3-8 nesting (51)

“Wow!” I exclaimed.  “They’re already nesting!  Isn’t that early?”

Eagles 3-8 nesting (8)

Tami and I watched as snowmobiles traveled by, ice fisherman called out to one another and a couple even started fishing right under the nest.  Still, the eagle stayed on her eggs, only her head moving around.

Her mate was not so calm however.

He fidgeted.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (13)

He wobbled.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (14)

He shifted.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (15)


Eagles 3-8 nesting (16)


Eagles 3-8 nesting (17)

Eventually he settled down for a little bit, and Tami was able to focus in to get a good shot.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (18)

He eventually flew off.  And it was just us and the nesting eagle.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (48)

Do you think their nesting early is a sign of an early spring?

Tami and I like to think so.

Our Eagle Pair


Look what Tami saw today!

eagles 3-2  (1)

The eagles have come together!  She was so excited she sent David a text that said something like:

The egls R beck

But we knew what she meant.

The problem was she couldn’t get within a good photo range.  They were always one step ahead of her.  When she got to the lakefront, they flew off to chase each other around the lake.

eagles 3-2  (4)

And they landed on another island. So Tami inched her way out onto the ice to get close.

If you knew Tami, you’d know that was huge.  HUGER than HUGE!  She hates going out on the ice.  I can count on one hoof the number of times she’s snowshoe-d her way along it. Whenever the air bubbles under the ice make that loud gurgling noise, she hits the deck.

No.  Really.  She falls to the ice.

Anyway, when the eagles landed in the tree on the island, she caught this photo.

eagles 3-2  (9)

It looks like we’re going to have a nesting pair this year!

This was their nest last fall

Walk 3-1 008 (1280x854)

The one they built after the nest they’d raised their triplets in, fell.

Check out how much they’ve added to it the last couple of weeks!

eagles 3-2  (7)

Come back often for eagle updates!