Warmer Weather? It’s About Time!


For quite awhile, Tami paced the Wight House, biting her nails over whether or not the snow would be gone in time to open the park for Clean Up Weekend.  Dave and I told her not to worry.  The snow would be gone.  No sweat.

But I kind-of-sort-of started to worry too.  Don’t tell Tami!

I shouldn’t have though.  The snow has been melting like crazy and lots of bare ground is beginning to show.  It’s mud season now!  Ankle deep in some places.

So what’s new around here?  Let’s see . . .

Maggie, MJ, Joey and Debbie have all confirmed they’ll be back.  We’re going to have a food cart this summer . . . did I mention that already?

I did?  Oh, who cares! It’s exciting!  It’s news! It’s food!

The fox has been around quite often now that the kits have been born.  Tami thinks the pair are doing all their hunting close to the den right now.  We’re seeing them less and less every day as the kits grow and can be left alone.

fox den 2

fox den 1

The eagle is still sitting on her eggs . . . in spite of the wind, rain and ice.

Eagles 4-14  (7)

And Tami heard the loons today too!  She saw one pair, off in the distance by the beaver hut this afternoon.  They’re a tad early, but who cares! They’re back!

Have you made your reservations yet?  Don’t wait too long!  Calls have been coming in since January 2nd, and some of our more popular dates are booking quickly.

Think warm thoughts!  Opening day will be here before you know it!